How to Fix Charging Issue on your Phone

Have you experienced this scenario where your phone is almost dying due to no battery and that’s when you plug in the charger but to your dismay, it fails to start charging! This scenario can be devastating as you do not know how to fix the phone since the leftover battery is draining and your phone can switch off any time! If this has happened to you, then read this article before you hit the ceiling! There can be many causes why your phone won’t charge therefore checking on these causes before you call for professional help is important!

Tips to fix a Phone that won’t charge even when it is plugged in

1. Check Adapter and Cable

Before you start doing anything on your phone, check your wall adapter. If your charger is the detachable type in which the cable can be removed, there is a possibility that the USB port adapter can be broken. Try connecting your USB cable to a new adapter or remove it and charge your phone using your computer to see if your phone is charging. Alternatively, your cable can be faulty as well so it is a good idea to connect another cable with the adapter in order to charge.

2. Check the Charging port of your Phone

Use a flashlight to consider the charging port of your phone and see if it has any dust accumulated or any other kind of lint. Use some compressed air to blow out on the charging port or use a toothpick to clean it. If you find your charging port broken, do the following to fix it.

  • Step 1: Switch off your device and remove the battery if it is removable
  • Step 2: Get a toothpick or needle and insert it into the port
  • Step 3: Try to level up the wires and then take out the toothpick or needle
  • Step 4: Connect phone to charger again and check if it is charging

3. Connect your Device to Computer

Another reason that your phone wont function is because your battery life has been used up to 0%. The best way to fix this is by connecting your phone and computer with a USB cable. After doing so, go to the taskbar and select ‘Control Panel” and then select “Hardware and Sound”. Under the Hardware and Sound option, there is a devices and printer option in which you will find a list of names. Find the name of your phone and click on “Troubleshoot” to fix the problem. After following these steps, your phone should start working now.

4. Upgrade or Downgrade your OS

Software updates can also bring about substantial change on the battery life of your phone. A few older versions of Android or iOS phones are not capable of handling newer upgrades which can cause them to stop charging. If the charging issue has started after you have upgraded a new software, then you will need to roll back to an older version of the software to fix the problem. However, this problem can also occur if you have a very old version of the OS. If that is the case, upgrade it to see if that can fix your problem.

5. Download Ampere

Ampere (Android, iOS) is a great app which allows you to check if your phone is charging and the amount it is charging. It basically analyses how much current is being drawn in while your phone is charging. It will also provide you with an insight of which charging method is the best. When you connect your device and there is a green meter showing on this app then it means that current is being drawn into the phone whereas if this does not show then there is no current. This is a great way of identifying which of your chargers is performing well in charging your phone.