How To Fix Charging Issue on Galaxy Note 8

In spite of its excellent features, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has gained the negative reputation of having issues with charging. These problems are normally caused by a couple of factors which you will have to ascertain before finding a lasting solution to the issue. To fix the problem, you will have to follow a sequence of steps.

1. Determine if the problem is from the charger

The first step towards solving this problem is to determine if the problem is actually not from the phone but from the charger. To determine if the problem is from the charger, you should try to charge the device with a different Samsung charger. Your next step will be determined by the result of this first step. If the phone charges with another charger, then you will have to take a look at your charger; if it doesn’t charge, then you’ll have to look at your device or have a technician look at it.

2. Examine the charger and the connecting points

This is the next step to take if another charger is able to charge your device. You can start by looking closely at the USB port of your charger to see if the cable is well connected; you can remove it and fix it back to see if it will charge. If it doesn’t, try using a different cable on your charger. If your device charges, then you will have to buy a new cable. If another good cable does not work with your charger, then you may have to get a new charger for your device.

3. Look at your phone charging port

This is the way to go if another Samsung Galaxy Note 8 approved charger does not charge your device. It means that your charger is probably fine and the issue is with your smartphone. When you get to this point, the first thing to do is to look at the charging port of your Note 8. There might be some particles blocking the connecting port and preventing your phone from charging. You can blow at the port and try charging again. If the port is clean and your device still refuses to charge, then the issue may be a firmware problem.

4. Try changing your phone while in safe mode

This step is aimed at determining if your phone’s inability to charge is as a result of a third party app you’ve installed. Running your phone in a safe mode shuts off all third-party app and if your phone charges in safe mode, then you can be certain that its inability to charge is as a result of an unfriendly app. To boot your phone up in safe mode:

  • Turn the device off
  • Hold down the power button until ‘SAMSUNG’ appears on the screen, then release
  • Hold down the Volume down key immediately until the device finishes restating
  • Release the Volume down key when the Safe Mode is displayed in the bottom left corner of your device.

Now try charging your device. If it charges, then you may have to factory reset the device to wipe out all the third-party app after backing up important information.

Return your phone or see a certified technician

Having gone through all the troubleshooting steps and still cannot get your phone to charge, then your next option is to return your phone to the store and have it seen by a certified technician. Depending on the store’s warranty policy, you can even get a brand new replacement.