Common Redmi Note 5 & Note 6 Problems and Solutions

Xiaomi is well-known for numerous gadgets and the Note 5 Pro and Note 6 Pro devices are good options for individuals in need of mid-range Android devices. There are several positive things about these devices. For a start, they are well-designed gadgets that looks great and feel nice in the hand. They also come with impressive features for smartphones in their range. In addition to all these, the devices are quite affordable.

If you have read an in-depth review of the two products, you will know that they are decent devices but are they without fault? The truthful answer is no. Like most other Android devices, both Redmi Note 5 Pro and Note 6 Pro have some problems. While some problems are rare, others are quite common and cannot be ignored. In this post, we will look at the commonest problems of Xiaomi Note 5 Pro/6 Pro as well as how to fix them:

1. Wi-Fi Issues

Most Android devices are susceptible to connectivity issues and Wi-Fi problems are among the commonest issues. The problem can manifest as slow Wi-Fi speed, poor range of Wi-Fi connectivity or inability of the device to connect to Wi-Fi network.

When either your Redmi Note 5 Pro or Note 6 Pro has this issue, there are different things you can try to get it working. You can start by switching off the router for a moment and switching it back up to check if there is improvement. You can also go to the Wi-Fi setting and forget the preferred network you are already connected. Reconnect it later and see if there is improvement. You can also go to the Wi-Fi analyzer application to check the activity level and choose another network if it becomes necessary.

2. Slow Charging

Once you use the appropriate charger, your Redmi Note 5 Pro or 6 Pro should charge fast. If this is not the case, something is definitely wrong. Once you notice a significant change in the charging habit of your smartphone, you need to find a solution quick.

It will be wise to start by checking to ensure that charger and its cables are still okay. Use the charger to charge another phone or use another good charger to charge your phone. If the problem is with the charger or its cable, buy new ones for your device. If your charger is still okay, the issue will be with the phone. Uninstall suspicious third-party app to see if there is improvement. If you notice it is a hardware problem, get it repaired.

3. Battery Drain Problem

All Phones from Xiaomi comes with reliable batteries. This means the battery should be able to last you for hours when fully charged. For some users, this is not the case as the battery drains rather too quickly.

For most cases of battery drain problem, the issue is with some rogue apps running on the background. Finding such apps and disabling them can always take care of the problem. You can also disable recently install apps: it solves the problem most of the times. If the problem persist, you can factory reset your device to take care of the problem.

4. Phone Running Too Slow

This issue is similar to the one discussed above in terms of its cause. When your phone is running too slow, it is likely that some apps are running on the background, using up processor power and occupying RAM space.

To take care of this problem in your RedMi Note 5 Pro or Note 6 Pro, you can start by clearing app cache and data. If this doesn’t help try getting rid of recently installed app. It is very likely that a rogue app is causing the problem. Factory reset should be your last resort and it solves the problem most of the time.

5. Random Reboots

There is actually no reason why your device should be rebooting randomly. When you notice this problem in your Redmi Note 5 Pro or Note 6 Pro, it is an indication that something is seriously wrong and you need to do something about it. In most instances, this is caused by virus attack.

The best solution to virus and malwares is avoiding them entirely. When your device is rebooting randomly, a factory reset to get rid of all third-party apps is necessary to protect the device and your important information. After wiping your phone clean, start afresh to setup your accounts. Get an antivirus program to protect your device.

6. Touchscreen Problem/Unresponsive Screen

This is a common issue in Android devices and can be very frustrating. When this happen, you can start by cleaning the device to ensure that dirt or oil is not the reason for the problem.

When you are certain that the screen is in a great condition yet unresponsive, you have to shut down the device the hard way. This can be done by holding the power button long enough. You can boot your phone again to see if the problem will be resolved. If the problem persists, try factory reset as the last resort. It works most of the time.

7. Overheating Problem

Overheating problems are in the same category with performance issues like excessive battery draining. It can be caused by some apps running in the background and putting serious pressure on the processor. This can result to other problems like phone suddenly shutting down.

Finding such apps that run in the background without your knowledge and disabling them can be the simple solution. Start by uninstalling the last apps you added. If the problem persists, go ahead and factory reset your phone. This helps in most cases.

8. Camera Issue

Camera issue is another common problem with Xiaomi devices. Most often, it is caused by software issues that are fixed by software updates from the company. If the camera issue is so serious and started after you made some upgrades, you can go back to previous software you were using and wait for another update that can fix the problem.

9. Headphone Jack Not Working

If you love listening to music, having problem with headphone jack of your device can be very frustrating. The problem is common, however, and there are just few things you can do.

You can start by checking to see that your headphone is not broken. Also check to see if your device is connected to a Bluetooth device and disconnect it if it is connected. Cleaning the headphone jack can also help rectify the problem. You can check your audio setting and restart your device to see if it will be helpful. If all fail, try some new headphones or go for a repair.

10. Apps Not Responsive/ Apps Keep Crashing

This is another big problem that can give you nightmares when you are using your device. There are several possible reasons for this problem.

The least you can do for Apps that crash in your Redmi Note 5 Pro/6 Pro is to clear the cache. If that doesn’t help, clear the data too. You can uninstall the app and install it again if the problem persists or update it from Google Play Store if it is not the current version.

11. SD Card Not Working

SD cards are used to expand device memory but they fail sometimes due to such issues as viruses and damage. Formatting card will solve the problem in most instances. It is hardly a problem of the smartphone but you need to verify if the card can work in a computer. Use a card reader to connect it to a computer to see if it is recognized. If it is recognized in the computer and working properly, it may be that your SD card slot is faulty and need to be repaired.

12. Poor Cell Phone Signal/Call Drop Issue

When there is poor cell phone signal in a smartphone, it can be a frustrating experience. This is an issue you may have to deal with if you use Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro/6 Pro.

There are a number of things to try if this is the case. By simply taking out your sim card and putting it back, the problem can be fixed. You can also turn on airplane mode on your device for about 30 seconds and turn it off again to see if it helps. You can also change network setting to see if it helps.