10 Best Yamaha Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are becoming more acceptable for musicians these days. In the past, there was some kind of prejudice against them but with some brands making giant strides to produce top quality digital pianos, professionals and ever music teachers are now using them. It is true that we may not consider digital pianos to be at par with acoustic pianos, but there has been series of improvements and some of the ones you will find can give something really close to what you can obtain from acoustic pianos. They are fast becoming true alternatives to the acoustics and they still have their peculiar features that can be considered as advantages such as the fact that they require minimal maintenance.

Why Yamaha Digital Pianos?

In the paragraph above, we talked about digital pianos generally, but the guide is actually focused on the Yamaha brand. If you are wondering why that is the case, we will answer your question as briefly as we can. If you have been interested in music for a while, you will certainly know by now that Yamaha is a highly regarded name in terms of instrument (pianos, especially). The company has some other products but their pianos seems to be the major things they are associated with.

Another reason we decided to focus on Yamaha here is that they have championed the movement to improve the standard of the digital pianos. They have done so much to make their brand great and their pianos are true representations of their vision to give buyers the experience of exceptional quality and performance. Their Pianos are also affordable, which is why we want to focus on them.

Some Notable Features of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Before we start talking about the best Pianos under $1000, let us briefly consider some notable features of Yamaha digital pianos.

The first thing about these pianos is that they are reputed for their superior sound quality. The company has done a lot to ensure that their products always produce top quality sound.

Another thing that makes the Yamaha digital pianos so precious is their construction. The company is known for making instruments that will last for years so you can be sure that the piano you are buying will serve you for years.

In their digital pianos, Yamaha has also gone a step ahead to improve the experience players get through a technology they call Graded Hammer Action. This technology is made to make the experience of playing digital pianos similar to that of playing the acoustic pianos. The keys emulate the touch response of acoustic pianos: a heavier action on the lower keys and a lighter action on the higher keys. There are three different types of the Graded Hammer Actions including the Graded Hammer Standard, Graded Hammer Effect and Graded Hammer Effect 3.

Most Yamaha products also come with some extra features that appeal to players of all categories. Players can play discreetly with included headphones, plug in external devices or consult some helpful play-manual or instruction CDs that are included in some models.

Buying the Best Yamaha Digital Piano under $1000

Knowing that Yamaha has some of the best digital pianos in the market is not going to make your shopping experience as easier as you will think. There are still a lot of considerations to make if you truly want the best Yamaha digital pianos. And considering the fact that we are looking at pianos that are currently under $1000, you need to be careful in order to get what you really need. To help you make the best decision faster, we have done the bulk of the research you’ll need and present here, the best Yamaha Pianos under $1000.

Best Yamaha Digital Pianos under $1000

1. Yamaha DGX-660

Yamaha DGX-660 88 Key Grand Digital Piano with Knox Piano Bench

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This is a professional digital piano with full 88 keys with Graded Hammer Standard weighted action. It comes with a full-size Knox piano bench, pedal, dust cover and book/DVD.

The DGX-660 features the highly regarded Pure CF sound engine that Yamaha debuted years ago, which has also become a standard in the world of digital pianos. Players will be able to create their own piano environment by choosing from a varieties of pianos and acoustic settings. There is equally score display to let players play their favourite music with ease and keep track of their performance.

It is also possible to connect a microphone to this piano. This way, you can either sing along to the sweet music you are playing or some pre-recorded karaoke song files.

For individuals already using this piano, there are lots of positive reviews and many see it as a versatile digital piano suitable for different settings.

2. Yamaha YDP103R

Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench

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This is a piano you will love for the value it will offer. The Arius Series digital pianos are known for their quality sound that guarantees performances that are closest to what you can expect from acoustic pianos. It features the reliable Pure CF sound engine.

Like every piano in the series, this 88-key piano features the Graded Hammer Action Technology. It is therefore suitable for professionals and aspiring pianist as it requires the proper finger technique needed to play acoustic pianos also. More realistic sounds are also made possible thanks to the damper resonance and half-damper pedal control that creates more detailed nuance and subtlety when playing.

There are a number of other features that make this piano a great option including the stereophonic optimizer that makes playing and listening with a headphone more realistic, compatibility with iOS devices, the accompanying book that can help pianists learn more and the built-in recording function that let players capture their performances.

3. Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano Bundle

Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano

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This is an Austin Bazaar exclusive bundle that comes as a valuable bargain deal. In the bundle, you will get the Yamaha DGX660B Piano, a furniture-style piano stand, X-styled adjustable piano bench, sustain pedal, instructional book & DVD, sheet music rest, and polishing cloth. All of these things you need to start playing right out of the box come at a reasonable price.

The piano in question is an excellent digital piano that guarantees great playing experience. It is an 88-key piano with Graded Hammer Standard weighted action. It is also possible to choose from a variety of pianos and acoustic settings that will make your unique playing experience more fun. In terms of sound, you can always expect the best as it features the world class concert grand piano sound with pure CF sampling. USB audio recording/playback also means you can record and share your performances with those that care.

4. Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano Premium

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano Premium with Matching Stand

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In this deal, you will get this amazing piano with a matching black stand. The piano itself comes with a lot of features that are ultimately made to make it suitable for different purposes. Learnings will find it very ideal as it comes at a very reasonable price but do not compromise on what it takes to learn how to play the best kinds of digital and acoustic pianos. The Graded Hammer Standard technology ensures proper finger technique and strength.

It also features the CF Sound engine that guarantees world class concert grand piano sound. The variety of piano and acoustic settings also let you create your ideal music environment. There is also the crystal-clear LCD that makes reading and scoring easy. The piano will also help you when you feel like sharing your inspiration as the USB Audio recorder will help you to capture your performance.

5. Yamaha DGX-660 Bundle with Furniture Stand

Yamaha DGX660 Bundle with Furniture Stand

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This is another fantastic deal that comes with one of the best digital pianos and a lot of accessories that will interest you. In the bundle, you will get the DGX-660 88-Key weighted action digital piano, a matching furniture stand, a dynamic Acenic MP-703 microphone, a standard Yamaha RH1C headphone and a sustain pedal.

The piano itself has all the amazing features you will expect in a top class piano. The LCD displays music notations of MIDI songs so that you can play your favourite songs easily by following the bouncing ball.

You can be sure of top quality sound with this piano. The renowned Pure CF sound engine is trusted by professionals to produce world class concert sounds that will spice up performances. Looking at the reviews from people that have purchased this bundle, there is no chance that you will have any form of regret placing an order.

6. Yamaha DGX-660B 88 Key Grand Digital Piano Bundle

Yamaha DGX660B 88 Key Grand Digital Piano Bundle

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This is an exciting bundle that features the popular 88-key weighted GHS action piano with some attractive accessories including the Yamaha LP7A 3 Pedal unit, Knox Bench, dust cover, Focus on Piano book and DVD.

Besides the attractive accessories, the piano itself is a great valuable product. It has so many amazing features that will make your experience nothing short of exhilarating. The Pure CF sound engine is highly regarded for its quality tone. The GHS weighted action also ensures that players get the right finger technique needed to play not just digital pianos but acoustic pianos too. There is also the LCD that displays music notation of MIDI songs so that players can easily follow.

With the piano, it is equally possible to capture and share your performance thanks to the 6-track recorder.

7. Yamaha P71 Digital Piano Deluxe Bundle

Yamaha P71 Digital Piano

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This is another excellent Yamaha Piano bundle you can get for a mouth-watering price. You will get one Yamaha P71 88-Key weighted action digital piano with sustain pedal and power supply, one Yamaha L85 keyboard stand, and a Yamaha PKBB1 adjustable padded keyboard bench.

The digital piano in the package is well constructed and will definitely stand the test of time. Getting started will be very simple as it comes with a sustain pedal and power adapter. It is very easy to use as the controls are set up to be plug-in and play.

The Graded Hammer Standard Action is another feature you will like as a learner or professional. It needs the right finger technique to play. It also produces realistic sounds thanks to the integration of digital audio sampling of the best acoustic pianos by Yamaha in their products. Other features that will interest you include the recording feature, the USB and Earphone availability features. This is a real steal at the price.

8. Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Deluxe Bundle

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Deluxe Bundle

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This is a bundle that includes the 88-Key fully weighted digital piano with matching furniture stand and 3-pedal unit. The entire package sells for a very attractive price.

Talking about the Yamaha P125, it has a load of features that will ensure that you get top quality performance out of it. Like every Yamaha product, it is well built to last. It also features the Pure CF sound engine that is highly reputed to produce the sort of tone that is ideal for all kinds of stage.

The P125 also features the Graded Hammer Standard action which is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys and require the right finger technique for playing acoustic pianos too. It is therefore ideal for all types of players. You will also love the wooden furniture stand that comes with the package and the amazing 3-pedal units.

9. Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano Bundle

Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano

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This is an interesting bundle that contains white P-125 Digital piano with double-braced stand, adjustable X-shaped bench, sustain pedal, dust cover, instructional book, polishing cloth as well as Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and two months of live online lessons. From what is included in the package, you will know that this piano is very suitable for aspiring pianists. This doesn’t mean that professionals can’t use it though. It is a piano for all with some incentives for beginners and intermittent players. You will definitely save some cost when you purchase this bundle.

About the piano itself, there are lots of features that will interest you. It has an intuitive user interface that let you manage the settings easily. A feature known as Table EQ let you get the best possible sound like when playing acoustics. It is also compatible with iOS devices so you can take advantage of the Smart Pianist App for iOS to make your experience smoother. The 2-way speaker system is also helpful in delivering superior stereo sound.

10. Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Bundle

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

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This is a very valuable bundle for those that desire to save some money. The bundle comes with a GHS weighted P-115 piano and accessories including double-braced stand, Gearlux furniture-style bench, dust cover, sustain pedal, headphone, Hal Leonard instructional book, Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and polishing cloth. With all these, the bundle is still very cheap. It may be the best deal for learners but can still be used by professionals too.

The piano contained in this package (P-115) is a top quality piano that will give you excellent performance in different settings. It embodies all the features of the best-selling Yamaha P-series with some new user-friendly features to make your performance better. It has a 192-note polyphony and also features the Pure CF sound engine that you can rely on for such tone that is produced by the CFIIIS concert grand piano. It is ideal for performances at home, home-studio or a stage. Most buyers of this bundle are also very proud of their investment.

Digital pianos have come a long way and Yamaha has made some amazingly wonderful ones that will give you the sort of sound you desire from top-of-the-class musical instruments. In spite of their amazing features, the products featured here are priced under $1000. Most of them also come in bundles that contain amazing accessories. Browse through and buy at the best possible prices.