10 Best Marine Amplifiers

There are not so many experiences you can compare with spending time in a water-bound vehicle. Getting the right sound from your sound system will go a long way in making everything right. When you want to get the best out of the audio on your boat or favourite rig, you need the perfect amplifier. The amplifier will not only power the subwoofers but will also bring out the best from the speakers in your floating rig. This will significantly improve your sound system as you sail.

If you’re looking to get a marine amplifier, here’s our selection of the 10 best marine amplifiers on the market you should consider.

Top 10 Best Marine Amplifiers

1. Rockville dB16

Rockville dB16

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This is one of the best amplifiers in the dB series. It is a class D monoblock high power amplifier that can be used in vehicles as well as in marine environment. It is strong enough to withstand the harsh marine environment and can produce the sort of sound that will make your sailing experience more exciting.

This amplifier has so many features we believe will appeal to you even though it is a single channel amplifier. In terms of wattage, it is a high power amp with 8000 watts peak output, 4000 watts RMS output and 2000 watts CEA-2006 rated power.

Another cool feature of the dB16 amplifier is its fully adjustable 12Db/Octave crossover with differential circuitry. The high speed MOSFET Power Supply may also interest you. Included in the package are bass remote, birth sheet with tested power, mounting screws and the owner’s manual.

2. JL Audio M700

JL Audio M700/5 5-Channel Class D M-Series Marine Amplifier

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This is a top quality marine amplifier that can improve your boat sound system significantly. It is a 5-Channel Class D M-series Marine Amplifier. This means it will be perfect if you have four speakers and a subwoofer. It can be suitable for different types of systems when you bridge appropriately. In terms of wattage, it delivers an average of 300 for four of its channel and an additional 300 for the subwoofer channel. That will be ideal for most sound systems.

There are some other important features that make the JL Audio M700/5 an amazing marine amplifier. It delivers superior sound thanks to the NexD Class D Technology that reduces distortion and improves its efficiency. The quality of the sound is still very great even when the volume of your system is high.

The only major problem with this amplifier is that it does not come with the remote. You will have to buy the JL Audio wired bass remote level control separately. Other than that, everything is great with this 5-channel amp.

3. Kenwood M1824BT Compact

Kenwood 1177524 Compact Marine Amplifier

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This is a compact marine amplifier that can greatly improve the sound system of your boat. It is a 4-channel bluetooth marine amplifier that you can use to power a subwoofer in your water-vehicle. The amplifier is conformal coated to offer extra layers of protection and help prevent moisture or damp air from damaging the product.

In terms of wattage, this little amp has a total peak power of 400 watts. It can be used set for 45 watts X 4 channel at 4 ohms. The Kenwood M1824BT Class D Marine Amplifier will make your sound system rock.

4. Kicker 45KMA4506

Kicker 45KMA4506 450w

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This is a wonderful marine amplifier that will make a great valuable purchase. It is a 6-channel marine amplifier that is reputed for its ability to produce quite loud sound without compromising the quality of the music, typical of all Kicker amplifiers.  This makes the amplifier one of the best options for you if you love your music to blast when you are sailing.

In terms of wattage, the Kicker 45KMA4606 delivers a total of 450 watts, with 75 watts getting to each of the channels. You can also bridge appropriately based on the number of speakers you have on your sound system.

In terms of construction, this amplifier is specially designed to withstand the challenges of both fresh water and salt water marine installation. The amplifier is quite flexible and easy to use. The class-D power plant is another reason we love this amp.

5. BOSS Audio Systems ASK902B.6

BOSS Audio Systems Marine Amplifier

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This is a valuable audio system that contains the Boss ASK902B.6 marine amplifier with Bluetooth and two speakers. The entire package is sold at a price that will make you smile. The main product, the Boss ASK902B.6 is a 4-channel amplifier that is solidly constructed to withstand marine use. Also included in the package is RED/BLUE-backlit UV/ weather resistant silicon button controller.

In terms of wattage, the amplifier outputs a total of 500 watts for the four channels. It is most suitable for sound systems with 4 speakers without a subwoofer. As it comes with two pair of speakers, you will not have any troubles setting up your system. Using it with the system is also a great way to ensure that the system syncs smoothly and deliver the sort of sound you will love. It is also ready for A2DP wireless audio streaming.

6. Aquatic AV AQ-AD600.4

Aquatic AV 4 Channel Marine Amplifier AQ-AD600.4

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This is another top quality marine amplifier that is reasonably priced. It is reputed for high quality performance and is also highly regarded for its strong construction. It is a waterproof marine grade product with maximum protection against water and dust with an Ingress protection rating of IP65.

This is a 4-channel amplifier that can operate both 4ohm and 2ohm speaker configuration from RCA input connections. You can also choose either 4, 3, or 2 output channels. This flexibility allows you to make the best out of any environment while sailing. It is one of the most versatile amps, designed for the widest variety of application.

In terms of wattage, this amplifier has a peak power of 600 watts which can be bridged to suit any configuration. It will deliver top quality sound thanks to the IC’s with uniquely designed low-noise circuitry used by Shockwave Technology.

7. Kenwood KAC-M8005

Kenwood KAC-M8005 Class D 5-Channel Marine Power Amplifier

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This amplifier is quite popular among boat owners. This is not surprising at all. It is truly hard to find any fault with this amplifier. The amp is easy to use and well-constructed to withstand harsh conditions. It will work perfectly well in extreme conditions, delivering top quality experience while you sail.

The Kenwood KAC-M8005 is a 5 channel marine amplifier which means it is suitable when you have a sound system with 4 speakers and subwoofer. This will ensure that you have top quality entertainment in your favourite water-vehicle.

In terms of wattage, this amplifier can produce a maximum of 1600W which is bridgeable to get the best out of your sound system. It is a total monster in terms of performance even though it doesn’t look too large. It is also reasonably priced. From the amazing reviews from customers currently using this product, it is easy to tell that you will find it satisfactory.

8. MTX MUD100.4 Amplifier

MTX MUD100.4 Amplifier

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This is another amplifier you will never regret buying. It is sturdily designed to withstand the harshest marine environment. Considering the fact that the MTX Audio’s Thunder marine comes with a complete line of amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers, you can take it up as a reliable sound system for your boat.

The MTX MUD100.4 amplifier is a 4-channel marine amplifier that has several advanced technologies that make it a reliable and durable product. There is a outdoor rugged control cover to keep the amplifier’s controls dry always. It features full range of class D topology that delivers exceptional sound quality and excellent thermal efficiency. You will get 100 watts x 4 channels making a total power supply of 400 watts.

9. Pyle Hydra

Pyle Hydra Marine Amplifier

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This is one of the best marine amplifiers you will get at a really bargain price. For a start, the amplifier is sturdily built and can comfortably cope with the harsh marine environment. The heavy duty aluminium alloy heatsink, thermal overload speaker short protection and Led light indicator protects it from short circuit conditions.

The Pyle Hydra is an 8 channel bridgeable marine amplifier. It is universally compatible and can be bridged appropriately to power the sound system of your boat. In terms of wattage, it is quite powerful with maximum 3000 watt MOSFET power. It also has high and low electronic crossover network or pass filters as well as dual adjustable input GAIN level controls of 10k ohm speaker impedance for high quality sound delivery.

10. JBL MA6004

JBL MA6004 4-Channel Full-Range Marine Amplifier

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JBL has a good reputation and this amplifier is a true reflection of why they are so respected. It is capable of loud and quality sound and will bring life to the sound system in your boat. It is superbly constructed for the marine environment with marinized circuit board, stainless steel hardware and variable bass boost.

The JBL MA6004 is a 4 channel marine amplifier that will suit different sound systems in boats. It is also bridgeable. Once you have good speakers you can be sure that this amplifier will produce the sort of sound you desire.

In terms of wattage, this amplifier can deliver a maximum of 600 watts. It is best used with four speakers for the best performance. In spite of the solid build, it is still attractive and will fit well in any fancy water-vehicle.

Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider while Buying Marine Amplifiers

When looking for the best marine amplifiers, there are some specifications that will be ultimately helpful. If you are familiar with car audio, most of them will be familiar but it is important that we still discuss them to give you a better idea on how to pick a great amp. It is also important to note that we considered them in picking the items on our list.


One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a marine amplifier is how the item is constructed. You need a sturdy amplifier that will withstand exposure to the elements unless it is going to be housed in a compartment. In any case, it is important to buy amps that are solidly made and are likely to be durable so that you won’t be back in the market in the near future.


It is important that you consider the number of channels an amplifier has before buying it. Depending on the number of speakers and subwoofers you need to power, pick an amplifier with the right number of channels. Though it is possible to power any amount of speakers and subwoofer with an amplifier of any given number of channels, it is better when every speaker/subwoofer have their dedicated channels on the amp. Another rule that can work best for your marine sound system is to get an amplifier with even-numbered channels for a sound system with even number of speakers and an amplifier with odd-numbered channels for systems with subwoofers.


Bridging is a concept that applies to multi-channel amplifiers. It is important when you need to use a subwoofer and want to give it more power. Also, when you have more channels than speakers, you can equally bridge two channels so that their power is combined to deliver more power to a single channel.


Every speaker has a range of wattage it can cope with and it is important that you pay attention to the number of wattage your amplifier will be feeding the speakers to make sure that it isn’t too much for them.