10 Best Teleprompters

For individuals that make videos from scripts, there is nothing as important as appearing not to be reading from a script. This is where display devices like teleprompters come in. A teleprompter will let you make professional scripted videos with ease and no one will know you are reading from a script. Basically, the device allows presenters/on-camera talents to read a script while maintaining eye contact with the audience (through the camera). It may take a little while to master the use of a teleprompter but once you are conversant with it, you can be certain of making better videos.

Picking the best teleprompters for any purpose can be a little too tough than many people imagine. Considering that there are different models from different manufacturers, it will be overwhelming to start from the scratch to look for a good device. To help make the process easier for you, we have sorted through some of the best models on the market to present what we feel are the ultimate bests on the market at the moment. We will review the ten best teleprompters and also provide a guide on how to choose the right one for you.

Top 10 Best Teleprompters

1. Ikan PT-Elite V2

Ikan PT-Elite V2 Universal Tablet iPad Beam Splitter Teleprompter

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Designed according to the standard 15mm rod system, this is a modern device that is versatile and very easy to use. It provides full teleprompting experience through a tablet. The Ikan PT-Elite V2 can actually work with an iPad, Android, or Window tablet. This version 2 can support tablets ranging from 5 x 7.5 inches to 8 x 10.5 inches. The new EV3 Quick Release Baseplate is another interesting feature.

In terms of clarity and sharpness, there are few teleprompters you can compare with the PT-Elite Version 2. It features American-made scientific grade 70/30 teleprompter glass. It also comes with an adjustable glass frame that makes usage a lot easier. It is also a durable device, featuring a solid CNC machined aluminum construction.

2. Ikan PT-ELITE-U Elite

Ikan PT-ELITE-U Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit

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This is another wonderful Ikan kit that guarantees excellent teleprompting experience. It provides an inexpensive way to integrate a tablet into everyday scripted video production. It comes as a complete out-of-the-box solution that turns your tablet into a field-ready teleprompter. It is compatible with any iPad, Android, or Windows teleprompter software application. It has a universal tablet mount and also includes industry standard 15mm baseplate.

There are several other things to love about the Ikan Elite Universal tablet teleprompter including the new and improved high quality 70/30 teleprompter glass with frame and the adjustable universal mount that can support anything from size 5 x 7.5″ to size 8 x 10.5″. This device is lightweight and also easy to set-up.

3. Glide Gear TMP100

Glide Gear TMP100 Adjustable Teleprompter

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There are lots of interesting things about the Glide Gear TMP100 teleprompter. The fact that it can work with a variety of devices including iPads, tablets, and smartphones shows clearly that it is a modern device. It also has a collapsible design that makes it a highly portable device. In a few simple steps, the device can be set-up for use as no assembly is required.

In terms of standard features and maintenance, there are so many things to love about this device. It has an industry standard beam split glass with 70/30 visible light transmission for clarity. Glide Gear is known for producing reliable products so you can expect this to be durable. It comes with a carry case and is definitely one of the best options for individuals on a budget.

4. Glide Gear TMP 50

Glide Gear TMP 50 Adjustable Smartphone Mini Teleprompter

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This is one of the most popular smartphone teleprompters on the market right now. Glide Gear has built a reputation of providing great photo and video equipment at decent prices and this is one of such models you can trust. The device will support smartphones and mini tablets up to 7 x 6 inches, and can mount on different tripods.

The TMP 50 Mini teleprompter comes with a 70/30 beam splitting glass that helps to ensure sharpness and clarity. Other impressive features are the adjustable and collapsible design, as well as the ability to accommodate DSLRs/Mirrorless with prime lenses. The Glide Gear TMP 50 Adjustable Smartphone Mini Teleprompter is a well-built device. The 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum helps make the device more durable.

5. Glide Gear 3-in-1

Glide Gear 3

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Another wonderful smartphone teleprompter, the Glide Gear 3-in-1 teleprompter is one device that is perfect for different uses and yet incredibly affordable. There are several things about the device but the ability to set up in minutes is one of the most impressive qualities.

This teleprompter for smartphones uses the same high quality 70/30 beam splitter glass that is found with high-end products even though it is sold for only a fraction of their prices. You will have yourself everything you need to make top quality videos.

6. Magicue MAQ-Mob-TS

Magicue MAQ-Mob-TS Mobile Teleprompter

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Another great option for individuals looking for mobile teleprompter, this device’s modular design is its major selling points. There are lots of other impressive features, however, and you are certain of setting up in minutes. It can attach directly to most cameras in seconds, so you just have to mount to your camera and insert the smartphone to the integrated grip.

This portable, lightweight, and tough teleprompter comes with a professional quality 60/40 beam splitter glass for sharpness and clarity. It works smoothly with all major smartphones and any prompter compatible software/app. As a highly versatile device, you can pair the device with almost all smartphones and DSLR cameras with standard lens sizes. It is so compact that you can take it anywhere at all, yet durable.

7. TeleprompterPAD iLight Pro

TeleprompterPAD iLight Pro

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Another premium and professional teleprompter, this is also an affordable device for individuals that want to improve scripted video production. Without spending so much, you can finally ditch memorization or writing speaking lines in cardboards. It works perfectly with any smartphone or tablet with the right Android and iOS teleprompter apps. Another interesting thing is that setting it up is a breeze. Just mount the device on a tripod, attach a camera on the rear platform and attach your tablet/smartphone in the support area, then adjust until it is properly secured.

The TeleprompterPAD iLight Pro teleprompter comes with an industry standard 60/40 beam splitter glass that ensures clarity of the scrolling text. It even has a protective hood that can protect your camera lens from unwanted light and glare.

8. Little Prompter LP-01

Little Prompter Compact Personal Teleprompter

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This is another affordable teleprompter. It is an interesting device that works with DSLR cameras, Webcams, and Built-in Laptop cameras to provide excellent teleprompting experience. It is actually a popular device among business professionals, journalists, and other individuals/organizations that create scripted video contents. It is a lightweight device that can fit in the palm of your hand easily. It is equally attractive.

Asides from the physical appeal, there are several other appealing things about the camera from the technical angle. It comes with a quality 70/30 beam splitter that ensures clarity and sharpness of the scrolling texts. It pairs easily with many webcams, DSLRs, and handicams, thanks to adjustable aluminum tripod attachment bar. It is a very affordable teleprompter too.

9. Caddie Buddy Professional Teleprompter

Caddie Buddy Professional and Portable Teleprompter

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As the name implies, this teleprompter is very suitable for professional use even though it is also perfect for regular individuals that create scripted video contents as hobbies. It is highly efficient and will meaningfully improve your videos. Considering the fact that this is a very affordable device, there is no reason it shouldn’t be part of your production arsenal. It can work with professional grade cameras as well as with iPhone or tablet.

The Caddie Buddy Professional Teleprompter is made with the very best of materials. It has the industry standard 70/30 beam splitter glass and 15mm rails. It is very simple to set up and use. There is an optional aluminum carry case for easy storage.

10. Caddie Buddy Teleprompter

Caddie Buddy Teleprompter Simple Professional Portable Use

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This is another top quality teleprompter that can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. It will meaningfully improve the quality of your videos since there will be no struggles with remembering your lines or looking at cardboards. Like the other Caddie Buddy product in this roundup, this teleprompter can be used with professional grade cameras, an iPad, iPhone, tablet, and Android smartphones. It is pretty easy to set up – no assembly required. There is a 15mm aluminum rail system to support the different cameras.

The technical details of this teleprompter is as impressive as the physical details. It comes with the industry standard 70/30 beam splitter glass which ensures optimal clarity and sharpness. There is also a custom hood. It is a durable device too.

Buyer’s Guide

A teleprompter can do so much for any video content producer. Using it is one of the best ways to reinforce on-screen confidence and shoot scripted videos with ease. It saves time for everyone involved in the production process. To be able to get all the benefits you desire in a teleprompter, you need to buy one of the best ones on the market.

As mentioned earlier, there are different models of teleprompters on the market. There are several wonderful models from different manufacturers and picking out the best can be very hard. To make the process easier for you, we have reviewed some of the very best options that are currently available. Even though you can simply pick from the options above, it is still important that we talk about the best ways to get what you want.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Teleprompter

Whether you are picking from the products we have reviewed here or looking at other options, there are some important factors you need to consider. These are the factors that will determine the usefulness of the device to you.

Your Specific Need

Different teleprompters are used for different kinds of video making. Though there are lots of versatile teleprompters in the market, there are some that are limited in terms of what they can do. There are some that are made for professionals and others that are made for regular video creators. If you need a teleprompter for professional purposes, ensure that you opt for the options that are made for professionals. Versatility is a highly desirable quality so you can be okay with a device that is very versatile.

The Camera You Currently Shoot With or Plan to Shoot With

It is important that you consider the camera you currently shoot with or the one you intend to buy soon when you are shopping for a teleprompter. There are many of these devices that can conveniently work with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras as well as with smartphones and tablets. There are some that are exclusively made to work with smartphones and/or tablets. It is important that you consider what you have and your plans for the future before deciding on the teleprompter to buy. Mounting space and lens choice will all count, so you need to ensure that the option you choose can work with your other equipment.


Asides from the camera you shoot with and how the teleprompter integrates with different camera setups, there are other compatibility issues you may face. What you intend to use as the source of the teleprompter matters a lot. There are iPad teleprompters as well as teleprompters that work with laptops or smartphones as the source of the script. Ensure that what you are buying is compatible with your current setup or the one in your plan.

Setup Speed and Ease

It is always desirable to have equipment that are easy to setup and use. Most of the modern teleprompters are very easy to setup and use. Most feature collapsible designs and do not need any form of assembly. Ensure that whatever model you are buying is easy to use. It will also be great if it is very easy to set up.

The Manufacturers

As much as there are many manufacturers that have well-built teleprompters, there are some that are better than the others in the market. It is important that you buy a product that is made by a reputable manufacturer. This way, you can be certain that you have a top quality teleprompter that can serve for years.

Your Budget

Your budget will also influence the teleprompter you will end up with. There are lots of affordable options in the market but you may need to spend more for the features you need. If you can afford them, go for the high-end options from reliable manufacturers.

Wrapping Up

You know exactly how a teleprompter can help you, so we won’t bother stressing it again. We will, however, continue to stress the fact that you need to buy the best products on the market. By getting the best products, you will enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. Here, we have reviewed ten of the best teleprompters on the market currently and provided links to buy them. We have also briefly provided a guide to help you make the right decisions. All the products featured here have been favorably rated and reviewed by confirmed buyers/users, so you can buy with confidence.