10 Best Study Apps (Android, iOS)

Technological advancements have transformed the process of learning. Students today are dependent on apps for any kind of assistance with their studies. Learning apps have great ability to influence the overall learning process.

With just one tap, smartphones can be converted to mini tuitions that provide on-demand learning sessions and tests.

We have collated the list of top 10 best learning and study apps that will help students learn, practice and master diverse subjects-

Best Learning and Study Apps for Students

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning makes learning accessible to everyone. It has an extensive database of courses in business, tech and creative training. Each course on the app is broken into short videos so that the students can focus on topics that interest them. The app offers diverse online programs which teach things like web design, coding, 3D animation, leadership and management, and more. Students can gain knowledge across multiple subjects by watching small videos of long duration courses. Dedicating at least 10 minutes a day to this will help you learn something new every day.

Available on (Android, iOS)

2. The Great Courses

The Great Courses

Undoubtedly, college is the best place for education but for students who do not want to shell out huge sum of money taking educational loans -The Great Courses app is your saviour. The app is usually referred to as the “Netflix of Learning” as it offers courses curated by experts across diverse subjects such as History, English, Math, Music, Business, Science, Cooking, and more. The app is compatible with Chromecast and users can stream courses. The app is free but you will have to shell out minimal bucks for each course which is worth it considering the visual aid learning each course provides.

Available on (Android, iOS)

3. Photomath

Photomath app

Math is one of the most difficult subject for students in school and everyone wants to own a graphical calculator. But, what if we say that you can use your smartphone to solve equations just by turning your phones camera towards the textbook. Yes, you heard it right. This is possible. Photomath app makes solving math equations fun for students. The app reads the equations using your smartphones cameras (just like how you scan the barcode for a product). Having read the question, the app provides a step-by-step solution on solving the equation in real-time.

Available on (Android, iOS)

4. Byju’s The Learning App


With 16 million registered students from across the globe, this is world’s one of the largest learning apps for students. This app is changing the way of learning by helping students learn in a fun and easy way. This app covers syllabus of almost all different state-level boards, CBSE, ICSE and also provides learning lessons for various competitive exams such as IIT JEE, CAT, NEET, etc. The app has gained popularity among the student community for making learning addictive through attractive video lessons and chapterwise tests which helps students analyse their mistakes on each topic.

Available on (Android, iOS)

5. Memrise

Memrise app

Learning a new language is not a cake-walk but with apps like Memrise, it’s all fun and easy. This app has taken language learning to the next level for students. If you are going to any foreign country and want to learn a few handy phrases in other language then this app can come handy. It uses repetition to help students master difficult phrases and words. The app also has a gamification element like a leader board that keep you hooked on to it.

Available on (Android, iOS)

6. Brainscape

Brainscape app

This app helps you learn through a simple flash card deck system. It uses cognitive science research what is known call confidence based repetition. The app intelligently processes each flash card and changes the recognition pattern depending on how well integrated the answer is in your long term memory for each concept. The app has claimed that it can double the learning speed of students through the use of flashcards and helps students retain knowledge more effectively.

Available on (Android, iOS)

7. Quizlet

Quizlet app

If your goal is to memorize facts then Quizlet is what you need. Quizlet has it all from personal study sessions to game-like competitions. The app has over 400 million user-generated flashcards and provides students with an opportunity to memorize important notes on thousands of subjects. You can also create your own flashcard set to practice and master the concepts you are learning.

Available on (Android, iOS)

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy app

With over 4300 video lectures on diverse topics like economics, English grammar, science, humanities, and math- the app provides a great learning experience for students through its simple and easy to use UI. The app has received a 5 star EAS Certification and the EAS Recommended status. It provides you the feature of saving the videos to a list so that you can listen to them even if you are offline. The app is basically meant for 6th to 12th class students and covers syllabus of both CBSE and UCSE boards. The video lessons on the app are easy to follow and you can just listen to them while running, jogging, or cooking. Many students do not get every word that is said in the video so most of the videos on the app provide transcripts, have time slots marked so that it is easy to look for a particular topics.

Available on (Android, iOS)

9. Duolingo

Duolingo app

It is a simple and straight forward language learning app, just similar to Memrise. You have to create a profile, select your language of choice for learning, and set weekly goals. The app has 11 completed languages courses for English speakers. It also has courses for other language speakers such as English for Czech speakers, French for Portuguese speakers, and more.

Available on (Android, iOS)

10. My Study Life

My Study Life app

Last but not the least, an app that helps you plan your learning. Whether you are school student or a college goer, having an app that helps you plan your learning perfectly is the key to success. This app helps you stay on top of your schedule and conflicting deadlines by sending reminders of your upcoming scheduled learning tasks.

Available (Android, iOS)