10 Best Baby Apps for Android & iOS

If you are a parent with small children, you very well know the importance of having a few entertaining apps on your smartphone. It can be a real lifesaver many a times. Whether you are trying to have a yummy meal at the restaurant or want to prevent badly timed meltdowns while doing your regular chores- installing a few interesting apps on your smartphone can provide your little one with instant entertainment.

We often get this question asked from parents as to what is the best way to make use of the technology in educating children, what apps should I install on my smartphone that can make my child an early learner and also provide instant entertainment. For all those parents, here’s the list of ten best apps for babies and toddlers that you must have on your smartphone. We hope that this list will act as a great resource for all parents in engaging their kids the smart and intelligent way.

List of 10 Best Apps for Babies and Toddlers

1. Fisher Prices Shapes and Colours Music Show

Fisher Prices Shapes and Colours Music Show

Fisher Price is a brand name when it comes to entertainment. It has tons of apps  for babies and toddlers, however not all are free. The Shapes and Colours app is free and The first thing that a toddler learns is identifying shapes and colours. This Fisher Price app helps your little one learn about different shapes and colours through animated interactions, sing along songs, and sounds.

Available on (Android, iOS)

2. AlphaTots Alphabet

AlphaTots Alphabet app

There are tons of apps that help toddlers learn the ABC’s but this app is unique in its own as it helps toddlers learn the ABC’s by building robots, zapping alien spaceships, playing treasure hunts and more. This app combines the 26 letters of English alphabet with 26 fun mini games and 26 action verbs that help them learn various letters and sounds. The app encourages kids to spell out the words they see on signs or books and later recites the word they have spelled.

Available on (Android, iOS)

3. Baby Rattle

Baby Rattle app

This app is perfect for children from 0 to 2.5 years. The interactive rattle with fascinating graphics, animations, and music educate and entertain the children all-in-one-go. This app comes with an exclusive feature of child lock that ensures that the kid does not make any outgoing calls or logon to something else on your phone. It brings the attention of the kid on various kinds of brain simulations and nurtures brain development.

Available on (Android, iOS)

4. Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn app

A perfect app to help your toddler learn various animal sounds. The app is just so simple for a toddler to operate, they just have to touch the screen and there is an action from the app. When the child touches the screen (touches the red barn on the app), the barn doors open to reveal the animal inside along with the sound it makes – moo, quack, bark, etc. following a voice that recites the name of the animal to the child. It is just the ideal way to teach a child on how to focus and make use of the visual information they collate.

Available on (Android, iOS)

5. Baby’s Musical Hands


This app is meant for helping babies learn how to interact with the world around them. It has fifteen coloured squares which babies can touch. The blue squares on the app play guitar notes, the red one make drum sounds, and the yellow squares play piano notes. Whenever the baby touches the screen, sparkling stars burst from their fingers, giving them a delightful audio and visual feedback. This app will turn your smartphone into a colourful musical instrument for your little one.

Available on (Android, iOS)

6. Even Monsters Get Sick

Even Monsters Get Sick app

A perfect storybook app that both kids and parents will love. The app persuades kids to take medicines if they fall sick as the protagonist in the story very well explains the need for doctors and medicines during sickness. It introduces some new concepts to toddlers like health check-ups, bedtime stories, barter, pets, and more. The app is designed with simple and wonderful illustrations, has soothing background music and sound effects, multiple mini-games, offers excellent interactivity and the professional recorded voiceover adds a feather to the cap by enhancing the overall reading experience.

Available on (Android, iOS)

7. Kapu Bloom Tunes

Kapu Bloom Tunes app

It encourages toddlers to explore various sounds, colours, and creativity with an easy to use interface and appealing design. From calling out for particular colours or drawn shapes, using it as a sensory technique for learning to self-calm, or repeating sounds in a sequence, this will be your go-to app for the toddler that they would want to use it again and again. It lets toddlers paint flowers while music plays in the background. The music continues to play while the child is colouring the seed and once the child is done, it will grow into a wonderful flower.

Available on (Android, iOS)

8. Animatch

AniMatch app

It is a very easy animal matching game that has 30 animal cards including safari and farm animal. Kids can flip and match just similar to the old-school memory game. When there is a right match, kids will hear animal sounds and see them juggle. It is just the best for improving the cognitive skills of your child, developing concentration, and memory power.

Available on (Android, iOS)

9. Lego Duplo Trains

Lego Duplo Trains app

Toddlers will fall in love with this app as it lets them drive a colourful train from station to station. The best thing is that the app lets the child honk the train horn as much as they want. The child can get into the role of a conductor, build bridges, load wagons, lay new tracks, refuel, stop at crossings, and more.

Available on (Android, iOS)

10. ABC Games for Kids, Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs

ABC Games for Kids, Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs app

You can delight your little one tons of free nursery rhymes, interesting games and activities, and early learning kids songs. This app is just perfect if you want to prepare your little one for pre-school. Thousands of surprises combined with creative graphics encourage the child to grow curiosity for learning. You can get access to 1000+ songs, stories, rhymes, games and activities all in just one single app. Isn’t that amazing ?

Available on (Android, iOS)