Best RF Signal/Bug/Hidden Camera Detectors

RF signal detectors are tools used for detecting the presence of electromagnetic noise (also EMF or EM field) and radio frequency signals in your surrounding. They can quickly scan and locate surveillance equipment in hotels, offices or apartments. These signal detectors can also be useful in the process of testing and designing RF circuits.

If you want to invest in a good RF signal detector, here’s our selection of the 10 best RF signal detectors you should consider.

Top 10 Best RF Signal Detectors

1. Wattne Anti Spy Detector

Wattne Anti Spy Detector

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With an AI detection capability, this RF signal detector can automatically detect all kinds of dangerous signals.

It is able to detect with accuracy and locate: hidden cameras, 1.2G/5. 8G wireless cameras, GPS trackers, electrical sources, radio signals and 2G, 3G, and 4G cards with bugs and locators among others.

The wireless detector also comes with an upgraded laser lens for accurate detection of hidden camera and pinhole cameras.

It is easy to use, with a power switch and a sensitivity knob. It also has a sound and light alarm indicator for accurate and reliable detection.

2. FEAYEA Anti Spy RF Detector

FEAYEA Anti Spy RF Detector

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FEAYEA Anti-spy signal detector comes with powerful laser technology, wireless signal and magnetic field signal processing technology to accurately identify and locate eavesdropping devices, telephone eavesdropping, digital eavesdropping, gps tracking, vehicle eavesdropping, wireless pinhole cameras, wired cameras, electrical appliances, internet signals and much more.

It has an sensitivity adjuster that functions in adjusting the sensitivity of the signal detector (increased sensitivity will expand the scope of the frequency to be detected, while reduced sensitivity reduce the scope of the frequency to be detected).

3. FOREEMME Bug Detector

FOREEMME Bug Detector

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This bug detector weighs 450g with a frequency receive range of 1MHz-8000MHz and its detection range of a 2.4G wireless camera is 10 square meters and 15 square meters for 1.2G wireless camera.

It features a potentiometer that allows you to adjust its detection and sensitivity range. When it detects a bug, the LED lamp at the front will light up, followed by sound alerts and vibration. The LED indicator has 10 levels.

It can detect a hidden wireless or wired camera, radio waves, magnetic fields, GPS locators, SIM card bugs, digital recorders etc.

4. sherry Anti Spy Detector

sherry Anti Spy Detector

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The sherry Anti Spy Detector is a signal detection device that aims at preventing eavesdropping, tracking and the leak of videos and personal information about individuals. The detector is a professional spy detecting equipment that detects with accuracy the location of wireless hidden cameras, pinhole camera, ip camera, monitor, surveillance device, 2G/3G/4G mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator, car tracker, eavesdropper etc.

It also has a signal strength indicator light and sound alarm that helps to find the source of the detected radio waves faster by shifting from one to the other with respect to how much close the detector is to detecting the signal.

5. UNKNOK RF Signal Scanner

UNKNOK RF Signal Scanner

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This device is effective in helping you detect various signal transmissions from devices like GPS trackers, hidden cameras, digital recorders, audio bugs etc. It is suitable for offices, hotels, confidential meetings, homes, cars and other areas where privacy can be breached.

It has dimensions of 2.6 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs 5.3 ounces. It has receive-frequency range of 1MHz-6.5GHz and a current consumption of 1000mA.

6. PANNOVO CC-308+

PANNOVO CC-308+ Anti-Spy Signal Detector

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This device uses a passive wireless and active scanning technology to accurately detect GPS trackers and wireless cameras.

It can be connected to headphones to have a more discreet detection and it also features a sensitivity adjustment which allows it to be increased or decreased; to widen or shorten detection range respectively. It has a red-light filter that allows you to find cameras manually using the laser detection mode.

The detector has a signal strength indicator. It also has vibration mode to help you remain more discreet when finding bugs.

It comes with a rechargeable battery.

7. JMDHKK M8000 Anti Spy RF Bug Detector

JMDHKK M8000 Anti Spy RF Bug Detector

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The JMDHKK M8000 Anti Spy RF Bug Detector is designed to detect various types of transmitting equipment and display the result on a bar graph indicator or through the use of a sound indicator.

It is used in the detection of active radio transmitting surveillance devices (otherwise known as RF bugging devices) that are present in vehicles, items and premises. Bugging devices present on the body, on telephones, in cars are also detected with this device.

Harmful emissions from communication appliances, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices can also be detected.

It has been tested for various sweeping tasks and proven to be able to detect both analog and digital transmissions.

8. JMDHKK K18 Anti Spy RF Detector

JMDHKK K18 Anti Spy RF Detector

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JMDHKK K18 Anti Spy RF Detector is low cost and at the same highly effective. It is used to sweep for bugs and can detect a wide range of illegal devices used in spying such as GPS locator.

This signal detector is able to detect radio waves, hidden wired camera equipment and hidden wireless camera equipment of 1.2G to 5.8G. It is also able to detect mobile phone sim card bug be it 2G, 3G or 4G.

It has an adjustable threshold with high sensitivity and is a professional detection device that can detect wide range of radio frequency.

9. UNKNOK RF Detector

UNKNOK RF Detector

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The UNKNOK G318 RF detector is a very efficient equipment and can detect a wide range of radio frequencies. It has super-strong anti-jamming and high sensitivity with an adjustable threshold.

This detector has a sound and a light alarm indicator that is not only accurate but also reliable; the closer the signal detector is to bugs, the more noise it makes and the higher the LED level goes.

10. K99 RF Bug Detector

K99 RF Bug Detector

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The K99 RF Bug Detector is a very effective signal detector that can be used to detect various sources of signal around you as well as error signal transmission devices including GPS trackers and spy cameras through signal fluctuations.

The device has a ultra-high sensitivity, a wide detection range and a strong anti-interference ability that helps to protect your privacy effectively.

Its use can be employed in offices, homes, cars and virtually everywhere so that it would be able to prevent monitoring, eavesdropping and interception in environments susceptible to such.