10 Best Radar Detectors

Over speeding is not something that we encourage, but there are instances when you will involuntarily put your leg in the gas and go beyond the limit. Imagine traveling along a rural road with very few cars on the road, it is almost impossible to subdue the temptation to find out just how far your car can go. Sometimes, drivers don’t even have any idea when they are going beyond the limit. But there may be speed traps on your way and being on the wrong side of the law is not something you want to deal with. Being caught by patrolmen will mean some sort of trouble but this is avoidable.

Thanks to radar detectors, it is possible to know when there are patrolmen nearby. These car devices can warn you ahead of time about police presence and the use of speed detection hardware. This way, they help to get you to slow down and avoid being caught by speed traps. Unless you are driving through certain states where radar detectors are banned, they are must-haves for every driver.

If you are looking for a radar detector, the following includes the top 10 best radar detectors you can consider at the moment.

Top 10 Best Radar Detectors

1. Beltronics RX65

Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector

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This is a top-quality professional series radar detector that will suit any driver that is serious about safety. The device has it all, providing ultra-long-range detection with the best digital technology in the market. With the easy-to-use programming, you will be able to customize seven different options for your specific driving style. The Beltronics RX65-Red professional radar detector features ultra-bright LED Display to view relevant information, digital voice alert to inform you about important activities ahead, the seven selectable features, and a custom travel case. It is available in red and blue LED models and you can customize the display that suits you.

2. Cobra RAD 450

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

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Cobra is an industry leader and you can always trust any product from them. This, however, is not just any product. It is among the very best models from the company. It is a long-range unit that has all you may need. It features the patented IVT filter TM system that reduces false alarm from collision avoidable systems. The unit can detect signals from front and rare, making sure that you are completely in control as you enjoy your ride. In addition to the eye-catching OLED display, there is an effective voice alert feature that delivers easily understandable alerts to help you keep your eyes on the road.

3. Cobra XRS9470

Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar-Laser Detector

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Among the high performance radar detectors in the market, this is definitely one of the most affordable options you can get. The fact that it comes from reputable manufacturers like Cobra means it is definitely among the best police radar detectors to buy. The detector which offers 360-Degree protection has an impressive compact design. It also features an Ultra-Bright data display for easy recognition of important information. There is also a safety alert feature that warns drivers in time about emergency vehicles and road hazards. There are loads of other great features.

4. Escort Max360

ESCORT MAX360 - Laser Radar Detector

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Escort is another big name in the industry with several amazing devices. In this particular radar detector, the company raises the bar, once again, to ensure that drivers get the best while on the road. The Max360 offers unmatched detection as the front and rare antennas scan rapidly in all directions. Its extreme range coverage, state of the art response time, and unrivaled precision also ensure that the device helps you navigate better and stay safe. It actually learn your route and accurately provide the data to navigate safely in real time. It is also less prone to false alarms of any sort.

5. Escort Passport S55

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector

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Another great product from Escort, this is definitely among the most advance radar detectors in the market. It works with ESCORT Live, the exclusive real-time ticket-protection network that warns drivers about alarms received and reported by other drivers in the network. It is a high-performance device, boasting of exclusive Auto Sensitivity mode that intelligently filter alarms and help you get only relevant information that will let you drive safer. With the Spec Display options, it is also possible for you to organize information just the way you want it for easy monitoring.

6. Radenso XP

Radenso XP Radar & Laser Detector

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This is a great radar detector for so many reasons. It is arguably the quietest radar detector in the market. There are so many amazing features that make this device a device of choice including GPS Lockouts for false alerts, voice alerts with 260 different messages, OLED display, Blind Spot monitor filter, Ka band segmentation and several others. The Low Noise Amplifier equipped antenna is another standout feature. There is also a built-in red light and speed camera database with lifetime free update for more value.

7. Uniden R1

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector

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Uniden has several radar detection and this is among the very best ones they’ve launched. For the price it is sold, it is among the most valuable long range police radar detectors in the market and will certainly help you drive better. The color OLED display ensures that all information are recognizable and readable. It features a 360-Degrees digital signal processor that monitors radar in all direction and alert you in time. Other features that may interest you include Extreme radar sensitivity and K False Filter/KA False Filter.

8. Uniden R3

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector

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Another amazing radar detector from Uniden, this is definitely an improvement on the R1 Extreme. It offers an incredible range that is hard to surpass. There are loads of extra features to justify the extra amount you will spend to get this model. The convenient GPS feature, for instance, lets you get red light camera alerts, mute memory alerts, or mark location. In addition to these, free GPS database updates, Specter Elite undetectable, color OLED display, and Extreme radar sensitivity are other you will love.

9. Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

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This is among the most rated radar detectors in the market and there are good reasons for that. It is a high performance device with two antennas: one front-facing, the other rare-facing. It is able to effectively detect the band and the strength of the radar signal, as well as the number of radar units being detected. The device also inform you the direction of the laser(s). You’ll get 360-Degrees protection from all types of lasers, using this device. It offers X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection. In addition to all these, the Valentine One is a well-built device that will stand the test of time.

10. Whistler CR85

Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

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This belongs to a series of high-performance professional-grade laser detectors that are capable of detecting all major forms of lasers. It has the ability to detect X band, K band, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka. There Whistler CR85 also features Voice Alerts, with several benefits. It is also equipped with 360-Degrees max coverage to ensure that you get signals from all directions and drive safely. There are also some high-performance features that ensures that false alerts are minimized including 3 city modes/highway modes and Traffic Flow Signal Rejection. These and more make it one of the best police radar detectors on the market currently.