10 Best Speed Camera Detectors

If you have been driving for long, you will understand that speeding is not something you can avoid all the time. There are instances when the road will be so free that you will have nothing else to do than to go faster. Imagine when you are in a hurry and traffic is actually non-existent. Minding speed limits in such instances can be very difficult. Even when you are trying to be too careful, monitoring your speed at all times is almost impossible. Drivers are bound to cross the speed limit of certain roads from time to time.

Driving fast is not often a problem until you are caught. There are different technologies used by patrol men to nab motorists that are going faster than speed limits in different roads and speed camera is among the notable ones. Speed camera is a general term used to refer to safety cameras, red light cameras and even mobile speed cameras that are used by patrol officers to capture how fast vehicles are going. Being caught speeding by such cameras can have different levels of consequences including heavy fines. This is avoidable, however, with smart technological devices.

Speed camera detectors are used by motorists to detect the presence of speed cameras and slow down before they get to where the cameras are recording. These devices are of different types, making use of different technologies to detect cameras that use radar, laser or similar technologies to capture speeding cars. They monitor the speed of your car and alert you in time to minimize the chances of being caught and fined.

Thinking of buying a speed camera detector? Here’s our list of the top 10 best speed camera detectors you can buy right now.

Top 10 Best Speed Camera Detectors

1. Uniden R3

Uniden R3 Long Rang Radar Detector

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This is a top quality GPS detector offering an amazing range and sensitivity. It provides the same performance of the R1 with the additional power of GPS for read light camera protection and ability to mark and ignore fixed false alerts. It is definitely among the most advanced speed and red light camera detectors. The wonderful features include Multi-colored OLED display that is easy to read, programmable voice alert offering hands-free operation, and the advanced false alert filtering.  The upgradeable firmware ensures getting updates is also easy just as the device is super-easy to use.

2. Uniden R1

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector

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Another great product in the Uniden family, the R1 Extreme long range radar detector is another device that detect speed cameras too and alert drivers in time to avoid being captured. It offers 360-Degrees digital signal processing, meaning you get signals from all directions. Other features that help make this device function excellently include Extreme Radar sensitivity and K False Filter/KA False Filter. It also features a color OLED Display. This is a highly rated product.

3. Cobra RAD 250

Cobra RAD 250 Laser Radar Detector

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This is a long range laser/radar detector that can also protect you from speed cameras. There are several good things about this device but some of the ones that will interest you the most are the fact that it detect all radar signals and VG-2 signals, advance laser eye sensor to protect you from front and rare radars and cameras, as well as audible signal strength levels to let you identify the type of alert detected even when your eyes are still on the road.

4. Cobra RAD 450

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

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Another great product from the Cobra family, the RAD 450 is a highly rated radar detector that can save you from being caught by radar and speed cameras while speeding. With the device, you get fewer false alerts but will be alerted of real threats in time to slow down and avoid being caught. It also detect signals from front and rare, giving you full coverage to enjoy driving in a cautious manner. It also features a digital voice announcement that is easy to understand.

5. Escort Passport 8500X50

Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

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This is an improved product from one of the industry leaders, Escort. The device is a high performance radar detector that can be customized to a great extent to suit your style. It makes use of advance technology simply called Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that provides maximum range for the detection of radar and speed cameras. It also minimizes the picking up of false alarm, thanks to the proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR). You have three levels of brightness control including Dim, Medium, or Max, as well as three high resolution modes including Standard Bar Graph, Exclusive ExpertMeter and SpecDisplay.

6. Escort Passport 9500iX

Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum Bundle Laser Rader Detector

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This is a powerful speed camera detector that offers long range protection with early warning and fast response. It detects all bands including X, K, SuperWide Ka and POP mode. It also comes with the SmartCord Live, a revolutionary power cord valued at $100 that grants easy access, via Bluetooth, to the ultimate real time ticket protection network, Escort Live. It also come with a Pre-loaded camera locations for ultimate protection. You can be certain that red light and fixed position speed cameras will be detected in time.

7. Escort Passport S75

Escort Passport S75 radar detector

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This is another wonderful device in the Escort Passport series that can serve as the perfect speed camera detector for you. It offer superb protection on all bands, ensuring that all red light cameras or fixed positioned speed cameras are detected in time for appropriate respond to avoid being caught exceeding the speed limit. The device comes preloaded with thousands of safety camera locations. You can also use the ‘Mark Location’ feature to add your own spot on the device and it will remember when next you approach the place and alert you ahead of time. It comes with BSM filter and GPS with Auto Lock. It is also web ready with easy updates online.

8. Radenso XP

Radenso XP Radar & Laser Detector

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This is a high performance radar and Laser Detector from Radenso that also features GPS Lockout and Red Light/Speed Camera voice alert. It also has the reputation of being the quietest speed camera detector in the market. There are several interesting features that help Radenso XP deliver the sort of performance that has made it a reference product in the market. OLED Display, voice alert with over 260 different messages, selectable radar band, Blind Spot monitor filter, multiple threat display, and Separate TSR filter for traffic sensors are few of the many features. It also come with several items included in the package.

9. Radenso SP

Radenso Pro M Radar Detector

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This is another powerful radar and laser detector that helps you escape all speed traps while you are on the steering. It is highly regarded with lots of impressive feature you will love. The red light and speed camera alerts are delivered in an interesting manner. Once you are near a speed camera, the device will alert you ahead of time and start counting down: after you cross, it gives you a successful beep tone. There are loads of other impressive features like the database lifetime updates, Blind Spot Monitor filtering, Voice Alerts, Incredible sensitivity providing up to several miles of range, and Amber OLED Display.

10. Uniden DFR7

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Laser Detector with GPS

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This is part of the Uniden interceptor Radar Detector series that boast of incredible performance enabled by top-class features. It is actually respected for balancing all the factors that will trigger the interest of buyers: reasonable price, easy to operate, amazing design, and excellent functionality. The built-in GPS with Red Light Camera and Speed camera alerts are accompanied by several other impressive features including Super Long range Radar Detection, Max speed warning system, and Ultra-Bright OLED display. The valuable package also comes with DC charging cable and Suction Mount.