10 Best Most-Trusted Online English Dictionaries

With vast numbers of online dictionaries available, it is good to take note of the best ones and their main advantage on different scenarios.

The following dictionaries are the best so far and their main features are discussed to make it easier for someone to pick according to the functions they want performed.

1. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

This is always the first option that many people opt to. When one types google dictionary in the google search tool, google automatically brings a list of dictionaries available including google dictionary. It is amongst the most expansive online dictionaries available. With an added advantage of having other different languages. It literally contains meaning of nearly every English word available. It also contains a variety of features like related phrases, example sentences, definitions, voice pronunciation amongst others. One of the main advantages of using this dictionary is the brand that google has created for itself. Highly recommended.

2. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

This dictionary is mainly used by students and learners, however it can be used by anyone. It is easy to use and contains both British and American English. Some of the features include pictures (which really comes in handy for better understanding and elaboration of things), synonyms, example sentences and others. It’s amongst one of the oldest, most used and trusted online dictionary. This dictionary can come in handy when writing a research paper or a thesis for clarification purposes and understanding words better.

3. Wiktionary


This dictionary was formed under the same ideology of Wikipedia. It is easy to access and contains simple terms to use. However, many people do not believe in its credibility since a person can edit a page. Which is the same scenario as Wikipedia. Although, it does have a community of editors who ensure that the information contained there is accurate. It aims at becoming better every passing day as more features are integrated in the dictionary to make it better like thesaurus, phrase books, extensive appendices and language statistics.

4. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

This dictionary is mainly used to search for the urban words, as its name suggests. Any slang will have its definition here. It might not come in handy under academic purposes, but it will be really helpful when someone comes across an urban word or a slang on the social media and they do not know the meaning. It mainly comprises of words that are used on the streets and not in a formal setting. Most of the words found here are not found on the standard dictionary and it can save you time of searching for a new word that is recently invented from the streets or borrowed from the showbiz world.

5. Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary

This is amongst one of the most respected dictionaries around. It can be used by learners and even people who are looking for definition of casual words. The online version is made up of different dictionaries functions and its website is very wide. The online versions include International Dictionary of Idioms, the Cambridge Dictionary of American English, the Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs and the Cambridge Learners Dictionary. Some of the online features include thesaurus, pronunciation, translation, phrasal verbs, idioms and others. It’s one of the most serious dictionaries mainly used for official and academic purposes.

6. Macmillan Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary

This is a reference dictionary for all English speaking people. It is free and provides online thesaurus that is fully integrated and consists of synonyms and related words. The thesaurus contains dictionary entries integrated under it. The best online dictionary to learn something new every day. With its synonym feature, a user can learn new term on different words that are featured on the dictionary. It also does contain a physical dictionary. Its main users comprises of learners and people in official setting.

7. Dictionary.com


It is one of the best dictionaries around. Its offline dictionary is also amongst the best English dictionary app. It has existed for over 20 years and has gained trust from its million users worldwide. It contains vast features like slang phrases, audio pronunciation, synonyms, idioms, word origins, word games, example sentences and professional terms such as medical terms and others. It’s one of the leading online sources of terms and definitions of words. With its domain name already introducing the site, it has a wide range of users who find the site useful and of great benefit.

8. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

This is one of the most accurate online dictionaries. Although not commonly known, it has one of the highest most credible information. The definition of its words are of high pedigree. Although it does not contain much features compared to the other dictionaries, it has pronunciation, grammar tips, synonyms, thesaurus, medical dictionary and Spanish to English translation. Although you can get all the help online, it still can work offline.

9. NetLingo


As it names suggests, this sites gives meaning and definition of internet lingo being used. In this case, lingo is used to mean language. It also contains a list of acronyms that are mainly used on the internet these days. Its purpose is to serve on the casual meaning of words and gives a better understanding on the short acronyms and what they stand for.

10. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary Online

This is a free online English dictionary that allows you to search for definition of words or characters. Some of the features include thesaurus, idioms, abbreviations, encyclopedia, synonyms, translator that works with languages that are common like German and French. It also contains medical and financial terms for people in such profession. It also allows users to create their own personal homepage by adding and removing terms through drag and drop capabilities.