Best Marine Radars

For some people, spending time on the open water is the best way to relax. Clear weather and sunny skies make boating smooth and enjoyable but what happens when the weather becomes bad and visibility drops? This is where a marine radar comes in. The major purpose of the marine radar is to alert users to other boats in the area as well as obstacles like buoys. With the right marine radar, you will be able to navigate your vessel through the ocean even when you can’t see a few yards beyond the nose of the vessel. They are very significant for water safety and getting the best one for your boat is very important.

Over the years, there has been lots of improvement in radar technology as the demand has increased in the marine industry. Many manufacturers have ventured into the market, releasing several models to meet the demand. While this makes the products readily available, it has also made it difficult for people to choose the best ones from the lot.

In this article, we have put together the 9 best marine radars you can get right now and also discussed other important factors you should consider.

Top 9 Best Marine Radars

1. Furuno Defender DRS4W

Furuno Defender DRS4W Wireless Radar Antenna

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This is an excellent marine radar that has become the marine outfitter of choice for boating enthusiast. A Chinese made product, this is a well-built and excellent marine radar by all standards. It is compact in size, yet very powerful. As you can see from the name above, it is a 4 KW wireless radar antenna. It is the first marine radar in the world that is accessible from iOS devices.

The Furuno 260369 Defender DRS4W marine radar has several impressive features besides being a wireless radar. It is one of the most economical radars in terms of energy consumption (24 watts). It offers vivid, multi-color radar target presentation for safe seafaring adventures. Since there is no extra wiring besides the power source, the radar is very easy to set up. It presents a simple touch interface with familiar gestures. Thanks to the free, user-friendly iOS app, this radar offers one of the simplest and most intuitive operations among marine radars.

2. Lowrance 000-10419-001 Broadband 4G

Lowrance 000-10419-001 Broadband 4G

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This is another wonderful marine radar that is perfect for those that are more comfortable with 4G connectivity. It is very similar to the model reviewed above but relatively more expensive. It has a number of advanced features and guarantees unrivalled short-term performance. This marine radar is also considered a very safe marine outfitter as it offers zero radiation hazard. It is a great choice for a wide variety of ships and vessels.

The Lowrance 4G marine radar has a 2 KW transmission power that enables it to see targets out to 24 nautical miles. With a heading sensor, you will be able to track up to 10 targets with the built-in MARPA system. It will warn you of potential collisions, thanks to the two guard zones. Other features you will love include automatic mode switching, Chart/Radar Overlay, 2.6/25 degrees beam width, and Beam Sharpener. It is a reliable marine radar that will deliver crystal clear images that will help you navigate safely.

3. Garmin GMR 18HD+

Garmin GMR 18HD+

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Garmin as a brand needs no introduction in the marine technology market. They have made several wonderful navigational instruments and the GMR 18HD is one of their best radars. It is a powerful marine radar that is suitable for ships and marine vessels of all sizes. With its 4K transmission power, it will meaningfully improve navigational safety. It also provides a range of unique and exclusive functionality.

One of the most remarkable things about this powerful marine radar is the dynamic auto gain and dynamic sea filter. These features access the sea and automatically adjust to the surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions. It also features 5.2/25-degrees beam angle and clear echo definition. Thanks to its compact design, this premium marine radar can be mounted on boats with limited room. It is also affordable and considered one of the best marine radars for the money.

4. Raymarine 4K HD Digital Radom

Raymarine 4K HD Digital Radom

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Raymarine is considered one of the world leaders in marine electronics. This is one of their top marine radars that is suitable for all kinds of vessels. It is a powerful radar that boast of 4 KW transmit power. It combines the power and clarity of HD digital signal processing with an ultra-compact scanner. It is compatible with C-series widescreen, e-series classic, e-series widescreen and g-series multifunction displays. It also features the same adaptive digital receiver technology found in Raymarine open Array antenna.

The Raymarine 4K HD Digital Radom provides crisp, accurate contact echoes at short ranges. It also offers exceptional long-range performance up to 48 nautical miles. It has a 4.9-degree width-hull and offer 256 color presentation. It is important to state here that it may not work with older multi-function displays.

5. Garmin GMR 18 Xhd Radome

Garmin GMR 18 Xhd Radome

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This is another great marine radar from Garmin that works great on a variety of vessels. It is an 18-inch powerful high definition radar that produces 4KW transmission power. It has a number of advanced open-array features that helps ardent sailors navigate the sea safely. It is also very easy to use, thanks to the high-definition imagine and other features.

The Garmin GMR 18 Xhd 010-00959-00 Radome features 48 or 24 RPM rotation speeds for fast screen refreshes. It will adjust automatically based on range and has 48-mile max range setting. It also features advanced signal processing and dynamic gain/sea filter that helps to improve performance under different conditions. It is also a well-built marine radar and is priced moderately.

6. Garmin GMR Fantom 18 Radar

Garmin GMR Fantom 18 Radar

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This is the third product from Garmin to grace this buying guide. This is an indication of the quality of products the company offers and how relevant they are in the marine electronic market. Coming to this marine radar, it is a solid-state pulse compression radar dome. It is a highly rated marine radar due to its performance. The 40-watt power output is very safe.

The Garmin GMR Fantom 18 Radar features MotionScope technology. It will detect and highlight targets that are moving forward or away from your vessel in different colors. You will also see what is stationary and determine how best to move forward. It covers 20 to 48-mile range, helping you navigate safely in all conditions.

7. Furuno 1623 Radar

Furuno 1623 Radar

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This is an exceptional package that includes a 15-inches radome and 6-inches monochrome LCD that will help make your navigation easier and safer. It is a 2.2KW marine radar that has 16 nautical mile range and can also zoom down to 1/8 nautical mile for tight navigation in harbors and inlets. It has a 6.2-degree horizontal beam width that enhances its performance.

The Furuno 1623 has several exceptional features that help to enhance safe navigation. The most notable ones include variable antenna speed, guard zone, zoom, VRM, EBL, echo trails, and Nav data display. It comes in a valuable package that includes a slim-line monochrome LCD and 10M cable. The lightweight radome antenna is ideal for power and sail boats that are as small as 17 feet.

8. Simrad NSS7 EVO3

Simrad NSS7 EVO3

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This is a compact marine radar that will offer you a lot of value. It is a basically a chartplotter with built-in GPS that makes navigation easy and safer. As an efficient 4G radar bundle, this little GPS receiver will completely eliminate the need for an external antenna on a variety of compatible boats.

The most remarkable thing about the Simrad NSS7 EVO3 is the C-MAP Easy Routing that makes platting a route to your destination as simple as what is obtainable with most in-car navigation. There is also a built-in echo sounder that will significantly enhance your fishing experience and safer cruising. StructureScan HD imagine, ForwardScan Sonar, and CHIRP-enabled sonar are all helpful in this regard. This radar system is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. You will be able to wirelessly mirror your display to compatible devices and enjoy easier access to charts, radar, sonar, and engine data.

9. Simrad NSS12 Evo3

Simrad NSS12 Evo3

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Like the other Simrad product above, this is a valuable bundle that will keep you safer when you are in the open waters. Though it is an expensive marine radar system, it is a valuable one that will significantly enhance your navigation experience. It is an all-in-one bundle that incorporates radar/shartplotter/fishfinder. While it is most ideal for fishing vessels, it can be used in other kinds of marine vessels.

The most remarkable thing about the Simrad NSS12 Evo3 is the number of features it offers. The compact dome radar system is prime for greater situational awareness. It will help you to cruise confidently through crowded harbors, keep an eye on distant storm cells, and navigate safely in poor visibility. It is easy to mount and will fit powerboats of all sizes. It is very safe to use with zero radiation hazards.

Buying Guide

Marine radar is an important accessory. It is essential for safe navigation through open water and you need the best for your safety and that of others on your vessel. Whether you are buying a radar for the first time or know a lot about them, it can be difficult to pick from the number of available options on the market. To make the experience better for you this section will focus on few things to consider when shopping for them.

Factors to consider when choosing a marine radar

To get the best marine radar for your vessel, here are the most important factors to consider:

Size of Vessel and Compatibility

Depending on the size of your vessel, there are some marine radars that will not fit properly. Make sure that whatever you are buying will fit in your vessel and will offer the features you need. The weight and size of the radar must be considered.

Your Marine Radar Usage

Depending on what your major navigational concerns are, buy the model that will meet your needs. If you are only interested in safe navigation through infrequent fog, an inexpensive radar will be okay. If, on the other hand, you engage in night fishing, you will need a marine radar with the right features to help you fish proficiently and safely.

Power of the Radar

The power of your radar will determine how far you will be able to see. It influences safe navigation significantly. While there are 2KW radars that are good for smaller vessels, power transmission of 4 KW is ideal.

Featured Technology

You also need to consider the technology featured in the marine radar you intend to buy. Technology is evolving continuously and it is important to buy radars with advanced technologies. You should also consider radars with technologies that support your water activities.

Your Budget

Your budget will also influence the marine radar you will end up buying. While there are affordable marine radars on the market, do not let price alone determine the radar you will mount on your vessel.

Frequently asked questions about marine radars

Is It Safe to Navigate Without Marine Radars When the Weather Is Friendly?

No, it is not advisable to sail without marine radars even when the weather look friendly.

Are Marine Radars Also Needed in Small Boats?

Yes, marine radars are needed in all kinds of vessels when safety is the priority.

Do Marine Radars Help Me Fish Better?

Yes, there are marine radars that has the features to help you fish better.

Are There Safety Issues Associated with Using Marine Radars?

With modern marine radars, there are no serious safety issues. Most of them have zero radiation hazard.

Are Marine Radars Expensive to Install?

Generally, marine radars are a little pricey. Since you already own a vessel, it is important that you get the best marine radar for safer navigation.


Marine radars are essential accessories for all boaters. It is important to have the best marine radar for your vessel.  We sincerely hope this detailed guide helps you find the right marine radar for your vessel.