10 Best Marine Power Inverters for Boats

A power inverter is a great piece of equipment to have on your boat. This gadget is meant to convert DC power from the batteries on your boat into AC power. This way, you can power all the normal appliances you have on board.

Power inverters are a great alternative to generators since they do not need fuel to run or an exhaust system for the fumes. Instead, they are economical, compact and silent.

There is a wide range of selection when it comes to marine power inverters for boats depending on how much power you need. That is why we have made this concise review to help make your choice easier.

Top 10 Best Marine Power Inverters

1. Promariner True Power 2000PS

Promariner 02012 True Power 2000ps Inverter Charger

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If you have been searching for a powerful marine inverter that can take you on long voyages, then the ProMariner 02012 is the tool for the job.

When it comes to buying a marine power converter, you should not compromise on price, considering you will be cut off from the rest of civilization for a while. This inverter is packed with 2,000 watts of power with 12 volts and also doubles up as a 70 amps battery charger.

The Promariner True Power 2000PS inverter provides a pure sine wave output, making it an excellent choice for marine enthusiasts. It is designed specifically to fit the needs of marine vessels such as boats and yachts.

This inverter is compact, lightweight and enough to serve all your power needs whether on troubled seas or calm water.

2. Xantrex 806-1210 PROwatt

Xantrex 806-1210 PROwatt Inverter

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The Xantrex 806-1210 is a powerful marine inverter that comes with a wide selection of outputs. These include a USB port for additional charging which comes in pretty handy. This unit will give you a maximum output of 1,000 watts, which is enough to power the majority electrical appliances on your boat.

It has a built-in LED display that shows the DC voltage and output power values in real time so you can always remain on top of things.

It also features a 12V DC input, GCFI plug and an optional remote controller. You will also find heavy duty terminals that provide a better connection to the battery. Bad terminals can cause real problems by providing unreliable power.

Overall, this is an amazing marine inverter for your boat that combines high performance with ease of use.

3. Rally Marine Grade 7637

Rally Marine Grade 500w Power Inverter

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The Rally Marine is one of the most affordable marine inverters available in the market that pays attention to quality. It comes with dual 120V AC outlets and can provide a maximum output of 400 watts.

Although it is a budget inverter, it spots first-class features, including thermal protective power, circuit boards and clips that are corrosion resistant for higher durability when exposed to salty sea water.

It packs other interesting features such as two USB ports, replaceable fuses and a convenient power switch. The continuous output of 400 watts is decent enough for small boats that have a reasonable number of electrical appliances on-board.

If you have a small boat and you were looking for an affordable inverter as an alternative, you cannot go wrong with this one.

4. Power Bright PW2300-12

Power Bright PW2300-12 Power Inverter

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The Power Bright PW2300-12 is a compact marine inverter that can provide you with a whopping 2,300 watts of continuous power. That is not all, it also has a peak power rating of 4,600 watts. It is fitted with a built-in cooling fan to ensure that it gives all this power without overheating.

It features a heavy duty case made from anodized aluminum which offers protection from corrosion and ensures the durability of your essential source of power.

Other interesting features on the Power Bright PW2300-12 include a useful LED display that shows input and output voltages, two 120-volt AC outlet, and an overload indicator.

You will not find many fancy features as you would expect on other more expensive alternatives in this range, but with this marine inverter, all the attention is on performance and durability.

5. GP-3000HD

GP-3000HD 3000-Watt Sine Wave Marine Inverter

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If you are looking for powerful marine power inverter that can provide you with enough energy to power all your appliances, then the GP-3000HD is a brilliant choice.

You will have 3000 Watts of continuous power at your disposal to keep you safe anytime during your marine journey. This is enough energy to run even a refrigerator.

This unit is designed specifically for voyagers. It uses high quality sine wave to produce AC power. It is small and compact, yet a high capacity inverter. It features 4 AC outlets and also comes with an overload protection feature. The company offers a 1-year warranty as well as a 1,000 and 1,750-Watt marine inverter model.

6. ProMariner Truepower 1500

ProMariner TruePower 1500

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ProMariner have done it again with the TruePower 1500-Watt inverter. It is specifically designed for use on yachts, boats and other small water vessels.

As with most inverters specially built for marine vessels, it comes with features meant to cater to all the needs that might arise while out on sea. It weighs 15 pounds and gives you as much as 1500 Watts of power and an excellent GFCI protected Dual AC outlet which can protect you against hazardous electrical shock that could be caused by dampness, water spray, or worn cables.

The ProMariner 1500-Watt marine inverter features an internal conformal coating for anti-corrosion purposes, not to mention a soft start and noise filter. It is also equipped with an alarm for when the battery gets low as well as thermal and overload protection.

7. AIMS Power 3000

AIMS Power 3000 WATT Pure SINE Power Inverter

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The Power Pure SINE Inverter by Aims inverter is a great solution if you are not in need of too much power but would want guaranteed. It features a pure sine wave inversion technology able to give you up to 3000W of power.

It comes with heavy duty, hardwire terminals as well as a 20A transfer switch that regulates the pass through when you connect it to a shore line.

When functioning, you will notice a continuous cooling fan which keeps it efficient while but makes quite some noise.

The inverter comes with a remote control that you can order separately to control this inverter even more conveniently.

8. Cantonape 1500W

1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter by Cantonape

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If you are looking for a power inverter that offers unmatched safety, then go no further than Cantalope’s 1500W marine inverter that employs pure sine wave technology.

This machine is able to shield itself as well as all your appliances using six different types of protection. These include an overload, thermal, short circuit, reverse polarity, under voltage as well as over voltage protection.

Like the name suggests, this unit delivers 1500 Watts of continuous power with a rated peak power surge of up to 3000W. it is fitted with two outlets.

Cantalope 1500W Pure Sine Wave inverter provides enough power to run a wide range of appliances such as a fridge or even power tools you may be carrying on your boat.

According to the company, this unit has a 90% energy efficiency. If you do not believe them, Cantonape, gives you a 1-year warranty on the purchase as well as spare fuses in the package.

9. GoWise Power PS1003

Power TechOn 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter PS1003

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The GoWISE Power PS1003 is pure sine wave marine inverter, powerful enough to support a large number of electrical appliances on your yacht or boat.

It will give you a continuous output of 2000W and it features an outstanding peak rating of 4000W. The unit comes with 3 power outlets, and an extra USB port. It also features a remote control that can work for up to 15 feet as well as two battery cables inside the package.

This popular marine inverter is designed to keep all your devices safe thanks to its five protection systems. These include the overload, thermal, over voltage, under voltage as well as a low voltage alarm to keep you alert.

If you are looking for a high-capacity inverter that will not let you down, you will appreciate this one.

10. IpowerBingo 1200W

IpowerBingo Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with LCD Display

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The IpowerBingo is a great marine inverter that is designed to give you 1200 Watts of power using two 110-120-V AC outputs. It is a great choice for any voyager with sensitive electronics on-board thanks to its pure sine wave technology and great build quality.

It is fitted with excellent aluminum inductance not to mention heavy duty battery cables that offer unparalleled reliability.

In case of any overheating, it comes with a thermal protection function that shuts it down. Nonetheless, this is not likely to happen considering the smart cooling fan which is always silently running during operation. Lastly, it comes with a built-in LED that shows you the output voltage.


For boats that are docked and can be connected to a power source from the shore, there is no need for a power converter. However, when you go out to see, you need a reliable marine power inverter that can power your essential equipment without fail. The devices we have included in this list are excellent for turning your DC current into AC for a continuous and long time, just pick one that suits your needs.