10 Best Dummy Security Cameras

The real reason people have security cameras in their properties is to protect the property. Whether it is a residential building or a commercial property, a surveillance system gives you peace of mind and keep intruders away. The problem is that security cameras can be a little too expensive for many people and small organizations. This is where fake/dummy security cameras come in. Though they do not record footages in your property, these dummy security devices are effective in keeping intruders away as naked eyes of a passerby can’t actually tell the difference between them and the real things.

There are currently lots of excellently built fake security cameras around. Most manufacturers use the design of the real devices to create a realistic appeal. These dummy cameras will perform the ultimate function of improving security in your properties when they are installed the right way.

Here, we will review the ten best fake/dummy security cameras that you can buy today to offer added security to your property.

Top 10 Best Dummy Security Cameras

1. ID IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera

ID IDAODAN Fake Security Camera

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This is an extremely affordable dummy camera CCTV surveillance system with realistic simulated LEDs for home security. It is a well-designed fake security camera that can be used at home and commercial places like offices, hotels, supermarkets, parking lots, shops, libraries, and others. The high simulation appearance can effectively deter intruders and criminals from attempting larceny and theft.

The IDAODAN Fake Security Camera features a single Blinking Red Night Vision LED that makes it appear to be really working at night. There is a battery box embedded in the lens: open the lens with a screwdriver, take out the battery box and insert 2 x AAA batteries, then push the box back and tighten the lens again. It has a waterproof design that keeps it protected in all weather conditions. The package comes with 2 x Simulation Camera, 6 x Screw, 4 x Warning Security Alert Sticker Decal. Perfect security effectiveness can be obtained when this dummy camera is used with few real cameras.

2. JYTrend U0803

JYTrend 3 Pack Outdoor Dummy Fake Security Camera

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Another well designed dummy security camera that looks so realistic that no one can actually guess they are fake until you tell them. It has a real looking lens and a flashing LED light that gives the impression that your property is well protected with a full alarm system. There is equally an authentic-looking video cable that goes into the mounting bracket that angles the camera, to further enhance authenticity.

There are several things that make this dummy camera very attractive. The fake IR illuminators and fake lens are obviously the highlight but ease of installation is another thing that makes this a great device. All it requires to install these cameras are stainless steel screws that are included in the easy install kit. It is a cheap way to meaningfully prevent criminal activities in your property.

3. Armo Dummy Security Camera

Armo Dummy Security Camera

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This is a fake Bullet CCTV surveillance system with realistic looking LEDs that can improve the security of your home or business place. It is designed in a very realistic manner that will fend off intruders and prevent criminal activities in your property. It features constantly flashing LED lights that gives a convincing impression that the property is highly secured with eyes watching everywhere. These cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors, thanks to the perfect classic bullet design.

This is a true cost-effective solution to improving security at home, lobbies, and offices. Asides from being cheap, it is very easy to install. No form of wiring is required. It comes with the stainless steel screws that are needed to mount it convincingly on walls. There is also a bonus STICKER you can put up with the camera to warn potential violators.


WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

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A beautifully made dummy security camera that can effectively improve home security with high resemblance to real security cameras and activation light. The flashing LED light blinks around every 6 seconds to give the impression that movement in and around your property is constantly being monitored. This can effectively deter criminals from all wrongful activities within your premises. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also use it in different environments including homes, shops, and all kinds of business premises.

This is a true cost-effective solution to security issues in your property. Asides from being very cheap, this dummy security camera is easy to install. No wiring is required. Once you insert the 2pcs AA batteries (not included in the package), you can quickly and easily mount to ceiling or walls with the included screws.

5. UniquExceptional UDC9

UniquExceptional UDC9

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This is an excellent fake security cameras out there for so many reasons. It is one of the cheapest security products you can get anywhere and it is well made to offer everything you will want from a dummy security camera. It is well constructed to look like a high-tech surveillance camera, with an authentic video cable and fully adjustable mounting bracket to complete. It has flashing Red LED lights to give your premises the look of a highly secured area.

The UniquExceptional UDC9 Fake Security Camera can be used indoors and outdoors. It is pretty easy to install and use. It requires only 2 AA batteries to function.


WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED Light

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This is almost exactly the real thing. In appearance, no one can actually differentiate between these dummy Security Cameras from the original CCTV surveillance system. It is, therefore, a cheap and effective way to deter criminals and improve home security. In addition to the perfect design, it has a single flashing LED light that blinks every 3 seconds to create the perfect illusion of steady motion detection.

This fake security camera from WALI is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is water resistant too. No wiring is required during installation. All you need is 2 piece AA batteries (not included in the package). There is no on/off switch; once the batteries are inserted, it is good for use. Installation can simply be done with the included screws on ceilings or walls.

7. LOFTEK LK-008

LOFTEK Outdoor Waterproof Fake Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light

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This is a very good black bullet dummy camera that can be used at home, in offices and other commercial environment for improved sense of security. When properly installed in your property, no one can really tell that this is not the real thing. It is well built and features a blinking LED that gives the impression of complete surveillance.

Some other important features that make this a great dummy camera for improved protection include the bracket arm movement that is adjustable (0-90 downwards tilt, 0-360 L/R rotation). It doesn’t need any wiring during installation. It is powered by 2 AA sized batteries (not included). It also comes with a rain cover for weather protection.

8. Iseeusee Solar Powered Dummy Camera

Iseeusee Solar Powered Dummy Surveillance Bullet Fake Camera

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This is another good looking fake camera that will create a perfect illusion of well protected building. Like all the products in this list, it has a very realistic design with red LED light to make your home appear like a well-protected fortress. It is perfect for outdoor settings and can also fit properly indoors.

There is also a fake wiring that makes this camera look a lot more convincing. The installation process can be very quick. No form of wiring is required as the fake wiring is good enough to convince anyone. It is also adjustable. Another thing that may interest you about this dummy camera is the fact that it is solar powered. This can save you more money but you can also insert 2 x AA batteries as there is a slot for them.


TOROTON Dome Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera Simulation Monitor with LED Blinking Light

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Looking for something for a large shop or supermarket, getting two or three of this 4 pack beauty will meaningfully improve the sense of security in your premises. It is also ideal for use in other settings including homes, schools, shops, and offices, where it will ensure that everyone feels there is complete monitoring system. It has the exact design of the real thing and only the lens are actually fake: but no one will know unless you tell them.

This fake camera is made of high quality and durable material. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The housing is weatherproof and includes a rain shield to protect it further against moisture. It is fully adjustable, letting you mount it anywhere with ease.


SABRE Fake Camera for Security Realistic Dome Style Design with Flashing Red LED light

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This is a well-built burglar deterrent that can convince even the most hardhearted intruder or criminal that your home or business premises is well protected. In the day time it looks like the real thing and at dusk, the automatic light sensor will cause the keypad to light up and add to its realism. It is fully adjustable so you can point it however you want after installation. The camera will work convincingly even if you decide to use it without batteries.

This is a highly practical dummy security camera that you can trust to last for years – maybe until you are ready to install the real thing. It is also very easy to install. You can insert the 3 x AA batteries (not included) before mounting it to the ceiling or wall. It also comes with a security alert warning decal.

Buyer’s Guide

It is important that you understand the implication of installing fake/dummy security cameras before doing it. While they appear like the real things, they do not work like the real things, technically. Their purpose is to deter intruders and criminals from a property and that is exactly what they are capable of doing. They do not monitor motions and will not help you when an incident is being investigated.

Knowing all these, why should you go ahead with installing dummy security cameras? Well, the simple answer is that having them is a lot better than having nothing at all. Most dummy security cameras (all the ones reviewed here) can convince anyone that your property has a surveillance system. They are legal in all places but should be installed just where security cameras should be installed. They can’t be installed in a restroom or against someone’s window, for instance.

Another issue you need to consider when investing in fake security cameras is that they offer false sense of security. In a commercial setting where people feel that the cameras are working perfectly, they may act accordingly with the full sense of being secured. If an incident happens and it is found that your cameras are fake, there may be law-suit from individuals who felt protected. This, however, doesn’t make them illegal and is hardly an issue, anyway.

The major advantages you will get by installing dummy security cameras are affordability, effortless installation, and deterrent of intruders. You need to shop carefully to get the best deal. Afterwards, you have to install them properly, position them the right way and change their battery when and if there is need for that. It is important to note at this point that dummy cameras can be more effective when they are mixed with the real things. Also, you should attempt to get the real things when you can afford them and not rely on dummy cameras for so long.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Fake/Dummy Security Camera

There are several dummy/fake security cameras in the market. Though they are the same technical-wise, they are not the same in appearance. And appearance is what really matters when it comes to fooling intruders about your home security. You have to shop carefully and get the ones that can completely convince anyone that they are the real things. Here are important factors you must consider to do that:


The way the dummy cameras are positioned will determine their efficiencies at convincing people that they are working surveillance systems. Dome designs imitates the 360-degrees viewing angles and will have to be installed on ceilings. There are also some flexible options of fake cameras that can be installed on ceilings or walls. It is important to ensure that the type you buy are ideal for the places you want to install them.

Color, Size, and Design

Dummy cameras are made to look like the real things. Most manufacturers build them just like the original cameras with the lenses being the only fake things. The color needs to be the regular colors; nothing fanciful. The size too has to be consistent with the original thing to ensure realism in appearance.

Ease of Installation

Most dummy security cameras are easy to install. This is desirable as it will save you time. It is also helpful when the product comes with complete installation kit.


LED lighting is a highly desirable feature that you should look out for. It is probably the most convincing part of a fake security camera as its blinking is often enough to deter intruders and criminals. Whether it is powered by batteries or solar, ensure that the light is working constantly.

Final Thoughts

You can significantly enhance the protection of your property by installing fake/dummy security cameras. They may not have the technical abilities of the real CCTV systems but they can convince any intruder to back off and look for softer targets. Here, we have considered the best options on the market at the moment. Choose carefully and ensure that you install them to right way to enjoy peace of mind in your residential and commercial properties.