5 Best iPhone Video Recording Tips and Tricks

As far as smartphone cameras are concerned, iPhone is the clear winner! It has one of the best cameras that is ideal for clicking and recording high quality photos and videos. However, if you do not use the phone in the right way then you might end up with a bad quality video. We have put together a few iPhone video recording tips that will help you in churning out professional looking videos!

Here are top 5 video recordings tips and tricks for your iPhone.

1. Free some storage space

Less storage can turn out to be an issue if you wish to record long videos especially in 4k mode. If your iPhone is jam packed, go to Settings>General>Storage and iCloud usage to free some storage space on your device. You can also read a guide to do few other things to free up space on your phone.

2. Use Filmic Pro App and Set White Balance

Filmic pro is one of the best apps which enables you to take top notch videos and transforms your phone into a pocket size DSLR.  Although white balance is preset by the camera app already but it is important to adjust it automatically to get right colors and take natural pictures.  To do so, take a white sheet of paper and place it in front of camera lens. Make sure it covers the complete lends and then tap the white balance button to adjust the white balance.

3. Adjust Light and Exposure

Shooting your videos in good light can make a world of difference in your videos. If there is bright light behind what you are trying to shoot then your videos will look dark. To avoid this problem, make sure that the object you wish to shoot faces light. You will also have to correct exposure by tapping on the display where you wish to focus and when the yellow square is visible, adjust the brightness till the object looks good. To lock the exposure, select the area where you wish to focus till a yellow square flickers and AE/AF lock appears on screen. You can then lock the exposure setting which will continue till you exit the screen.

4. Improve Audio Quality

Bad audio quality can spoil everything for a perfectly shot video. It is annoying when an aesthetically shot video is not properly audible. To avoid this, you can use an external sound device specifically built for iPhone. The SmartLav+ from Rode and The Ampridge, MightyMic S iPhone Shotgun Video Microphone are two such devices which will make your videos sound good! If you wish to use in built iPhone speakers, you can take them close to the object so that it picks up clear sound.

5. Get Rid of Shaky Videos

Shaky videos are a nuisance to watch. To combat this concern iPhone has inbuilt stabilizers which can stop your videos from shaking. There are two stabilizers one is optical and the other is digital. This comes in handy when you film closeups, lapses and time motion shots. Alternatively, you can also try to tuck in your elbows while filming or place your iPhone on flat surfaces to place your phone on them.