10 Best Health & Fitness WearOS Watch Faces

Highly customizable WearOS has allowed developers to create some stunning watch faces. You don’t need to be a developer to alter your Android Smartwatch’s home screen with ambient mode, widgets, etc.

Just install the one you like from the collection of premade options, and you are good to go!

Here is a quick rundown of the 10 best health & fitness WearOS watch faces that you may like.

Best Health & Fitness WearOS Watch Faces

1. Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Pixel Minimal Watch Face

If you are a fan of a minimal material design, the Pixel Minimal Watch Face is what you need. With an uncomplicated setup, this watch face will allow adding widgets if you are ready to pay. Everything else is free.

This watch face comes with an ‘Always-on Display’ that will make your smartwatch look cool. Being open source, it will not track anything, and it has minimal impact on the battery life.

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2. Open Watch Face

Open Watch Face

If you are looking for a flat design with the ability to customize the widgets and their backgrounds, the Open Watch Face is a perfect choice. This watch face will allow you to add widgets like DND, Calendar, Weather, Upcoming Events, etc.

You also get a couple of ambient modes along with 16 premade faces (just in case you don’t want to customize anything). However, most of the features are premium.

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3. PhotoWear Photo Watch Face

PhotoWear Classic Watch Face

If you prefer to see a new photo every time your smartwatch’s screen lights up, use the PhotoWear Photo Watch Face app.

With this app, you can download up to 9 photos from your smartphone and sync them. Now, every time your watch screen lights up, you get to see a new photo. Yes, you can add widgets, too!

There are some paid features and in-app purchases available if you want to try.

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4. Facer Watch Faces

Facer Watch Faces

If you love changing watch faces every day, the Facer app is an ideal choice. It comes with an extensive collection of both premium and free options.

Even better, you can customize the watch faces to suit your preferences. You may also be interested in the in-app purchases for further customizations and features.

If you need more options, you can just head over to the developer page here and find a massive collection of different styles of watch faces for your WearOS watch.

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5. SwissClock Watch Face

SwissClock Watch Face

Swiss watches are world-renowned for their design perfection. Their design philosophy is iconic and timeless.

If you crave a touch of Swiss design for your WearOS watch, this SwissClock Watch Face will give you what you need.

The app offers four customizable watch faces and the ability to add various widgets such as Heart Rate, Step Count, Battery Percentage, Weather, etc.

The app uses minimal resources and goes easy on the battery life. You are going to love it!

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6. Pujie Black

Pujie Black

Pujie Black is not a single watch face. It is a platform that will allow you to design different watch faces. You will get unlimited choices for colors, fonts, backgrounds, and complications.

The app will allow you to design your clock hands, and if you want, you can add text. There are endless combinations that you can play with.

However, this app isn’t free. You can grab it for $1.99, which is a very small price to pay for unlimited customizations.

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7. WatchMaker Watch Faces

WatchMaker Watch Faces

The WatchMaker is very similar to Facer. It will allow you to keep your WearOS faces fresh with its DIY capabilities. Yes, you can design a face if you want.

Though not a highly advanced app, it still has enough tools to help you design watch faces by yourself. However, it is incredibly easy to use.

If you want access to their community-made collection of 20K+ WearOS watch faces, you are free to grab their premium version.

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8. LCARS 2.0


LCARS 2.0 is for die-hard fans of the Star Wars series. This WearOS face comes from Little Labs, Inc., the company behind Facer.

The watch face is interactive and integrates the design of the computer OS of Star Trek. The face has several elements like Time, battery, weather, etc.

Unfortunately, you must shell out $1.99 to use the watch face.

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9. TimeFlik (Mr. Time)


TimeFlik is yet another editing platform that is very simple and fun to use. TimeFlik previously went by the name Mr. Time.

With this app, you can select from a collection of 150 templates. Each template will then allow you to choose colors, play with the background, add widgets, etc.

In case you are not interested in templates, you can start creating your own WearOS watch face. You also get the option to use the ones designed by other users. The platform will allow you to use static photos, animated GIFs, illustrations, etc.

If you become a subscriber by paying $2.99 a month, you will receive premium designs and VIP-only WearOS faces. Ads will be entirely removed when you purchase a subscription.

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10. Essential 3100

Essential 3100

If you have n Android smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 3100 chip, the Essential 3100 watch face is for you. It won’t work on any other phone that doesn’t use the Snapdragon 3100 processor.

The Essential 3100 comes with classic analog watch aesthetics. You also get access to most of its customization features for free. You get to choose from hand styles, hour styles, accent colors, widget placement, backgrounds, etc., once you become a paid user.

The Essential 3100 WearOS watch face is perfect for smartwatches that have widescreen AMOLED panels.

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