10 Best Health & Fitness Apple Watch Faces

Apple gadgets are cool, and you will want your Apple Watch to be the coolest one among your friends. How do you do that?

Yes, my applying awesome Apple Watch faces! An Apple Watch face is essentially the home screen of your gadget that displays time in a fancy way that appeals to your tastes.

You can definitely use one of the many faces that Apple provides, you can always trust some third-party providers to add some unique drama to your smartwatch’s home screen.

Here is a collection of the 10 best Apple Watch faces that you can use today.

Best Health & Fitness Apple Watch Faces

1. Facer

Watch Faces by Facer

Facer is undeniably the first name that comes to mind while looking for Apple Watch faces. You can use the Facer watch faces for free, but the options are quite limited. However, if you really want to unlock the full potential of the app, you must pay $4.99 per month or $39.99 a year.

The faces are highly customizable, and you can add various complications that you need. There are many themes to select from. Star Wars theme, Nike theme, Christmas theme – they have it all.

They even have brilliant and retro faces that will give your smartwatch a unique retro appeal.

2. StepDog


If you are a fan of Tamagotchi, this watch face is going to woo you. With the StepDog face app, you get a virtual pet dog who will accompany you until you reach your step goal. The free version will allow only a random dog.

If you want a dog of a specific breed or if you want a cat, you can pay $1.99. You must subscribe for $0.99 a month if you want toys and weather. There is a 1-month free trial available, and you can unsubscribe if you like.

With this watch face, your virtual pet can take a nap when you achieve your step goal, making it a fun app!

3. Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker

Priced at $49.99 a year or $3.99 a week, this watch face app is definitely one of the most expensive options out there. But for that price, you get hundreds and thousands of faces.

If you don’t like the ones available, you can create your custom faces using various templates and share them with the community. If your creation becomes popular enough, you can ask the developers to sell your watch faces through the app.

Yes, though the membership fee gives you access to many faces, you can buy separate collections.

4. Clockology Watch Faces

Clockology Watch Faces

The Clockology Watch Faces app will give you a huge collection of watch faces to use. They are not only beautiful, but they also come with functional complications.

However, if you want to build your clock faces from the scratch, you can check out their Clockology app. You can use this app to build clock faces that no one has ever seen before.

While the Clockology Watch Faces app is completely free to use, there are some exclusive designs that you must pay for. To use those exclusive designs, you will need a subscription that costs $24.99 a year or $2.99 a month.

5. Watchsmith


You don’t get beautiful Apple Watch faces to download with this app. Instead, you can use it to alter and customize the complications that come with the official faces in the Watch app.

The Watchsmith app will even allow you to automatically change the complications throughout the day. There are some unique complications such as step goals, golden hour, tide height, etc., that you can get only with Watchsmith.

While most of the features are free, you must pay $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year to unlock the full potential of the app.

6. Buddywatch


One of the simplest apps to find Apple Watch face wallpapers, Buddywatch makes it easy to change your watch face with just one click. There are many free designs available along with preset functional complications.

However, with a monthly subscription that costs $3.49, you can unlock the app’s full power and enjoy features like VIP profile frames, app icons, etc.

7. Watch Face Albums

Watch Face Albums

If you need beautiful wallpapers for your Apple Watch face, the Watch Face Albums is a great choice. Some faces do have functional complications, but the primary focus is on the images. Free backgrounds are made available every 16 hours, but the free collections are limited.

If you want unlimited access, you must pay $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year. The best part is that you can download the images you want and keep using them even if you cancel the subscription.

8. Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets

They don’t have a massive collection. But you do get some benefits when you use the Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets app. First, you can easily contact the developers and clarify your doubts. Second, this one has collections that work on older models and even on the original Apple Watch.

They have some live watch faces along with various holiday-themed faces. If you want access to their weekly new releases, you must pay $2.99. To get access to their lifetime collection, you must pay $6.99.

If there is something you don’t like in what you see, you can suggest changes and they will try to implement those suggestions.

9. Watchfacely


The Watchfacely app offers a decent collection of free options that you can download and use. However, there will be a download limit. You can get a subscription for $29.99 a year and unlock all 4,000 watch faces.

Most of the faces offered by Watchfacely are wallpaper style but some of them also have functional complications. You will surely love the brightly colored collection of watch faces.

10. MobyFace Exclusive Watch Faces

MobyFace Exclusive Watch Faces

This highly rated watch faces app offers a wide range of options under different categories such as nature, seasons, art, NASA, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more. There is always something that you will find interesting.

While you can use some of the options for free, you must pay $1.99 to unlock the app’s full potential. Plus, you can always visit their website to get video tutorials on how to download and install Apple Watch faces.