10 Best AR Apps for Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra

Augmented reality is no longer a futuristic tech. It has been around for a few years now. This tech allows you to superimpose computer-generated images atop the real view. This allows for a composite view augmenting the real word.

Using this tech, you can create virtual showrooms, interactive maps, and even multiplayer games. There is no scarcity of AR apps for Android users.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone, the apps mentioned below will work flawlessly.

Let’s look at the 10 best augmented reality apps for Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Best AR Apps for Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra

1. Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR

This is an app from BBC that is tied to its documentary series called ‘Civilisations.’ It will augment 30 different artifacts from various great civilizations across many epochs.

Sure, you may not be lucky enough to touch and handle those artifacts, but this app is the next best thing you can get. The app creates a lifelike 3D rendering of each artifact using the AR viewfinder of your phone.

There are interactive features like narrations and X-ray views to help you learn about the origins and history of these cultural treasures.

2. Sketch AR


This app will convert your smartphone’s screen into an AR drawing aid. It overlays a line art or a sketch on a blank paper allowing you to trace over. You can even use it as the base for your sketch.

There is a whole library of sketches available inside the app. If you don’t like that, you can convert your own photos into line arts. However, you must remember that this app will work best on A4 papers.

But you can use any paper as long as there are four reference circle markers drawn on the paper. These circle markers will work as scale markers for the app.

3. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

This is a selfie camera assisted by augmented reality while also working as a fashion and makeup assistant.

It will let you preview a range of makeup and beauty products from brands like Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal, etc. The previews are generated in real-time using augmented reality.

Since it is also a selfie cam, you get regular editing capabilities. You can even share your looks with your followers on social profiles, shop and review products, follow other users, and more.

4. Inkhunter


Tattoos are a great way to immortalize something you cherish or something that is very special to you. However, a tattoo will be a permanent thing on your skin. If not done right, you may regret your decision.

This is where Inkhunter comes in. Using augmented reality, the app helps you to preview the visual appearance of the tattoo on your skin. All you must do is draw a marker on yourself and point your Samsung phone’s camera to it. Now you can see a dynamic preview and customize it.

Of course, you can use the available preset designs, or you can upload your own designs.

5. Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2

If you like star gazing, the Star Walk 2 is something you cannot avoid. This app will use the location and sensor data of your phone and give you an interactive view of the night sky.

To make it work, you just need to point your phone skyward and the app will give you a matching view of planets, constellations, and various other celestial bodies. The renders are done in real-time, and you can receive more details on demand.

If you want to see starscapes of a past date or a future date, the app has a Time Machine mode.

6. Google Translate

Google Translate

This isn’t strictly an augmented reality app. However, it does come with AR features that can translate text. The feature is available in the camera mode of the app. Just point the camera to the text you don’t understand and snap a photo.

The app will then translate the text in real-time. If you are Wi-Fi, it can translate in many languages, but if you intend to use it offline with the instant translation feature, download and install the different language packs.

7. Knightfall: AR

Knightfall AR

Knightfall: AR is a battle strategy game in which the Knights Templar defends Acre from Mamluk Warriors. To use it, place the battlefield on a flat surface close to you. Your viewpoint becomes the targeting reticule that you can use for firing catapults and arrows at the enemy units.

Though the game is quite buggy, it is still fun to play, and it indicates that AR gaming is the future.

8. Quiver


This app brings augmented reality to kids. It is essentially a coloring book and pages colored by your child are brought to life by the app.

There are both paid and premium image packs available that you can download from quivervision.com. These image packs have cartoon characters, educational scenes, animals, and more.

Once your child is done coloring, just point the Quiver app to it and see the magic unfold.

9. Mondly


Mondly makes learning different languages easy. The AR features of the app will work only on phones that have AR Core and ARKit enabled. The app features an animated chatbot. It also provides visualizations of various words and objects, leading to a dynamic learning experience.

The app provides instant feedback on errors and pronunciation mistakes. Plus, you also get various practice conversations, games, and lessons. You can learn 33 different languages using this app.

10. Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk will convert your phone into a visual tech support tool. Once you connect with a tech support member or your expert friend, just point the rear camera of the phone at the object you need help with. The camera works as a viewfinder.

The app has augmented reality chalks that you and the other person can use to mark on the screen as visual annotations or point out the exact buttons, controls, dials, or locations without creating confusion.

This app can reduce troubleshooting time and increase productivity.