10 Best EMF Meters

Technology has been helpful to man in many ways. From the way we communicate to the way we buy things, technology has made performing our daily routines a lot easier and more fun. With all the advantages it offers, there are several downsides to the growing number of devices we use on a daily basis. One of such downsides is the issue of radiation.

Electromagnetic pollution is a reality we have to face in the modern world. All around us, there are several devices that emit electromagnetic radiation including cellphones, tablets, televisions, laptops, and Personal computers. Asides from our everyday devices, satellites, radio towers, telephone towers, and others emit electromagnetic frequencies that have potential dangerous effects.

If you have done a little research about it, you will know that it is not feasible to completely escape from EMF radiations. How can you run away from something you can’t see, touch, or even smell? There is only one solution at the moment: measure the amount of radiation in your environment and try to take care of it. To do that, you need EMF detectors.

What are EMF Meters and why do You Need Them?

As you can tell from the name, EMF meters are appliances that you can use to detect the level of radiation you are being exposed to in a particular place. Using it at home, you will find out the type of EMF radiation you are being exposed to as well as the amount. This will help you take the right steps to minimize your risk. If you are already using some EMF protection product, a top quality EMF meter will help you determine the effectiveness of such product.

Buyer’s Guide

Like every other important device on the market, EMF detectors come in different types. There are several manufacturers releasing different models and it is important that you choose a top quality one. That is the sole aim of this article: to help you choose a top-quality EMF meter that will help you evaluate the level of EMF radiations in your home or business environment, and take the right measures to address them.

Factors to consider when choosing an EMF Meter

In this post, we are going to review the best EMF meters on the market at the moment. Before we delve into that, it is important that we talk about the factors you need to consider before choosing one of them. The most important factors include:

Types of Radiations Detected

Different EMF detectors are made for different types of radiation. Though there are several models that can detect most types of radiations, some are made to be used for measuring certain radiations and not others. Whether you want to measure magnetic fields from power lines, cars, and appliances; electric fields from extension cords and monitors; radio waves from cell towers; or dirty electricity in wiring, ensure that the EMF meter you are buying works for the types of radiation you want to measure.

Construction and Design

You also need to pay attention to the construction of the detector you want to buy. You need a device that is well-built with the right material for durability. Depending on the environment you are going to be using the device, you may need a detector that can withstand adverse conditions. You also need to determine whether you want a single axis meter or a tri-axis meter. In terms of design, you may want a device that is portable. Again, this may be dependent on how you plan to use it.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

Accuracy is an important factor to consider when shopping for an EMF detector. You need an EMF meter that can accurately detect the level of radiation in any environment you are using it. Unless the device has high accuracy, it is almost useless to you. Sensitivity is another issue you must never joke with when it comes to EMF meters. It will generally depend on what you want to use it for but a detector that can pick even faint signal is better.

User Friendliness

EMF detection shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. You need a device that will make it as simple as possible. It is important, therefore, that you find an EMF meters that is user friendly. It shouldn’t be difficult to take a reading with the device. You should also consider the display and how convenient it will feel to read from it.

Other Important Features

There are few other features of an EMF meter you must consider before making your final decision. Such things as range, power source, size and weight, audio alarm settings, wireless connectivity, clock settings and others will matter when you are using the device. Make sure everything is okay with you before buying a particular device.

Below are the top ten EMF meter detectors on the market right now.

Top 10 Best EMF Meters

1. TriField TF2

TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

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This is our top choice for many reasons. It is an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter, and radio power density meter all put into a single unit. It is a highly efficient device that will detect all three types of EMF pollution. It has a unique feature that lets it handle standard AC readings and weighted readings. It has a 3-axis head, meaning that the device will quickly read EMF radiations no matter the orientation.

One of the most important things about the TriField TF2 is the fact that it is super-easy to use, even though it has so many features. All you need to do is turn the knob to the type of field you need to measure. The large LCD is also perfect for clear accurate reading. It comes with a good 9V alkaline battery with battery level indicator.

2. EMFields Acoustimeter AM-10

EMFields Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter Bundle

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This is a versatile EMF meter that offers widest measurement range that covers the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies. It is also sensitive down to 0.02 V/m. It measures the peak and average reading at the same time, ensuring that you get accurate measurement at all times.

This versatile EMF detector is easy to use. It has the perfect display for a device of its type: LEDs update rapidly, letting you find EMF hotspot while the LCD display offers clear and accurate readings. The device also comes with an internal speaker; you can also choose to listen to the pulsing audio signal through headphones with adjustable volume levels. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries (included), and also comes with extra batteries and case.

3. Meterk MK08

Meterk EMF Meter

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This is a handheld digital LCD detector that can be used indoors and outdoors to test and measure electromagnetic radiations. With its single axis inductive head, this mini meter is most ideal for home use. It is very efficient at measuring radiations of TV, induction cooker, refrigerator, computer, and other such appliances. It has high accuracy level of ±5%. It works on 30 Hz to 300 Hz.

The Meterk MK08 electromagnetic field radiation detector is easy to use. It has a large LCD that will display clear values for easy reading. It has a sound-light alarm that will quickly notify the user when the radiation level in any particular area exceed safe level. The device can be powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). Though it is a very little device, it is highly rated by confirmed users.

4. GQ EMF-390

Advanced GQ EMF -390 Multi-Field EMF Meter

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This is an interesting EMF detector with lots of features that will make using it fun. Another interesting thing – it is a lot more affordable than other products in its class. It is ideal for home use as well as for scientific applications. It is efficient in detecting different kinds of radiations including power line, cell phone, Wi-Fi, Microwave and the rest. With its 3-axis head and spectrum power analyzer (bonus feature), it will be efficient for most radiations you will want to measure.

Some of the other features you will like about the device are the built-in audio and visual alert, the built-in flash memory for real-time data logging with timestamp, a free PC software that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and more. In spite of all the important features it offers, the advanced GQ 390 EMF detector is easy to use. It integrates easily with other devices too. It has a strong internal rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V battery.

5. LATNEX MG-2000T

LATNEX EMI Magnetic field gauss Meter detector MG-2000T

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A triple axis EMF detector, this is a professional meter that is designed to measure radiation in different settings. It can efficiently cover wide spectrum ranging from 30 Hz to 2000 Hz. The three internal orthogonal sensors are very efficient at measuring different types of radiations, irrespective of measurement angle.

The MG-2000T is easy to use. It offers users quick and effective way to measure all kinds of radiations at home, near power lines and in industrial areas. It has a 4 digits Triple LCD display. It is also an affordable EMF detector. Some of its interesting features include auto range/manual range select modes, data logging capacity, time and calendar function, low battery indicator, and over load display.


LATNEX HF-B3G Triple Axis Power Meter Analyzer and EMF detector

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This is another powerful device from LATNEX that is capable of monitoring radio frequencies and electromagnetic field strength. The device can measure in the frequency range of 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz. For RF range, it can cover 38mV to 20V/m. This device, which is sturdily built, has a wide range of application. It can be used for RF power measurement for transmitters, mobile phone base station antenna, cellular/cordless phone radiation safety, and personal living environment EMF safety.

The most important thing about this detector is the fact that it is highly reliable. It can also be operated by experts and beginners alike. Beginners guide is available for download once you buy this device. It may take a little while to learn to use it but once you do, it will become a lot easier.


DAS Distribution MEL-8704R-REM-ATDD EMF Meter

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This is a complete device that will let you monitor so many things including AC/DC and ambient temperature changes in any environment. It is a great device to invest in if you are concerned about radiation levels in your home or workplace. It is a very sensitive device that will help you to stay safer. It includes ATDD Hot and Cold Spot detection audible alarm circuit.

Like most other EMF meters in this list, the MEL-8704R is easy to use. It has all the necessary features to make accurate measurement of EMF radiations quick and efficient. Some of its most interesting features include red night view backlight display with on/off button; manual baseline correction and auto mute; as well as LED indicator and audio indicator with ascending/descending tones.

8. K2 KII BL

K2 KII EMF Meter Deluxe

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This is a legendary EMF meter that is ideal for use in all kinds of settings. It is best known as the perfect tool for paranormal research and such things as ghost hunting. One of the most remarkable things about this device is the design. It is a sturdy detector with the ability to find potentially harmful high EMF levels in an instant. It is also portable, meaning you can get it straight out of your pocket and take readings anywhere.

This reliable K2 BL EMF meter is super responsive and easy to use at any time. It has an easy to read colored LED light scale that makes accurate reading possible in day light or darkness. There is also an UV reactive label that will light up under UV lighting.

9. Meterk MK54

 Meterk Handheld Mini Digital EMF Meter

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This is a reliable instrument that can be used for detecting electric field and magnetic field strength in an area with ease. It is also capable of detecting abnormal temperature changes. Though it is a very small device, it boasts of high sensitivity and performs better than many bigger devices. It can detect all kinds of EMF radiations and works with a wide range of frequencies. It features a sound-light alarm that will warn you when radiation is above safety level.

This handheld mini digital LCD detector will be easy to use once you become familiar with it. With the intensity bar graph display, you will know immediately when things are not right. It is also easy to read the accurate measurement you will obtain from this device. It comes with 3 AAA batteries, which add value to the package.

10. KKmeter KK18

KKmeter Digital LCD Handheld Radiation Meter

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One of the most affordable EMF meters you can find anywhere, this is not a pushover when it comes to the most valuable electromagnetic field radiation detectors. It is perfectly made for personal use and will accurately measure the radiation and temperature from such home appliances as TV, AC, induction cooker, computers, refrigerator, electrical wires and more.

With several impressive features, the KKmeter KK18 handheld meter measures within the bandwidth of 30 Hz to 300 Hz. The accuracy level is ±5%, which is impressive for a device of its kind. There is a safe range feature that will alert you once the radiation level in an area exceed safe range. Backlight, manual/auto shut off, save value setting, and mutation function are other features that may interest you. Other reasons to choose this affordable EMF meters include the multi-language user manual and 24 months warranty and & technical support.


If you want an EMF meter, it is important that you invest in a reliable one. There are some important factors you need to consider when sifting through the numerous models on the market, and we have discussed some of them here. We have also gone further to review the best ten EMF detectors that are available at the moment. These products were carefully selected so you should buy with confidence.