8 Best Keychain Hidden Cameras

When it comes to hidden cameras, there are lots of options to consider. Depending on the area of application, picture frame hidden cameras and button camera can be great. If you want a spy camera that you can take anywhere and conceal in the most effective manner, a keychain camera will be the right one for the purpose.

What makes keychain spy cameras so special?

The most important thing about this type of spy cameras is that they do not look anything like cameras. They look every bit like standard keychains but have top quality cameras embedded in them. To record whatever you need at any location in the most discreet manner, you can hang these cameras on your neck and get top-quality video of any situation with minimal risk of being found out.

Buyer’s Guide

Like every important device on the market, keychain spy cameras are of different types. Though the product is not the most popular thing on the market at the moment, there are different companies producing their own models, and you can’t expect all of them to be of top quality. Buying a good one is important, however, and you will have to put in some effort to get that. To make things easier for you, we have researched extensively to choose the best keychain spy cameras on the market for you. We will review these top products and offer a link to get the one of your choice at the best possible price.

Factors to consider before choosing a keychain spy camera

Though we have done the bulk of the work for you by finding the best keychain spy cameras available at the moment, you need to know the most important things to consider when choosing one. Here are some factors you must consider so that you won’t regret your choice:


This is basically how many pixels your spy camera can display on the screen. It is an important factor in the quality of video you can obtain with the keychain spy camera. If you want the spy camera for something serious, you need to invest in one with high resolution so that you will get detailed images. It is important that you buy one that is capable of high definition (HD) recording.

Night Vision

It is very likely that you will need to use your hidden camera at night. Since you wouldn’t want the images you will capture to look blurred, you need a spy camera that has night vision capabilities. Most manufacturers embed infrared lights in their spy cameras to illuminate the field of vision as they record events stealthily. Infrared is not visible to the naked eye but they will help you to get clear videos at nighttime.

Recording Time/Battery Life

You also need a keychain spy camera that can record for hours at a time. It will not be funny for your camera to run down and fail to record the most significant times in an event that you need to cover fully. The recording time is normally dependent on the battery capacity of the spy camera and other features it supports. It is important you have an idea of how long a particular camera can last you after a single charge before you buy it.

Memory Capacity

Most keychain spy cameras store the files they record directly to an SD card. The memory capacity of the SD card the camera can support is very important too. Though you can easily share the file from a spy camera to your computer, it is important that you use a camera with a meaningful memory space that will accommodate long hours of recording.

Motion Detection Feature

This is another important feature that will help you to capture important moments and conserve memory space at the same time. It is a special feature that will let the keychain spy camera stay idle to conserve battery and memory space when nothing is going on, and power on to record once it detects movement in its field of view.


Generally, keychain spy cameras are not built to last for years. It is still important, however, that you consider some features that will make it to last a little long such as waterproof casing to make it tolerate wet conditions.

Top 8 Best Keychain Spy Cameras

Below are the top 8 keychain spy cameras on the market right now.


SPYFINDER PRO Hidden Spy Camera Detector

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This is a little camera that looks just like any normal car key. It is an extremely portable device that allows you to quickly identify and locate a hidden camera by using an array of ultra-bright LEDs. It can be used anytime and anywhere due to a number of impressive features.

Another thing that makes this little camera endearing is the fact that it is easy to operate. To operate the SpyFinder Pro you activate the array of ultra-bright LEDs by pushing the button one time. Some of the most important features that granted this device a place among the best keychain cameras are long detection range, light controller, ability to find both wireless and wired cameras, able to identify both working and non-working cameras and its strong battery life.

2. BrightTea Mini DVR 808

BrightTea Mini DVR 808 V3 Lens D Car Key Chain Micro Camera

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This is another good-looking spy camera that will never raise any suspicion. It is the third version of this model and has so much to offer asides from its good look. Like other great spy cameras, it has motion detection feature that makes it start recording automatically once motion is detected. The quality of the video will be great too since it is an HD 720P Pocket Camcorder.

This mini keychain camera is ideal for different situations. It is also easy to use. It can easily be connected to any computer via USB 2.0: no form of drive is required. It has a micro SD card slot and will support up to 32GB. It also has TV output with video only function as well as audio volume control and mute to save battery life.

3. MATECam 808

MATECam 808 1080P Keychain camera

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This is a portable DV sport action camera that will let you capture important videos without being noticed. It is among the most advanced mini cameras on the market with impressive spec and amazing feature set. With it, you will get high resolution images that can be used as you desire. It also offers three different modes including photo camera, manual record, and motion detection video. The motion detection function lets you record automatically when the camera detects movement in its field of vision – this will help you record important moments stealthily and conserve your battery life too.

This tiny keychain camera can be used as a TV monitor or as a web cam. The battery life is another thing that will interest you. The high capacity polymer battery 250 mA can serve for up to 60 minutes continuous recording, and it is changeable.

4. Lawmate IPV-RC200HDW

Lawmate IPV-RC200HDW Key Chain Camera

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This is another hidden camera that offers a lot in terms of smart functionalities. Like all great cameras on this list, it offers an impressive HD 1080P resolution which records top quality video with the right details. It also offers direct storage to SD card up to 32GB (included in the package).

The Lawmate IPV-RC200HDW Key Chain Camera can be paired with your smartphone for enhanced functionality. All you have to do is download the free app and launch on your smartphone. The micro-USB connection offers an easy way to connect with other gadgets and can also be used for charging the device. The rechargeable 650 mA high polymer battery can offer a little over an hour of continuous recording.

5. Meiyiu Creative Car Key Mini Camera

Meiyiu Camera Creative Car Key Mini Camera

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This is a wireless 1080p Mini car key camera that you can use to record top quality videos discreetly. With its size and unique shape, this camera is easy to carry about without being discovered for what it truly is. It also has the right features to perform optimally at all times. It is an HD camera that will let you record high quality videos on SD cards up to 32GB (not included in the package). It will be effective even in high speed scene and poorly lit area.

6. Fimicc S-9

Fimicc S-9

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This is another top quality keychain camera you can get at an affordable price. It is an amazing device that you can easily carry about without anyone suspecting it. It offers a resolution with HD 720P, and will work perfectly indoors and outdoors. All videos and pictures you will take with it will be clear and great.

This Fimicc S-9 has all the amazing features you will need in any good keychain camera. Its battery lasts for about 45 min of continuous video recording and can be fully recharged through its USB2.0 in about 1 hour. The battery capacity is 170mAh, which will last satisfactorily.

7. Fannuoyi Keychain 808

Fannuoyi Keychain 808 Camera

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This is one simple little device that will perfectly fit on a bike, skateboard, or helmet. It can also be the perfect mini camera for your dashboard if you get the optional car mount and cigarette lighter adaptors. It is important to state here that this is an updated version of this camera; you can expect it to be better in many aspects. It is easier to be connected to PC/Mac now, for instance, with no software required.

One of the ways this camera has improved is the resolution. It is now a 1080P True HD recorder that will produce top quality videos and images. Like every modern spy camera, this version of the 808 supports motion detection function that will help you to record the most important moments and save some battery life too. The battery capacity is impressive at 250mA: it can offer 60 minutes recording and is changeable.

8. Lawmate PV-RC200HD2

Lawmate 1080P Covert Keychain Fob Camera PV-RC200HD2

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This is one of the spy cameras on the expensive side but it is worth every cent you spend on it if you really need a top quality spy camera. It looks perfectly like an ordinary car key but has an excellent camera that offers 1080P resolution for high quality videos and images. It offers 3-in-1 functions including video recording, photos, and webcam. Depending on what you need, you can use any of its mode to get the job done.

A highly portable camera that can be used just anywhere without being noticed, this lawmate keychain camera can contain an SD card of up to 16GB. In addition to top quality videos, you will also get high quality audio from the device.

Wrapping Up

With several models of keychain spy cameras on the market, choosing the right one will not be easy. It is important, however, that you consider the factors we briefly discussed under buyer’s guide. It is also important that you consider one of the products we have reviewed here. They were carefully picked based on some really important features that determine the values of spy cameras.