10 Best Must-have Apps for iPad Pro M2

The all-new iPad Pro M2 comes equipped with the M2 chip. This brand-new Apple Silicon chip brings speed and performance that you have never seen before. However, all that power is of no use until you have apps that will natively run on the M2 chip.

True! You cannot go about scouting through the App Store to find the apps that natively run on the new M2 chip and iPad OS 16. So, we have done the hard work for you. Here is our list of the 10 best apps for iPad Pro M2.

Best Must-have Apps for iPad Pro M2

1. Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Video editing required beefy hardware and the new M2 iPad Pro makes Adobe Premier Rush work like a charm. With easy drag-and-drop arrangement for videos, audio, photos, and graphics, this app allows seamless cropping, flipping, and mirroring of video clips.

Pan, Zoom, animated titles and overlays, color enhancement, speed adjustment – the app has all the features you will need. You can even capture videos with its integrated camera feature.

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2. Pixelmator Photo

Pixelmator Photo

Pixelmator was one of the first apps to support the M1 chip natively and now it also supports M2. This powerful photo editor has support for over 600 RAW formats and offers non-destructive color adjustments.

It can remove background objects, enhance image resolution, and offers 30+ desktop-class color adjustment options.

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3. Procreate


For aspiring artists, Procreate remains a leading creativity app. Now with native M2 support, you can use this app to notch up your creativity to the next level.

With support for ultra HD canvases, revolutionary quick-shape features, smooth & responsive smudge sampling, hundreds of brushes with customizable settings, art layering, and more, you can create inspiring masterpieces.

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4. Mint: Budget & Expense Manager

Mint Budget & Expense Manager

With rising inflation, the need for budgeting and expense management has become important. Mint makes it easy for managing your spending and financial accounts in a single place.

You can track everything such as account balances, spending, monthly expenses, credit score, and more. It can also help you to save on your monthly bills, cancel subscriptions, and even file tax returns.

The app works flawlessly on the new M2 chip!

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5. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

For those who think Mint is a bit over-the-board, YNAB is a perfect solution that helps you create a budget and identify which expenses are important and which aren’t.

It helps you save a lot so that you can pay off your debts quickly. It comes with features like real-time expense tracking, goal tracking, loan calculator, etc. The developers have recently upgraded the app with full support for M2.

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6. Day One Journal

Day One Journal Private Diary

Whether you are a writer or just someone who likes to keep life recorded and organized, Day One Journal is one of the finest digital journal apps out there.

Use this app to keep notes, ideas, and musings in order or save audio, video, and photos organized. You can even track mindfulness minutes by integrating it with the Health app.

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7. iA Writer

iA Writer

For digital nomads, travel bloggers, and writers who love and have mastered the Markdown syntax, the iA Writer is a boon. This productivity app comes with a focus mode to help you concentrate on your writing.

There are special tools available for highlighting conjunctions and nouns. There is a preview mode available to show what your finished work will look like.

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8. Notability

Need a note-keeping app with doodling capabilities? Notability is the best option for you. With full support for Apple Pencil and native M2 support, Notability allows sketching, cutting, pasting, and more.

You can handwrite instead of typing. The best part is that it supports palm detection to allow you to rest your palm on the iPad screen while your write.

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9. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

If reading books is your poison, you will love Amazon Kindle. It needs no introduction. When you buy books on Amazon, they appear on your Kindle app.

If you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can download books directly into the app. You can customize everything from font type to text size, text alignment to margin, and more! Experience the joy of reading anywhere, anytime.

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10. Codea


Codea is a fun app to learn coding on your new iPad Pro M2. You can create games and simulations using the app that contains a fully-featured 2D & 3D renderer.

With the app, you can touch your code and change colors, sounds, and images. Codea also offers complete in-line reference and intelligent syntax, and much more.

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