4 Tips to Make Android Devices Kid-Friendly

Are you searching for ways to make Android devices kid-friendly? Well, this is your chance to learn some tips and tricks to make your Android Devices safer for kids.

If you’re ready to let your kids use Android smartphones or tablets, then it is important to take into consideration the risks involved with using these devices. In general, Android devices are the easiest to use. Even a toddler can quickly open any phones or tablets with just a tap of a finger.

However, a simple tap can lead to unnecessary problems like accidentally opening a harsh video content, or opening an important file and mistakenly deleting it. These things can happen if you don’t make your Android devices at home kid-friendly.

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 tips to make your android devices kid-friendly.

Tips to Make Android Devices Kid-Friendly

1. Choose Kid-Appropriate Android Devices

There are a lot of smartphones and tables designed for adults but few for kids. In this case, if you’re planning to buy an Android device for your kids, make sure you check all the specifications that can match your kids’ necessities.

Children don’t need a highly advanced device just for communication and learning purposes. They only need basic features that they can use for learning, playing and for communicating with family members.

In addition, as a parent, you don’t have to buy them expensive gadgets. The best Android device for kids can cost around 50-100$ only.

Moreover, design and display are important features that you have to take note when buying an Android device for your kids. A 5.0 display by 150 grams is ideal for kids to hold and to carry.

2. Customize the Setting

Customizing the Setting will help make Android devices kid-friendly. If you want to lock a particular application, you can tweak it under the settings tab and hide it from your kids. This is necessary if an application can cause harm to the kids or the app is exclusive to adults only.

Additionally, some Android phones and tablets have a built-in kid-friendly interface. You can activate this whenever your kid is going to use an Android device.

3. Download Parental Control and Kid-Friendly Applications

There are many useful applications at the Android Play Store. You can try using ScreenTime, an app that can help you manage the time your kids spend on Android gadgets. This app is a good example of a parental control application.

Another great app for Kids is the Time Timer. This app can teach them time management and encourage them to do their task on time. You can set the settings according to your preference.

Furthermore, you can download applications like YouTube Kids, which filters inappropriate video contents. This app can give kids a wonderful experience in terms of video content like Disney animations and kid learning tutorials.

Moreover, social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not always kid-friendly. There are some contents on these sites that children shouldn’t see. To avoid these harmful contents, you can disable the social media apps and download a friendlier version of social media. Some of these are KidzWorld, YourSphere, Club Penguin and many more.

4. Parental Guidance is a must

Letting kids use Android devices can help them learn new things and enjoy playtime but parental guidance is still necessary.  Parents should always be there to guide their children on what to do with Android devices. In addition, they should teach their children the harmful effects of these gadgets if not used in moderation.

There is no 100% appropriate technology for kids but at least while they are using Android devices, they can learn new things while having fun. Just make sure that as a parent, you’re always there to guide them with everything.