Top 5 Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

If you’re looking for a tech gift idea for your young ones, choose from our list of the best game consoles for kids.

One of the best technology shift toward the gaming industry is the advent of console games for kids. There are many child-friendly game consoles now, which are suitable for younger generations. So, if your kid is at the age where you think they can already play games using consoles, then you’re on the right page.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 best gaming consoles for kids. Keep on reading and look for the best console that your kids may want to use for playing virtual and interactive games.

Top 5 Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

1. Nintendo New 3DS XL

Nintendo New 3DS XL

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Nintendo once again proved themselves as one of the kid-friendly gaming company in the industry today. With their latest addition to their list of gaming consoles, Nintendo 3DS XL helps parents to keep their children away from violent games.

There are many features in Nintendo 3DS that allows parents to tweak controls for the safety of their child while playing games. Nintendo 3DS XL, a larger version of Nintendo 3DS, has internet browsing capabilities, parental control features, and an amazing 3D interface. Your child can enjoy the 3D graphics without using any 3D glass. This gaming console has a long battery life and has a large selection of quality and entertaining child-friendly games.

2. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch is one of our best gaming consoles for kids. The Switch is also from the Nintendo Company and is a much better upgrade of Wii with superb additional features and capabilities.

This gaming console is a hybrid of a handheld and home gaming console where your kids can enjoy playing at home and in any place, they go. The battery of Switch can last for an amazing 7 hours. This means your kids won’t get bored on a long car ride when you’re going on a vacation. Moreover, this gaming console has a parental control setting, where you can regulate your kids’ playtime use.

3. PlayStation Vita 3G Wi-Fi

PlayStation Vita 3G Wi-Fi

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PlayStation Vita or more commonly known as PS Vita is a handheld gaming console. This device is roughly the same size as a mobile phone. It has multiple features apart from a list of exciting games.

This gaming console is better for older children. It includes social networking sites like Skype calls and Facebook. Additionally, children can also browse the internet with this device. Though this gaming console is much better for older kids, it includes a parental control feature. You can add pin locked parental controls through a dedicated application on the home screen with PS Vita.

4. Xbox One S

Xbox One S

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Xbox One S is yet another best gaming consoles for kids. This console allows active play, which is both fun and healthy for your kids.

Xbox One S has a wide selection of kid-friendly games with an additional feature of wireless controller. This means your children can play games using the included wireless controller. In addition, if you want to bond with your children, Xbox One S is a good choice. You and your children can both play interactive games at the same time.

5. PlayStation 4 Slim

PlayStation 4 Slim

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If you’re looking for a more advanced gaming console that is still best for kids, Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is your best bet. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is one of our best gaming consoles even though it is much better for older children and adults. This is because it works best for the whole family.

You can play Blu-Ray DVDs, watch photos and videos of your family together while enjoying this gaming console. PlayStation 4 Slim works like a double entertainment system at home. Your kids can play with it and you can use it to spend time with them watching good movies at home.