What to do when you get a new iPhone

When you purchase a new iPhone, you must know that there are a myriad of things you need to do before you start using it. Following all these basics steps will ensure that your experience with the phone is extremely smooth and you will not have any troubles using it.

Things you must do when you get a new iPhone

1. Install iTunes

iTunes is an integral part of any Apple device therefore installing it is necessary. Apart from storing your music, it does a lot more! Lately, iTunes comes with a number of settings that can help you manage your iPhone once it is plugged into your computer. With the help of this program, you can now have your data read and can also remove videos, apps, photos and music from your device.

2. Create an Apple ID

One of the first things you need to do when you start using your brand new iPhone is creating an Apple ID. While you can do without setting it but to use your iPhone to the fullest, this step is essential. You need an ID in order to use iTunes store and the App store. Your iPhone is of no use if you can’t download apps on it -which is why you need an Apple ID. Also known as an iTunes account, you can use it for downloading music, apps and movies. You also require this ID to use features like Face Time, My iPhone, iCloud and Find My iPhone.

3. Set Up Find My iPhone

Setting up the Find My iPhone feature is extremely important since it syncs your phone with GPS so that it can be tracked if it is lost. In case if you haven’t set this feature up, tracking your phone will be extremely difficult.  You can do this by going to iCloud on a web browser on your laptop and choosing a few settings which can make your iPhone discoverable and wipe of its data when lost.

4. Activate Unlocked iPhone

If you have purchased from a carrier, then chances are that it will be locked and will only function if that particular network’s sim is inserted into it. If you wish to unlock your iPhone, you can follow the following steps:-

  1. Open the sim tray of your phone using the pin provided in the box
  2. Enter the Micro SIM and close the tray
  3. Using your USB cable, connect your iPhone to Laptop
  4. Open iTunes and select continue
  5. Tap on ‘Activate” to complete Activation process.

5. Set Up Medical ID

As an initiative to play an important part in their customer’s health, Apple has taken the initiative by introducing the Health App and medical IDS. This is extremely helpful when you enter all of your possible health information including your past medical history, allergies and medications. In case of any accidents or sudden illness, this can help your physician in treating you if you are unconscious. You can generate this by opening the Health app and tapping the Medical ID Menu and selecting “Create Medical ID”.

create medical id iphone

6. Configure iCloud

iCloud is an all in one solution that helps in updating, syncing and storing data among Apple devices. If you have more than one apple devices and you wish to use the same data on all of them then this is necessary. iCloud can also be used in order to back up information

Enable iCloud on your phone by going to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Drive. You will now see a list of the data that can be backed up and synced.