Top 9 Office Gadgets You Should Get

Are you looking for the best office gadgets that you can use at work? Then, you have come to the right page! We have put together the best cool office gadgets you must have to improve your productivity in the office.

You spend most of your time in the office and even if you work hard, sometimes you can’t get your work done faster and easier. Don’t fret anymore. Here’s our selection of the 9 best office gadgets that can make your work easier and fun. Check our list below:

Top 9 Best Office Gadgets

1. Upright GO 2

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer

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As the day goes on, from morning until afternoon or sometimes until nighttime, your posture slumps. This is common with office workers. Since they are working a desk job, they spend most of their time sitting. This can result to back pain or worse you can have back problems over time.

To prevent this from happening, try the Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer Just place the sensor on the back of your shirt and it will vibrate when you start to slouch. A gadget that reminds you to straighten up your posture. Moreover, this gadget is wireless and you only need to sync it with your phone.

2. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

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One of the best office gadgets that you should have this year is the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. It comes with different memory capacity. You can choose from 2gb, 4gb to 8gb Pen variation.

This Smartpen can help you during meetings when you have to write a lot. It can record everything and hear everything so you won’t miss a word. In addition, you can replay lectures or meetings by tapping on your notes. This pen comes with a free echo desktop application that saves your notes and recordings to your computer.

3. FineInno Mini Vacuum Cleaner

FineInno Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you want to keep your desktop clean while working? Then get yourself the amazing FineInno Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It helps you clean your office desk and most especially your keyboard.

Using this gadget can save your precious time and keep your working space clean and neat. When you have to remove the dirt from the gadget, simply unscrew the lid and throw the dirt in the trashcan.

4. F.Dorla 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

F.Dorla 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

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If you want to conserve energy at work, then the F.Dorla 20000mAh Solar Power Bank is your best option. You can also take this device when you’re traveling to a different place for business meetings. The device is solar-powered so you don’t have to look for an electrical energy source except for the solar energy.

To use this device, simply stick the solar charging bank onto any adjacent window and let the sun and this device do the trick for you. Plug your phone and you can instantly get your battery charged.

5. Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

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When you’re too busy at work and you can’t even go to the copier section of your office, one of the best office gadgets that you can use is the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner. This device is handy and portable. It is rechargeable that uses double AA batteries.

The device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. It is plug-and-play scanner and you can scan important photos and documents in a jiffy. Additionally, it supports .jpeg format and PDF files. Moreover, you can bring this device in an out of town meetings and it can save the task of looking for bulky copier machines.

6. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

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Sometimes when you’re so much into your work that you feel tired and sleepy, you end up having coffee to keep you awake and active. However, when you’re too busy, your coffee can get cold without you realizing it. Now, there’s a great way to keep your coffee warm all the time. With the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, you can drink warm coffee anytime. You can also have other warm drinks if you want.

This mug comes with a saucer that works as the charging device. Just put the mug on the saucer and it will keep your coffee warm. In addition, you can remotely set the temperature of your coffee the way you want it.

7. Wellbe Stress Balancing Bracelet

Wellbe Stress Balancing Bracelet

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Stress at work is a very common occurrence. If you don’t do anything about it, it can affect your work performance. To prevent any consequences of stress-related work, buy yourself a Wellbe Stress Balancing Bracelet.

This is one of the best office gadgets on our list. It works by monitoring the stress level of your body. The bracelet calibrates to your behavior within a few days. Then, it will give you a real-time analysis of your stress triggers. This way, you can manage your stress easier and prevent any consequences related to it. Moreover, to use this device, download the free Wellbe app from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Synchronize it with your bracelet via Bluetooth and allow it to do its work.

8. MUJI Handy Shredder

MUJI Handy Shredder

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Most shredders are bulky and use a lot of space in the office. They are also very expensive. Now, you can get a cheap and portable shredder from Muji Company. The Muji Handy Shredder is perfect for shredding important bills or receipts. It may not be the fastest shredder but it’s very handy and portable.

Moreover, you don’t need to plug this device into an electrical outlet. It is hand operated and very easy to use. You can get this product from Amazon and it’s really affordable.

9. Cyanics Desk Organizer

Cyanics Desk Organizer

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If you want to keep your desk organized, then you can try the Cyanics Desk Organizer. It is one of the coolest and best office gadgets on the market today. It helps you organize your stuff and uses little space on your desk.

In addition, the Cyanics Organizer has a built-in 4 USB ports and has smartphone stand. You can also choose from different styles and colors. There are black and white with USB HUB or black without USB HUB and white without USB Hub variants of this device.


With the list of best office gadgets above, you can now make your work easier and more convenient. You can try any of the items on our list and we are sure that you’ll never regret buying it. Add any of these gadgets to your office arsenal and have a more productive work.