Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Check out our list of best augmented reality apps that you can use on your Android phones. If you love augmented reality, then you have come to the right page.

Augmented reality is one of the next big things in smartphone applications. Most of the applications nowadays have incorporated the use of augmented reality. You might not be aware of them but they’re already part of your everyday lives.

Here’s the list of top augmented reality apps you should know about.

Best AR Apps for Android

1. Google Translate

Google Translate app

Google translate is one of the best translator apps in the app market today. It can help you translate different languages in an instant.

The augmented reality part of Google translate can help you point your camera at a different language and translate it in real time. When you’re traveling abroad, this app is very useful to help you read signs and menus. You just have to capture the sign or menu in a different language, and Google will translate it for you.

2. Wikitude

Wikitude app

One of our best augmented reality appsis the Wikitude. Wikitude is an AR web browser that lets you scan reading materials like newspaper, magazine and other stuff. Once you scan these things, the app will show web results in augmented reality.Moreover, it can help you look for video contents about various products. In addition, the app can also help you locate places.

3. Ikea Catalog

IKEA Catalog app

If you’re planning to buy a new furniture for your house, then Ikea Catalog is a useful augmented reality app for your house interiors. You can find 300 items in the Ikea Catalog app and you can try these items in your house through AR.

If you want to try a corner lamp for your bedroom, you can try an item in the Ikea catalog app. Get a feel of how an item fits in your room.  Furthermore, you can scale the items in Ikea Catalog app and walk around a 3D room so you can actually feel the items or furniture in your house.

4. Yelp

Yelp app

Yelp is a famous social reviewing service app and it has a feature that uses augmented reality. The yelp monocle that uses your Android GPS and compass to show AR markers for nearby shops, restaurants and other businesses in real time. With Yelp monocle, you can check the ratings and reviews of other people who visited the same place. You can use the ratings and reviews to decide if you’re going to take the services of a restaurant or a shop.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat app

Included in our lists of augmented reality apps is the Snapchat. It is one of the most popular messaging channels in the app market.If you want to experience AR in connecting with your friends or loved ones, then Snapchat is your best choice. Snapchat has a wide array of filters that you can augment right on top of your face. Moreover, you can also send videos and pictures real-time with this app. Although it uses a lot of your battery, this app is fun to use.