Top 3 GPS Navigation Apps for Android

If you want to visit a particular place and you don’t know how to get there, a navigation app is your best app assistant.

Navigation app is a great buddy that you can have when you just want a joy ride or you need to go somewhere important. It allows you to search for places that you’ve never visited. Additionally, navigation apps can help you prepare a route plan for your travel beforehand. With navigation apps, you can make your driving and commuting experience better.

You can choose from a wide array of navigation apps at the Android’s Play store. Nevertheless, if you want only the best navigation apps, you can choose from our list below.

3 Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most famous and widely used navigation apps among Android users. This app comes in every android phones, you actually don’t need to download it at the Play Store.

Google Maps has a great list of features, which can make your navigation experience easier and better. You can get a turn-by-turn driving directions with voice prompts before turns and merges. You can also get live traffic updates with local information about the place or establishment you are going to visit.

Moreover, Google Maps automatically saves frequently visited locations, so you can easily access them in times of need. This also allows you to star places you find in Google Local for reference purposes. Information like address, contacts of your family and friends can also be synchronized with your Google Map. With this, you can go to their locations without any hassle.

Furthermore, if you made a mistake while driving, Google Maps can spontaneously re-route destination to prevent you from getting lost. This app from Google also offers public and walking directions apart from the usual driving directions it provides.

2. Waze

Waze app

If you’re looking for the best navigation app that has a built-in social network interface, then Waze is just right for you. Waze also comes from Google but it focuses more on the driving experience of the users.

This app has a driving community network, which makes real-time updates from drivers who actually drive in traffic. If you’re a member of the community, you can add information regarding traffic congestions, road accidents and other traffic incidents on the road.

In addition, using Waze allows you and your friends to see each other’s E.T.A. while driving to the same place. This makes your driving experience convenient especially if you’re driving in a group to same locations for vacation or business purposes. Just make sure that you are both a member of the driving community in Waze to maximize this feature.

3. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo app

The third on our list of best navigation apps is HERE WeGo, which was first used in Windows phone from Nokia. This app is almost similar to Google Maps, with features like real-time traffic updates and turn by turn voice guided directions for drivers and commuters. Nevertheless, this app offers more for Android smartphone users.

With Here WeGo, you can customize your navigation by saving places for quick directions. You can also use its built-in map creator, which allows you to modify maps as well.

HERE WeGO surpasses Google Maps when it comes to offline features. It does not offer an expiration period for offline maps, which makes it better for offline use. You can also download maps for an entire country for your convenience.

Moreover, if you’re into cycling, HERE WeGo is the right navigation app for you. It offers information on routes for the Android users who like to travel through their bicycles.