10 Tips To Get The Most out of Your Dash-Cam

These days, it makes a lot of sense to have a dash-cam mounted inside your car in order to record every details of your journey. Besides recording footages, most of these devices come with great security and other features that you are likely to miss out if you didn’t know anything about them. Well, this discussion is meant to help you discover great features that your dash-cam has to offer and what to do in order to benefit more out of it.

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Dash-Cam

1. Correct positioning of the dash-cam

where to mount dash cam

One of the most possible reason why you simply missed to record an incredible scene or produce credible evidence to prove your innocence is the incorrect mounting and positioning of the dash-cam. Well, the most important point that you should always have in mind before mounting it inside your car is that the camera should be mounted on the center of the windshield and raised. If space allows, the best place to mount the dash-cam is the rearview mirror. This will provide the cam with a wider angle of view thereby ensuring that you don’t miss a scene.

2. Instant automatic video recording

Many dash-cam starts recording when the engine is turned on shuts when the car stops. However, it is not obvious to always assume that your cam is recording provided the engine is on, because dash-cam are known not to record when the inbuilt battery is completely drained. Therefore, it is advisable to always carry out a check to ensure the cam is on before driving. If the cam doesn’t power automatically, give it some time for its battery to recharge. Don’t forget to carry out this check since the day you forget to do so may turn out to be the one you get an accident.

3. Parking monitoring surveillance

This is also another feature that many motorists don’t know whether it exist. Well, if your dash-cam supports monitoring surveillance, it means the cam will automatically turn-on and start recording in case of any slight vibration or movements. This will always ensure your car is safe if you left it parked in new state where it may become a target to thieves. Moreover, with dash cam, you can also retrieve footage of careless drivers who accidentally bumped your car on the parking lot and dashed fast thinking you won’t find them.

4. Your dash-cam can save you from traffic offense

gps enabled dash cam

Your dash-cam can save you a lot money especially if it comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and is GPS enabled. If this is the case with your cam then, you will be able to download all traffic information such as warning speed limits, zebra crossing, traffic lights or if you are driving in high traffic areas. In case you come across any of these, the cam will signal warning to ensure that you are on full alert while driving in these areas.

5. Instant upload and sharing of videos

Instant sharing, direct uploads from the dash-cam, and ease of compatibility with other Wi-Fi devices are amazing features that you should never limit yourself especially if your dash cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you can also use your smartphone to remotely control the camera. What you simply need to do is find out whether you’ll need an app to activate this function.

6. Adjustment for quality video recording

This is one of the most likely feature that you have been ignoring for a long time. With this feature, you can easily change the resolution setting to record clear HD footage. However, if you prefer high-resolution pictures be prepared to increase your storage because such recordings take big space failure to which old files will be overwritten to create more space for new footage.

7. The dash-cam is a perfect spy

So you own a logistics company or several fleets of taxi and you are worried about the security of your vehicles and dangerous driving? or you suspect your spouse is cheating and want to know whether your suspicion is true? These among so many other questions will surely be answered by looking at the recording footage or better still real-time spying from a second device.

8. Gravity sensor capability for emergency impact recording

g sensor dash cam

If you thought your dash-cam will lose the last recording of an emergency impacts or accidents, then you are very wrong. This is because most dash-cam come with G-sensor that allows the cam to detect impacts and vibrations and lock the camera to prevent loss of data. This amazing feature ensure that you have very crucial file that you can present to the law enforcement and defend yourself for any wrongdoing.

9. Wipe out the windshield to get most out of your dash-cam

wipe windshield dash cam

The presence of dust, debris, soil and other dirt on both inside and out of the windshield limits you from getting the best clarity of footage from your dash cam. Therefore, cleaning the windshield should be part of your routine check before you embark on your journey more so if you have mounted the dash-cam behind it. This will ensure dust, debris and dirt don’t limit the clarity of the footage or alter the focus of the camera to record unnecessary scenes.

10. Get a big SD storage capacity

dash cam sd card memory storage

Most dash-cam don’t come with inbuilt storage which means you have to get an external SD storage. In addition, most dash-cam record high-resolution video at 1080p that takes considerable huge amount of space. In order to ensure that you don’t lose your treasured past moment due to loping, it is advisable to have at least 16GB before the start of every journey that will give quality recording at considerable time. To ensure that the camera records quality footage fast, it is advisable to use a class 6 rated SD card. This is because storage below this reduce the speed of recording and also affect the footage’s quality.