How to Speed Up Android Phone’s Performance

Speed up your Android phone’s performance with our simple tips and tricks. In this article, you’ll learn simple and easy tips to boost your Android phone’s performance.

When you buy your Android Smartphone for the first time, everything is as fast and as good as new. Over time, your phone will slow down and you may need to learn some tips to boost Android smartphone’s performance.

Tips to Speed up Android Performance

1. Keep your Android Smartphone Updated

Always update your Android phone to its latest version. Updating to the latest version can help improve the overall performance of your Android. Google always makes it a point to develop newer versions of Android from time to time. This will ensure an optimum experience for the Android users.

When you update your phone, you can get rid of unwanted bugs, and bloatware. With this, the operating system becomes more stable and its performance becomes faster. In addition, updating your phone can remove cache files and residual app data. This means your phone won’t lag and you get to experience better Android performance.

2. Turn off Animations

To speed upAndroid Smartphone’s Performance, you need to disable your phone’s animations. Animations eat up a lot of processing power from your phone. Turning it off can boost your Android performance and speed up the processing power.

To remove the animations from your phone, you have to go to the settings menu. Click “About phone” and then tap the “Builder number” seven times. Now, you’ll see the developer version tab on our phone. Click the animation scale and tap the Animation off.

3. Disable Widgets or Decrease Widgets

Widgets can help you check and use apps on your home screen without necessarily having to launch apps from the menu. Depending on your preference, you can choose what widgets you like to put on your home screen. However, if you want to speed up your phone’s performance, it is better to reduce the widgets you use or you can disable them completely. If you do this, you can minimize the use of your phone’s system resources. This means better performance and more memory space.

4. Clear Cached Data and Remove Unwanted Apps

Clear cached data to boost your phone’s performance. Over time, your phone will accumulate data in your cache folder. You need to remove this cached data because it eats up space in your phone’s memory. To clear the cached data on your phone, go to your device storage settings. Click the cached data and clear all the cached data in your phone.

Removing unused and unwanted apps can also help speed up your phone’s performance. Tap the settings menu and click the Apps. Select the applications you don’t need and click uninstall. Doing this will clean up more memory space and speed up your phone.

If you follow the above guidelines and your phone is still not speeding up its performance, then do a factory reset. When you do a factory reset, make sure you do a backup because everything will be removed including your apps and data. Factory reset will speed up your phone and it will perform as good as new.