Make Your Own Portable Solar Mobile Charger at Home

A solar battery charger is a device that uses solar energy to charge your mobile devices. The convenience it brings along is unbeatable! Made using solar panels, our easily buildable solar charger will save electrical energy and will also charge on the go thereby keeping you connected to the world. Although you might require a few supplies to be ordered, but making a mobile charger that costs much lesser than a store bought solar charger makes up for the trouble taken. You are now just few steps away from building your very own solar charger!

Benefits of Using a DIY Solar Charger

  1. Can be built at a fraction of the original cost
  2. Easily storable
  3. Can be easily taken along anywhere
  4. Does not require any use of electrical energy

Gather Your Supplies

You will need a few simple supplies to build this charger. Most of them are available on or All the supplies can be bought really cheap for a few dollars!

The list of the things required are as follows:-

  • 6V Mini Solar Panel
  • DC 3V to 5V USB Output Charger Board
  • A charger cable
  • A plastic card which is easily bendable
  • Glue Gun /Glue
  • Soldering Iron
  • A tool for cutting

Select Your Charger Board

You can buy a DC 3V TO 5V or 12 V charger board or any other USB charger module. You can also extract this out from any old USB charger for example an iPod charger. The charger board will usually look like this.

usb mobile charger board

battery charger module

battery charger circuit

solar mobile phone charger circuit

Steps to Building Your Charger

  • First take your USB charger board and unwind it
  • Alter the length of the wires so that they can be connected to the solar panel with ease.
  • With the help of a soldering iron, merge it with the solar panel in order to make a connection properly
  • Use glue or glue gun in order to then stick the charger board to the solar panel.
  • Fold the ends of the plastic card and bend it properly to glue it as a support so that your solar panel can stand while charging.

make solar mobile charger at home

After you are done your final product will look like this.

You can now start using this charger after charging it whenever the sun is available! This can be carried along anywhere since it is light weight and has no bulky batteries attached. Use your USB cable to connect your phone to this charger. You can also connect several solar panels to the charger board if you want its power to last longer. Purchase an interchangeable USB cable in order to connect to multiple devices such from brands like Apple, Nokia, Samsung and many more!

Overall, this project might look hard but it requires very few things in order to put it together. It is fun to do and the assembling takes less than half an hour! Try it for yourself!