Full list of Counter-Strike 2 Maps so far[Updated|2023]

The highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is the latest installment in the iconic Counter-Strike series of first-person shooter video games. Developed by Valve Corporation, CS2 was announced on March 22, 2023, and is built on the Source 2 game engine. With a tentative full release planned for Summer 2023, CS2 has already created a stir among gaming enthusiasts with promises of new features and improvements over CS:GO.

Map Enhancements

Maps on CS2 are now upgraded and fully overhauled with new Source 2 tools and rendering features, which will result in cleaner, brighter, and more visually appealing environments.

  • Full Overhaul Maps: Completely rebuilt with new Source 2 tools (Example: Overpass)
  • Upgrade Maps: Improved with new Source 2 lighting (Example: Nuke)
  • Touchstone Maps: Classic maps with minor lighting improvements (Example: Dust II)

Dust 2 is currently available on the beta version for test players. While, the others are likely to come at a later date. Here is a list of all the maps we could see on Counter-Strike 2.

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Available now

Dust 2

Dust 2 is the only map available for play during the limited test of CS2. As a classic map from previous iterations, Dust 2 has been revamped and modernized with stunning visuals, while still maintaining the strategic and balanced gameplay that players have grown to love. The map, set in a Middle Eastern town, features two bomb sites and provides intense, fast-paced action for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists alike.


These are the maps that have been confirmed to be included as the beta progresses:


Set in a long-lost temple complex, Ancient combines a mix of tight corridors and open spaces, providing opportunities for close-quarters combat and long-range sniping. The map features two bomb sites, with one located in the temple’s heart and the other in an excavation area.


This map is set in the midst of an ancient Aztec ruin deep in the jungle. With its dynamic layout, players can expect a mix of both tight corridors and open areas, allowing for diverse combat encounters. Aztec’s two bomb sites are situated in the ruin’s central temple and a nearby courtyard, making it critical for teams to coordinate their tactics for success.


Baggage is a unique map designed specifically for the Arms Race game mode. It takes place in a large airport baggage handling area, with conveyor belts and stacks of luggage providing cover for fast-paced, close-quarters combat. The verticality and tight spaces make Baggage a thrilling map for players who love to be right in the middle of the action.


Set in a picturesque Italian city, Canals boasts a maze of narrow streets, bridges, and canals, creating a dynamic environment for intense combat. The map features two bomb sites, one in a historic church and the other in a bustling market square, requiring teams to adapt their strategies to the unique layout.


This map is set in a medieval European village, complete with cobblestone streets, towering castles, and a central courtyard. The intricate layout of Cobblestone offers multiple routes to the two bomb sites, promoting tactical team play and strategic decision-making.


A fan favorite from previous Counter-Strike games, Inferno is set in a picturesque Italian village. The map’s layout features narrow streets, tight corners, and two bomb sites, one in a church and the other in a wine cellar. Inferno’s complex design encourages team coordination and precise execution of tactics.


Perfect for the Demolition game mode, Lake is a small, fast-paced map set in a lakeside retreat. The single bomb site is located in the center of the map, surrounded by cabins and dense foliage, making it a battleground that favors close-quarters combat and quick reflexes.


A compact version of the iconic Dust 2, Shortdust focuses on fast-paced, intense gameplay. The map features a single bomb site, with simplified routes and fewer hiding spots. It’s an excellent choice for players looking for quick, adrenaline-pumping matches.


Overpass is set in an urban environment with a highway overpass dominating the landscape. The map features two bomb sites: one in a public park and the other in a construction area. The verticality and unique layout of Overpass create a dynamic battleground that demands teamwork and smart tactical decisions.


This classic map returns in CS2, taking players to a beautiful Italian village. With its mix of narrow streets and open plazas, Italy provides a diverse landscape for intense firefights. The map features two hostage rescue zones, making it a favorite among Counter-Strike veterans.


Another fan-favorite map, Mirage is set in a Middle Eastern city and features tight corridors, open courtyards, and a variety of elevation changes. The map includes two bomb sites, one in a palace and the other in an open market area, challenging teams to adapt their strategies for success.


Train is set in an industrial train yard and features a complex layout with multiple train cars and platforms, providing cover for both long-range and close-quarters combat. The map includes two bomb sites, one in a warehouse and the other on a train platform, demanding strategic teamwork and effective communication.


Designed specifically for the Arms Race game mode, Shoots is a compact map with a simple layout that encourages fast-paced, intense gameplay. The map features a central platform surrounded by ramps, providing constant action and close-quarters combat.


A classic hostage rescue map, Office takes place in a sprawling corporate building. The map’s design includes long hallways, tight corners, and multiple floors, creating a challenging environment for both teams. Coordination and effective communication are crucial for success in this high-stakes battleground.


Set in a nuclear power plant, Nuke is a well-known map that has been part of the Counter-Strike series for years. With its indoor and outdoor locations, multiple levels, and tight spaces, Nuke offers a diverse landscape for intense combat. The map features two bomb sites, one in the reactor control room and the other in the lower reactor area, demanding strategic teamwork to achieve victory.


Taking place at the top of a skyscraper, Vertigo is a unique map that challenges players with its height and verticality. The map includes two bomb sites, one in a construction area and the other on the rooftop helipad, making proper coordination and adaptability essential for success.


Set in an abandoned zoo, this map offers a mix of both indoor and outdoor locations, with tight corridors and open spaces for diverse combat encounters. The map features two bomb sites, one in the aquarium and the other in the main zoo building, requiring teams to think on their feet and adjust their strategies accordingly.

May come in the future

While not yet confirmed, these maps are likely to be introduced to CS2 in the future:


Canals brings players to a picturesque European city with its network of narrow streets, canals, and bridges. The map offers a blend of tight corridors, open plazas, and vertical gameplay that demands precise coordination and communication between teammates.


Cobblestone is a classic map set in a medieval European village. Featuring a combination of tight alleyways, open courtyards, and multi-level structures, Cobblestone provides diverse tactical opportunities for both attackers and defenders. The map’s intricate design and atmospheric environment make it a fan favorite.


Vertigo takes players to dizzying heights, set atop a skyscraper under construction. The map’s vertical layout and unique environment demand excellent map awareness, positioning, and teamwork to secure victory.


Office is a classic hostage rescue map set in a corporate building, featuring a mix of tight corridors, open office spaces, and vertical gameplay. The map’s layout encourages strategic planning, communication, and effective use of cover to succeed.


Lake is a smaller map set around a serene lakeside house, offering a more intimate and fast-paced gameplay experience. With its mix of open outdoor areas and tight indoor spaces, Lake demands adaptability and quick decision-making from players.


Shoots is a compact map set in an industrial environment, offering fast-paced action and intense shootouts. With its emphasis on close-quarters combat, Shoots is perfect for players looking for a quick, adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience.


Shortdust is a compact version of the iconic Dust 2 map, focusing on rapid engagements and quick rounds. This map is perfect for players looking for intense action and a more casual gameplay experience.


The diverse and engaging maps of Counter-Strike 2 are sure to provide countless hours of excitement and strategic gameplay for both new and experienced players. From classic fan favorites to fresh and innovative battlegrounds, CS2 promises to deliver an exhilarating experience that will keep players coming back for more. As the game continues to develop and expand, we eagerly await the introduction of even more thrilling maps to explore and master.