How do Increase Volume on Phone or Tablet

Smartphone and tablets have now become an integral part of our lives and it is impossible to imagine life without them as they can provide us with entertainment and information in a jiffy. However, usually smartphones and tablets have some glitches as well and one of them is volume.

Whenever you wish to place your phone or tablet at a distance so that you can listen to something when your hands are occupied or if you are in a noisy zone, your phone does not exhibit the desired volume. In this case, you can use a few tips and tricks to boost and enhance the audio.

Tips to Increase Volume on Phone/Tablet

1. Install a Volume Boosting App

If you have checked your volume settings and have set them to the maximum sound, still the sound is not enough for your listening then the next step will be installing an app that will boost your volume. There are many apps available in App store and Google Play and they will bring about a substantial increase in volume. These apps come with features like bass boost, widgets, different modes and speaker settings. Rooting or jailbreaking your phone will also help increase your volume to all the way up. However, both these methods are tricky and may have repercussions on your phone. Your phone might get bricked forever and you will not be able to use it again.

2. Reposition for Optimal Output

To extract the maximum from the phone’s in-built speakers, you must know where the speakers of your phone are located. After locating them, make sure that your phone cover is not blocking the ports. If your phone is the kind that has a speaker on the back, then place the speakers upward to ensure maximum flow of volume. You can also try increasing the volume by placing it into a cup or bowl or place the rear speaker against a hard surface for maximum sound.

3. Enhance with Accessories

There are a few cases available in the market which can enhance the sounds of your device. Speck Candy Shell Amped and Poetic Turte skin are such cases which can amplify sounds especially when you are holding the device. Sound enhancing stands or docks can also be purchased. These devices amplify sounds and redirect them toward the user. They are light and require no charging therefore they can be carried around with ease. You can also use a DAC AMP to improve sound quality and decibels.

4. Connect to Portable Speakers/Earbuds

Despite trying all options if you do not get the desired effects then you can use a portable speaker or ear buds to enhance the sound. If you find carrying around speakers a hassle then using smaller speakers is your best bet. Nano sized speakers from brands like Anker can deliver good sounds despite their size. If you would like to take your experience wireless then you can use earbuds like Apple Airpods or Bragi Dash.