How to Set up your very first new iPhone

You just bought your first new iPhone and you don’t know how to set it up. Don’t vex, in this article, we will help you in setting up your very first new iPhone.

Christmas day is over and you’ve just received your first new iPhone as a gift from your loved ones. You feel excited to use your new phone but you don’t know what to do first. On this page, you will learn the basic things you should do to utilize your new iPhone.

Basic Guidelines to set up your First New iPhone

1. Fully Charge your new iPhone

Like the other new smartphones in the market, a new iPhone needs to get its battery empty when you first get it from a shop. This means you have to use it right away to drain the battery.

When the battery is emptied, you have to charge it fully for about 3 hours. With this, you can ensure a proper calibration of your iPhone’s battery.

2. Activate your iPhone

When you start your first new iPhone, you will see a Setup Assistant. This will lead you to the process of making your iPhone exclusively yours. At first, you will need to enable your preferred Wi-Fi connection and then turn on location services.

Additionally, you will need to create a passcode or touch ID for iPhone 7 and other later versions. Since it’s your first new iPhone, you have to “Set it up as new iPhone.” Then create your Apple ID. After this, you also have to set up iCloud and you can choose to activate “Find my iPhone” feature.

3. Create an Apple ID

When you have your very first new iPhone, the next thing you should do after activating is to create an Apple ID. Creating an Apple ID allows you to use the Apple Store or iTunes. It is important to set this up because it serves as a unique identification, which lets you do great things on your iPhone.

To create an Apple ID, just go to the settings and tap iCloud. Then, create a new Apple ID. Enter your personal details and add your email address. Create a password and then agree to the terms. You can also synchronize your iCloud data with Safari, contacts, and calendars. Finally, tap OK to turn on your Find my iPhone feature.

6. Install iTunes

When it comes to your new iPhone, iTunes is much more than just a program that stores and plays music. iTunes is also a tool that lets you add and remove music, photos, apps, video, and more from your iPhone.

7. Enable Apple Pay and iCloud

The next step to set up your first new iPhone is to enable Apple Pay and iCloud services. Apple pay is the wireless payment method for iPhones. It works on iPhone 5S and other later versions. Enabling this will allow you to buy anything through your iPhone and this includes buying Apple applications.

On the other hand, iCloud is a tool that collects a lot of features, including the ability to back up your data to Apple’s servers. In addition, it enables you to re-install data over the Internet and you can also automatically sync data across devices.

To enable iCloud, just tap use iCloud while setting up your new iPhone. It will be added to the Apple ID that you entered or created in the previous step.

After the methods above, you can now customize your iPhone to your preference. You can adjust the display screen by using display zoom. This is applicable to iPhone 7 and later versions of iPhone. Moreover, you can configure the new home button for iPhone 7 and later versions. Furthermore, you can add more apps to your new iPhone. Lastly, don’t forget to learn the built-in apps of your first new iPhone. This way, you will have a better idea on how to use your new iPhone.