How to Restrict Background Activity in Android

One of the main reasons of battery drains is applications running in the background. To fix this issue, Google has included an option that will allow you to restrict background activity for certain app. Apps will not be given the permission to constantly notify locations or start new services when they are in background and are not being used.

Navigation systems and audio playback apps have been excluded from this policy as you can still play music or use Google Maps when you are multitasking on your phone. SMS inbox will also steer clear of this change even though it is a background service.

What Changes has Google Made to Help Save Your Battery?

Google has been striving to make Android’s background activity better in its last few iterations of its operating system.

Background activity limitation changes will automatically take place in Android Oreo and later versions and you will not have to change any settings if the app has been developed in sync with the newer OS. However, not every app developing company will make an extra effort in adding the code to their apps. If the app is old and cannot be developed further, then the automated limitation does not take place. You don’t have to worry since newer versions of Android gives you an option to toggle off background activity in such apps.

How to Force Stop Background Activity on Apps

If you wish to apply background activity restriction on an app, you will have to open each app. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Bring down the notification page and select the icon which opens Settings menu.

close background apps android

  • Once you have opened Settings, tap on Apps and Notifications.

 stop apps running in background androi

  • Select App Info option from the menu which will redirect you to a list of apps.

stop background apps running on android

  • Select an app you would like to restrict and then select the battery option in the menu that open.

stop background apps to save battery android

  • If the app has already been optimized, it will show a Manage Battery Usage option which is an indication of the optimization of the app.
  • optimize battery apps android

There is another option which says Background Activity. You can turn this option off to restrict activity in the background.

limit background acitivity for apps android


You can repeat this process for all the apps one by one. Although the extent to which this feature will save your battery has not been declared, but it will certainly not harm your phone. This will also exhibit an improvement in the performance of your phone.