How To Fix Pixel 7/7 Pro Battery Drain Issue

Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are great phones with powerful specs. However, the phones are not completely free of issues. Many users have already reported that both models are suffering from a battery drain issue.

If you have the same problem, this article on how to fix fast battery drain issue on Pixel 7/7 Pro will help you in troubleshooting the problem. If none of these methods help, you must take your phone to an authorized service provider for inspection and a possible resolution.

Tips to Fix Pixel 7/7 Pro Battery Drain Issue

1. Restrict Battery Usage

Restricting the battery usage of your phone can help to prolong the battery life. In the case of Android, even when you are not using your phone, all apps continue to draw battery juice. This can lead to a fast battery drain.

Here is how you restrict battery usage on your Pixel 7/7 Pro:

  • Go to the Settings app and then tap on Battery.
  • On the next screen, tap on Battery Usage.
  • On the next screen, check the apps that have consumed the maximum amount of battery.
  • When you identify the culprit app, tap on it, and then tap Restricted.

This method will restrict the battery usage for that specific app. You can repeat the process for all apps that have heavy battery consumption.

2. Turn Off Always On Display

The always-on display feature shows helpful information, like the time, notifications, widgets, etc even when your phone is locked or not in used. This can quickly drain the battery life.

To disable always on display, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Display
  • Under Lock display, tap on Lock screen
  • Scroll down and tap on Always Show time and info and toggle it Off

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

Smartphone screens are battery hogs, too! Putting your phone’s screen on maximum brightness can cause battery drain. Here is how you reduce the screen brightness on your Pixel 7/7 Pro:

  • Open the Settings app and then go to Display.
  • On the next screen, tap on Brightness level. Now adjust the slider to reduce the brightness level of your phone’s screen.
  • Tap on the Adaptive Brightness toggle button to turn it ON.

Adaptive brightness will automatically adjust the brightness level of your phone’s screen under different lighting conditions. For example, the brightness will increase when you are outdoors, and it will decrease when you are indoors. This will ensure that the screen doesn’t stay at maximum brightness always.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services are battery hogs. Turn them off when not in use. This can help you to save your phone’s battery life. To turn them off, pull down the notification center from the top of your phone’s home screen and then tap on each icon to turn them off.

5. Uninstall Corrupt Apps

If the battery drain issue has appeared after you have installed certain apps, it may be possible that one of them is draining the battery. Using the method above you can identify the apps with maximum battery consumption and then uninstall them completely.

Here is how you uninstall an app on your Google Pixel 7/7 Pro:

  • Open the application drawer.
  • Find the application and then tap and hold the icon for 2-3 seconds.
  • Now open the app settings from the shown options.
  • On the app settings screen, tap on the Uninstall button.

Once you remove the corrupt app, the battery drain issue should be fixed.

6. Force Stop the Corrupt App

If you have identified that a certain app is draining the battery, the wise thing to do is to uninstall it. However, if you need the app, you can force-stop the app for the time being. Once you force-stop an app, it will stop all background activities, including power consumption.

Here is how you force stop an app on your Pixel 7/7 Pro:

  • Open the settings app and then tap on Apps
  • Then tap on See All Apps.
  • Now, find the corrupt app from the list and tap on it.
  • On the next screen, tap on ‘Force Stop.’

7. Install Pending Updates

Software updates are often meant to fix different bugs including battery usage bugs. It is wise to check for available software updates and install them.

Here is how you do that:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Find and tap on System.
  • On the next screen tap on System Update.
  • If updates are available, your device will show that.
  • Download and install the update.

Once the update is done, check your phone’s battery usage.