How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 prides in being a powerful and lavish phone that satisfies your technology needs. It has a handy S- Pen with aesthetic beauty providing the best Air Action gestures combined with professional practicability.

The integration of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen with external applications may interfere with its functionality, thus preventing it from working correctly.

The S-Pen’s numerous features have made it a well-beloved accessory hence making it susceptible to malfunctions.

How to fix S-Pen problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Let us check out the possible things that you can do.

Causes of S-Pen Problems

The S-Pen malfunction may be affected by various external factors like purchasing of screen protectors or faulty cases from unauthorized third parties.

Such products change the way S-pen works due to lack of Samsung quality parameters. Moreover, the tear and wear of the Pen tip may prevent it from working correctly.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may experience system bugs that may affect the functionality, or even a software update may prevent the pen from working.

1. Perform a Soft reboot Samsung Galaxy Note 10

To quickly fix the S-Pen malfunction problem reboot your phone.

  • Press and hold on the power button located on the side of your phone and tap reset. Within a short period, your phone will reboot, and maybe your S-Pen problem will be gone.
  •  Also, you may opt to go to the Settings, then to Device Maintenance and tap on the 3-dots located on the top corner and click on the Auto Restart.
  • For the weekly reboot of your phone, choose the day and time you want the process to take place. You may opt to select Tuesday at 4 pm, this way the phone will automatically reboot hence ensuring your S-Pen performances at its best.

2. Wipe out the Cache Partition of your Note 10

Sometimes your Note 10 S-Pen may not work correctly due to cached data stored. Such data may corrupt the phone’s dedicated partition, causing various issues to the phone. To eliminate such possibility, you need to wipe out cache partition from your phone using the recovery mode.

  • Turn off your note 10
  • Press and hold Up the Volume, the Power and Bixby key all together
  • When you see the display of the Android Logo release the three keys
  • You will receive an installing system update message shortly before the disappearance of the Android system recovery menu
  • Press down the Volume key several times until it highlights the wipe cache partition
  • Press the power key to select
  • Press down the Volume key for highlighting the yes answer and the Power Key to select the answer
  • Once the wipe cache partitions complete you will receive the Reboot system option
  • Press on the Power Key and restart your device

3. Remove Your Phone Protective Case

Most of the third-party protective cases do have some magnets and metals that interfere with the S-pen and Galaxy note 10 connection. Such externals metals and magnets may leave your screen with blank spots and removing the protective case may solve the connection problem.

4. Remove the Screen protectors

Some the third-party screen protectors may prevent the S-Pen from working correctly due to their thickness. This prevents the S-Pen tip from being detected. Also, the screen protectors may be sensitive to the usage of hard rubbery found in S-Pen. And the surface may become uneven thus affecting the way the stylus drags and work on the screen.

5. Replace Your S-Pen Nib

To replace the worn-out and old nib of your Samsung note 10, you need to

  • Firmly hold the S-Pen nib using tweezers and then remove it
  • Then press the new nib with the tips of your fingers and insert it into your S-Pen

S-Pen Precautions

  • Avoid reusing the old nibs since they can use malfunction
  • Don’t press the nibs very hard or excessively when adding it
  • Avoid inserting the nib round end into the S-Pen since it may damage the device and also the stylus
  • Avoid bending or applying excessive pressure when using the S-Pen it may become deformed or damaged
  • When water enters your S-Pen slot, shake your device gently to remove the water before using the slot again

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen provides you with an unparalleled experience. It has an elegant and unibody design that enables you to follow your movements and keep you well engaged. Keep it safe and always protect it from damage to experience powerful clicks and actions.