How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Drain Issue

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best Android smartphones of recent times which is endowed with exceptional features like Bixby voice and a HD camera. Although Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a strong battery that will last long but like most phones, over a period of time you can experience battery drain with this as well. Following a few tips and hacks can help you save a substantial amount of battery.

Tips to Fix Battery Drain Problem on Galaxy S8

1. Turn off Resolution

Using 2000 resolution is not a necessity at all times. Reducing it is one quick measure you can take for the effective use of power on your phone. When the phone is on its full resolution, it leads to a major battery drain. Keeping your Galaxy S8 and S8+ on a Full HD+ I.E. 2220 is sufficient to save you some battery.

2. Enable Power Saving Mode

Galaxy S8’s power saving mode is its most spectacular feature which can do a lot for your battery’s life. You can find this mode in the Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery. There are two separate modes present under power saving mode namely the Mid Mode and the Max Mode. The Mid Mode lowers brightness, switches off network usage in the background and reduces the resolution to 2220*1080. The Max mode sets resolution to 1480*720 and minimizes CPU performance to 70%. Customizing is also allowed so that the mode turns off the Always on Display option.

You can also switch on the Power Saving Mode through Quick settings. When that happens, the Mid mode is switched on automatically. However, you can turn on the Max mode if you want longer battery saving.

3. Toggle off  WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

If you wish to save a substantial amount of battery, then toggling off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is essential. In addition to this, you can also turn down Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning which is used to support location services. Turning off on both these features can save your Galaxy S8’s power to a large extent.

4. Use a Dark Wallpaper

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 uses an OLED OR AMOLED one. The most special feature of this type of display is that it displays black pixel without power. Due to this technology, a screen that displays a black background will make the battery last longer. Therefore, it is better to select a black wallpaper in order to save more power.

5. Switch Off Always on Display

Shutting off always on display is a good idea when you want your Galaxy S8’s battery to last longer. As the name suggests, this feature prolongs your display time by displaying slightly black images. But it also continues to use up a fair percentage of battery. Therefore, it is better that you use it when your phone is plugged in.

6. Use a battery pack

With continuous usage, the battery of your Galaxy S8 becomes weaker and all of the above tricks will not help you extensively after a point of time.  In order to obtain the maximum power out of your phone, it is better to use a battery pack or a battery case.