How to Fix Galaxy S22 Wireless Charging Issue

The invention of wireless charging is a lifesaver. Although it is a little bit inefficient compared to wired charging, at least now, we don’t have to rummage through our stuff to find the right charger.

The Galaxy S22 series comes with both wired and wireless charging facilities. However, a lot of the users have reported that the wireless charging is not functioning properly.

Why Is It Happening?

Here are some reasons why the wireless charger may be malfunctioning:

  1. You haven’t placed the phone properly on the charger pad.
  2. You have connected headphones or some other accessory to your phone while charging.
  3. You are using some phone case, cover, or protector which is not compatible with the charger.
  4. The wireless charger or the adapter is damaged.
  5. There is outdated software present in the device.

Here are some things that you can do if your charger is not working properly.

Tips to Fix Galaxy S22 Wireless Charging Issue

1. Check For Damages in The Cable and Power Adapter

Whenever there is any issue related to charging in any phone, a damaged cable or adapter is responsible. The current needs to reach from the power supply to the phone properly.

So, the very first thing to do is to make sure that these components are working fine. Plus, there is the issue of compatibility. Only use the charging cable and adapter that has come with the wireless charger.

2. Check the Wireless Charging Port

If you see that the charging cable and the power adapter are working fine, check the port. It is possible that some dirt or debris has accumulated in the port, which is causing the charger to not work properly.

Clean off the charging port using a toothpick. Make sure that you don’t scrape it too hard as it can permanently damage the port.

After scraping off the dirt, dampen a bit of cotton with isopropyl alcohol and wrap it around a toothpick. Then, wipe off the interiors without damaging anything. This will ensure that the dirt present within the charging port is cleaned off completely.

Then, use a piece of dry cotton and give the port another gentle wipe.

3. Ensure That Wireless Charging is Enabled

If you see that your phone isn’t charging wirelessly at all, see if it is enabled in the first place. Maybe you had disabled the option of fast charging by mistake.

Go to your device settings and tap on Device Care. Then, go to Battery, then to Charging.

Toggle the Fast wireless charging to on in case it is turned off.

4. Disable Fast Cable Charging

Say you put your Galaxy S22 on the wireless pad and see that it is not charging continuously. You observe that the charging is turning on and off continuously. This happens in Samsung Galaxy S22 and some other devices since they have the option of fast cable charging enabled.

Whenever these two options are enabled, your device switches between fast cable charging and fast wireless charging. This creates a conflict, and your phone doesn’t get charged properly.

Just like the previous suggestion, go to the Charging page after going to your device settings. From there, toggle fast charging to off.

If you mostly charge your phone using the wireless charger, then you can keep fast cable charging turned off. In case you don’t have the wireless charger nearby, toggle it back on.

5. Place The Phone Properly

The phone needs to be in contact with the wireless charger properly to start charging the battery. There may be times in which a slight movement or misalignment between the phone and the charger pad can cause an interrupt in the wireless connection.

So, when you are placing your phone in the charging pad, ensure that you are placing it in the right place. Keep the phone in the center of the charging pad.

6. Remove Any Case, Skin, or Protector That You Have Attached to Your Phone

How a wireless charger basically works is that it sends magnetic fields from the charger to the phone, which, in turn, charges the battery.

Now, if something comes between the pad and the phone and hampers the intermission, then your phone will not work properly.

That is why you should remove any case or skin that you have attached to the back of your device when you are charging your phone wirelessly. If you want to use a protector for the glass back, use protectors that are compatible or authorized by Samsung.

7. Disconnect Any Accessories Present

If you have headphones or some other accessory connected to your phone, maybe that’s what is blocking your phone from charging wirelessly. See if removing them allows your phone to charge properly.

Also, try to avoid using the phone when it is charging wirelessly so that there are no interruptions.

8. Use Chargers Approved by Samsung

Compatibility is something that needs to be considered for a charger to work properly. If you are using a third-party charger, maybe it is responsible for all your problems.

When you buy a wireless charger, make sure that Samsung has approved it, or it supports Qi wireless charging.

9. Reboot The Device

There have been instances where some random system malfunction causes several problems for a smartphone. One of them can be wireless charging functionality.

So, if you see that your wireless charger is not working, try rebooting the device. This restarts any essential services that were malfunctioning or had crashed. After your phone has rebooted, see if it is working properly.

10. Wiping The System Cache

If your system cache gets corrupt, this can affect your wireless charging. While this is not true in many cases, it’s something worth trying. Plus, wiping out the system cache will not delete any data or harm your device.

To wipe your system cache, you need to go to recovery mode. Turn off the phone at first.

Then, hold the power and volume up buttons together. As soon as you see the Samsung logo, release the power button but keep on pressing the volume up button till the phone boots into recovery mode.

From there, use the volume buttons to navigate the menu. Once you find the option to clean the system cache, use the power button to confirm the action.

Once the device has cleaned its cache, reboot the device and see if the wireless charger works fine or not.


If none of the techniques mentioned above works, then it means it is not possible for you to fix this issue. It is better to take your phone and wireless charger to your nearest authorized Samsung service center.