10 Best UV Flashlights

Ultraviolet flashlights may look like regular flashlights but they are different in many ways. Simply referred to as UV flashlights, these gadgets emit ultraviolet radiation, a light spectrum that is smaller than the visible light wave bands. Though they are not everyday torches, UV flashlights are applicable in so many situations, especially when there is need to see hidden objects. This makes them very useful for such professionals as crime investigators, home inspectors, professional cleaners and others. Personal use of these special flashlights is also becoming common since many have come to understand how helpful they can be. From checking out dirt in your carpet and flooring to spotting dangerous insects like scorpions during trekking trips, UV flashlights can be helpful in so many ways.

Thinking of buying a UV Flashlight? We’ve put together a list of top 10 best UV Flashlights you can buy today. Read on.

Top 10 Best UV Flashlights

1. Streamlight 66149 Stylus Pro

Streamlight 66149 Stylus Pro

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This is perfect for individuals that want a powerful UV flashlight that they can easily slip into their pockets. As the name implies, it is a very small gadget that you can conveniently carry with other devices as you head out for adventures or other important activities. It can also be used at home and for professional applications. It is a super bright UV LED 400nm torch that works perfectly in indoor and outdoor settings.

Another wonderful thing about this small device is the fact that it is well built. It has a very durable body that protects it from scratches and serious impacts. It is also equipped with 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery that can work for several hours after a full charge. Other accessories you will get include USB Cord and Nylon Holster.

2. Streamlight 66148 Penlight

Streamlight 66148 Stylus Pro USB UV Rechargeable Penlight

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This is a highly valuable UV flashlight that is ideal for use in several real world applications. It features 400nm ultraviolent LED with 325 mW measured system output. This is one of your very best options if you are going to be using your flashlight frequently. It is a well-built and reliable penlight that will perform on a consistent basis and under different conditions. It is made of corrosive and water resistant, machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with Type II MIL-Spec anodized plating, as well as unbreakable and scratch resistant lens.

The Streamlight 66148 Stylus Pro UV penlight is perfect for use in all industries, as well as for home/personal use. With fully regulated output, you will be sure of consistent UV performance over the battery life. It is powered by a lithium ion battery that can put out strong beam for more than 6 hours. The package comes with an AC adapter, a USB cord, as well as removable pocket clip and tear resistant nylon holster.

3. TaoTronics TT-FL002

TaoTronics Black Light, 51 LEDs UV Blacklight with Free UV Sunglasses

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This is one of the UV flashlights that are most applicable in homes. There are so many reasons to choose this ahead of others. For a start, it is actually features 51 powerful and bright LEDs bulbs. This means you will be able to cover more areas when using this flashlight. It emits radiation in the 395nm spectrum, which is great in indoor and outdoor environment for spotting hidden things. It is great for fluid detection.

This TaoTronics UV flashlight is built to last: it has a compact body that is made from top-quality aluminum alloy. Its high quality LEDs are also very durable with lifespan of 15 years. It also has a pocket-friendly design. The device is powered by three long-lasting AAA alkaline batteries (included) that can last up to three hours. The package also comes with a pair of free UV protective yellow glass.


LOFTEK UV Flashlight Black Light

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This is a very affordable UV flashlight from a reliable manufacturer that you can trust for top performance at all times. It is a well-built ultraviolet flashlight that can be used for a variety of purposes including home inspection, pet stain detection, scorpion and insect hunting, and other activities. It is a potent inspection tool that is equipped with 51 UV LED bulbs that emits 390 to 395 nm wavelength light that will help you see the unseen. The lifespan of the UV bulbs is approximately 100,000 hours which is impressive for the price you will pay.

The LOFTEK UV Flashlight is a well-built device. The body is made of top quality aluminum alloy with silicon O-rings for water resistance. It requires 3 AA batteries (not included) that can last for hours. It weighs just 7.2 ounces and is very easy to carry about.

5. Escolite 00F-51UV

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light 51 LED 395 nM

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This is one of the cheapest options out there but it is a very good UV flashlight for personal use. It is most ideal for use in the home or hotels for spotting stains and detecting dried pet urine and other little things that make the home uncomfortable or dirty. It is a lightweight device that is very easy to use.

This Escolite UV Flashlight features 51 durable and high quality LED bulbs that emit ultraviolet light at 395nm wavelength. This is plenty of power to get the job done, especially in indoor environment. It can be very helpful for campers too in detecting dangerous little things like scorpions. This cheap UV flashlight can also be used to authenticate currency, driver’s license, and other official documents. The most significant selling point of this device may be affordability but it is also great, performance-wise.

6. Lighting EVER LE 9LED

Lighting EVER LE Small UV Flashlight

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This is a portable and highly affordable UV flashlight that can be very valuable for personal use. It is an ultra-compact torch that features 9 LED with 395nm of power for use in different settings. It is efficient in such tasks as detecting pet urine anywhere around the indoor space, authentication of ID cards and other official documents, as well as spotting dangerous bugs like scorpions in the dark with ease. It is quite versatile and offers lots of value considering the price.

This compact LE UV flashlight is made of sturdy and durable aluminum alloy. This makes it a very strong little torch that can survive serious impact. It runs on 3 x AAA batteries (included) that can last several hours.

7. OxyLED 51 UV

OxyLED UV Flashlight Black Light

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This is a large UV flashlight that performs excellently under different conditions. It features 51 UV LEDs and emits 395nm wavelength light that can be used for different purposes ranging from forensic investigation and document authentication to spotting of dangerous insects and small stains. This is a very reliable UV flashlight that will work under different conditions. It has an impressive bulb life of 100,000 hours. It is also easy to use with the simple push ON/OFF button.

The OxyLED UV Flashlight is a durable product. It is built with rugged, machined aluminum alloy with O-rings. It is shock and water resistant. For power, it requires 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included) that can run for approximately 20 hours. It is really a great option to try considering that it comes with 30 days money back guarantee, 12 months replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

8. Streamlight 51045

Streamlight 51045 Twin-Task 3C Battery Powered UV LED Flashlight

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This is our top pick for so many reasons. It features the latest in cutting edge LED technology as well 3 lighting modes, making it one of the most versatile UV flashlights available. There is a total of six 390nm UV LEDs that supply ample UV light for an array of tasks including forensic investigation, detection of fraudulent documents, detecting engine and HVAC leaks, detecting pet stains and several others. Whether you intend to use this flashlight for personal or professional application, it will tick all boxes.

The Streamlight 51045 Twin-Task 3C UV flashlight is a dependable and economical UV flashlight. It doesn’t require periodic replacement of the LED bulbs as it offers long lifespan. It is also well-built and will survive drops and accidents. It requires three C size alkaline batteries (not included) to power it; and these batteries can last 27 to 81 hours, depending on the LED being used. Other impressive features include machine aluminum case, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and IPX4 rating for water resistant operation. It is also affordable and cost-effective.

9. Nitecore CU6 Chameleon

Nitecore CU6 Chameleon Series Primary UV Flashlight

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Nitecore has a reputation of producing top quality gadgets and this UV flashlight is not an exception. It is one of the best options you can get when you need a powerful UV flashlight that can be used for different tasks. It offers as much as five different light sources including blue, green, red, white, and UV. It can be used for several activities from crime investigation to home cleaning and nighttime hunting. It is also very easy to operate, thanks to its dual switch.

Like most other Nitecore products, this versatile UV flashlight is well-built. It is a very durable device that can handle serious impact. This compact flashlight is also lightweight, making it easy to be carried about. It requires 2 CR123A batteries (not included) for power; the battery can last several hours depending on the light source being used. The valuable package includes quality holster, clip, tactical ring, lanyard, spare tail cap, and spare O-ring.

10. Pocketman SK68

Pocketman SK68

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This is an affordable UV Flashlight that can help individuals keep their homes cleaner. It is most useful for pet owners who want to keep their homes cleaner and their pets happier. With this handheld ultraviolet torch, you stand a better chance of having a house free of pet stains, and keeping your pet stuffs free from stains. It is also ideal for such other applications as security, hunting, identification of authentic documents, and outdoor recreational activities.

The Pocketman SK68 features 396nm UV-Ultraviolet LED that emit up to 300 lumens of long wave ultraviolet light in different environments. It is also solidly constructed with water resistant design & a steel clip. It is powered by a single AA battery (not included) that can keep beaming for hours. This sleek and durable UV flashlight is also easy to carry about.

Buyer’s Guide

It can be very difficult to choose a particular UV light when there are so many options before you. We have tried to make the decision easier for you by reviewing some of the very best products on the market. Even with your options reduced to ten solid items, it can still be hard to make a choice. That is exactly why this section is here: to guide you appropriately so that you make the right decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying UV Flashlights

In order to buy the UV flashlight that will be valuable to you, there are some important factors you must consider. Here are the most important considerations to make:

Your Specific Need

This is the number one thing to consider before you buy any gadget at all. There are different reasons people need UV lights like investigating crime scenes, home inspection, identifying counterfeit currencies and fake documents, spotting pet stains, scorpion hunting, and so on. There are also different UV lights made specifically with some of these uses in mind. Though many of them are versatile, you can’t expect a flashlight that was specifically designed for spotting pet urine to work excellently in crime scene investigation. Consider exactly what you need the device for and choose the one most suitable for it.

The Construction Quality

You need to pay serious attention to the quality of any gadget you want to buy. You don’t want a poorly constructed UV flashlight that will falter easily. You need a well-built device that will stand the test of time no matter what you use it for. It is important to consider options that are made of aluminum ahead of plastic ones. You should also consider the lens. Shockproof and waterproof flashlights are more durable.


Depending on how you plan to use your UV flashlight, portability is something you should consider too. You should look for devices that are easy to handle and carry about. The size of the device as well as the design matters a lot in this regard.


This is an important factor that many people do not pay attention to since it is generally believed that a UV flashlight will produce light within the right wavelength. While this is true for most black lights, it is still important that you check the product to see that the wavelength is close enough to the industry standard of 395 nanometer.

Your Budget

Budget is a consideration you will always have to make. There are lots of affordable UV flashlights but you should never base your decision on price alone. Spending extra cash to get a particular product with the right features can save more for you on the long run.

Final Words

UV flashlights can be helpful in so many ways. If it has ever crossed your mind that you need it, you probably do. This roundup contains ten of the best UV flashlights available on the market. The last section contains the important considerations you must make in order to get the right UV flashlight. Consider your specific needs first so that you can choose the right UV flashlight that will meet your requirements.