9 Best Portable Satellite Radio Receivers

For some individuals, driving without listening to their favorite music will be a devastating experience. There are those that can’t even imagine it. There are several things that have made traditional radios quite dated – annoying advertisements, inability to stream contents, limitation in terms of channels, and several other. With Satellite radios, however, most of the annoyances associated with traditional radio are completely eliminated.

Buying the Best Satellite Radio Receiver

When it comes to buying a satellite radio receiver, there are quite a number of options that may make it a little difficult for a shopper to decide on the best option. Honestly, most of the devices you will get in the market are quite good, but you need an excellent device and not just a good one. To help you reduce the time you will spend in researching most of the devices for sale, we have done quite a great deal of research to determine what represent the best products in the market.

Top 9 Best Portable Satellite Radio Receivers

1. SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect

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This is definitely one of the best devices out there when it comes to an internet radio that can give you so much of the things you love and cherish in a single unit. There are so many music from every conceivable genre. There are even some channels that are dedicated to your favorite artists and will play your favorite songs non-stop. Even if you are interested in sports, there are enough content for you, plus the fact that you can opt for notifications through SportFlash to keep tab with your favorite sport team.

In terms of design, the radio is well built that it can fit perfectly hide behind the dash of your car for a fully integrated look. Installation is so simple, thanks to the simple interface cable connection. There are several other features about this wonderful radio that we can’t fully discuss here such as Traffic and Weather Now and TuneMix. It works on the XM network and subscription is sold separately. You may enjoy about 3 months free, however, when you buy the radio.

2. SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus

SiriusXM SXPL1V1

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SiriusXM is a big player in the satellite radio market and this is one of their top devices. It is a suitable device for almost every setting. You can enjoy at home or in your office, and when you add the necessary accessory, the radio can easily fit into your car. It has a full-colour display with album art, channel logos, and graphics to enhance the experience of using it.

In a true Sirius fashion, the device offers more than 140 channels with lots of interesting contents to choose from. When it comes to music, there are lots of channels including commercial free music, live performances and if you are more interested in sports, there are just several choices and lots of features that can enhance the entire experience for you.

There are several features of the SXPL1V1 that we can’t completely discuss here such as music features (TuneMix, TuneStart, and TuneScan) and several others. Subscription is normally sold independently but you can get 3 months satellite and streaming service when you buy a new unit.

3. Jensen VX7012 7 Multimedia Car Stereo

Jensen VX7012 7

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If you are ready to spend the extra cash, this is certainly one of the devices you should buy considering some of the extra features it has. It is a Multimedia car stereo with Bluetooth and built-in DVD/USB Ports. You can connect the device through Bluetooth to stream and enjoy content from different networks like SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora and some others. It works perfectly across different platforms.

The Jensen VX7012 may not be the most portable options among the radios we have in this list but it is certainly one of the very best and the features you will enjoy will certainly make up for the 6.7 pounds weight. There is FM Tuner, AM Tuner, and TFT LCD for video. The compatible media formats include CD-DA, MP3, WM, VCD, SVCD, Xvid, AVI, and MPEG 1/2. The 7.0 inches screen also ensures display high quality graphics. In addition to all the media contents, you can make and answer Hands Free calls with your connected Android, Apple, and other smartphones.

4. SiriusXM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio

SiriusXM XPMP3H1

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This is another very portable satellite radio from SiriusXM that represents quality. It offers a lot of features to users including the ability to record interesting contents and play them when they feel like. Actually, the device is capable of recording from up to 5 different channels at the same time. It also have the capacity to hold up to 100 hours of recorded programs.

The XPMP3H1 lets you enjoy more than 130 channels that offer amazing contents including sports, exclusive entertainment, news, weather information, and commercial-free music. With the device, you are fully in charge. You can pause, rewind, replay, record, and play any tune when you want to. When you connect the radio with the PowerConnect Vehicle Kit, the quality will be enhanced in your vehicle: installation is quite easy.

There are several other features of the SiriusXM XPMP3H1 that we can’t fully discuss here due to space constraint. Such features as GameSelect, TuneSelect, and Infor Extras will make your experience with the device worthwhile.

5. SiriusXM XEZ1H1 Onyx EZ Satellite Radio

SiriusXM XEZ1H1 Onyx EZ

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This is one of the best radios you can buy if you intend to use your satellite radio at different locations including your home, office, outdoor, and vehicle. It comes with home kits that makes it a truly convenient radio to use at all places. For your vehicle, you need just FM stereo or auxiliary input; while in your home/office, you will need a set of powered speakers with audio input to get the best out of this satellite radio.

The Onyx EZ has a blue display that let you view names of tracks, artist name, information about channel, or the title of a program. You can also store up to 10 channels in this device for one touch access.

There are several other features that will enhance the experience you get when using the Onyx EZ such as TuneStart, TuneMix, TuneScan and several others. You can browse other contents without disturbing the one currently playing. You can also lock and unlock channels with ease for control purposes. Subscription is sold separately by SiriusXM.

6. SiriusXM XDNX1V1 Onyx Dock-and-Play Radio

SiriusXM XDNXIV1 Onyx Dock-and-Play Radio with Car Kit

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This is another device that can let you enjoy satellite radio comfortably in your car without any hassles at all. Already, we have considered several radios from SiriusXM but there are special things about this particular device that makes it quite attractive. For a start, it is one of the cheapest options even though there is no compromise in the quality of experience a user will get from it.

The XM Onyx can easily be installed by anyone at all in any vehicle thanks to PowerConnect: it is as simple as plugging it into your power adapter socket. There are lots of features that make it a wonderful device including the possibility of personalizing it to suit your style in your vehicle as well as at home or office.

Some of the other features that may interest you include the ability to save and enjoy speedy access to up to 10 of your favourite channels and the large colour display that let you view information about channels, programs, artists, and tracks.

7. Dual XDVD256BT Digital Car Stereo

Dual XDVD256BT Digital Car Stereo

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This is a little more than your regular satellite radio. It is also an AM/FM/CD receiver, as well as multimedia Full Graphic LCD Double DIN Car Stereo with built-In Bluetooth, CD, USB, and MP3 Player. For music streaming, the device lets you play music from apps such as Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify; it will also connect wirelessly with your Android and Apple devices and let you stream music from them.

The Dual XDVD256BT also has a large non detachable high resolution screen that displays excellently. As has been mentioned above, this device can connect with your different devices and this is achievable due to the inbuilt Bluetooth and USB. Due to such enabled connectivity, you can answer calls hands free, charge your devices, while enjoying yourself.

8. SiriusXM-SSV7V1 Startus 7 Satelliet Radio

SiriusXM SSV7VI Stratus 7

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This is one of the devices that offers much more value that it appears to offer. When you look at it, you can be deceived by the simple design and the ease of installation, but once you start using the device, you will understand why it is featured in our list of the very best satellite radios. The device comes with a PowerConnect Vehicle Kit that let you install it in your vehicle with ease and enjoy the several channels that are available. You can get extra accessories to enhance the experience you get from the device in home/office as well as in outdoor settings with your single subscription.

Just like some of the other devices reviewed here, the Stratus 7 radio lets you store up to 10 of your favourite channels and access them whenever you like with one-touch. Of course, you have access to over 140 channels that offer several interesting programs covering entertainment, news, sports, and Music of any genre. There is also a One-Touch Jump to traffic and weather information for any city. The radio comes with PowerConnect Vehicle Dock and Adapter, Magnetic Mount Antenna, Dash Mount, Aux in Cable, and some few other accessories.

9. SiriusXM SXEZR1H1 onyx EZR Satellite Radio


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This is another seriously cute device that will let you enjoy SeriusXM satellite radio without any hassles. With a single subscription, you can listen to the over 140 channels from your vehicle as well as in home/office and outdoor settings.

The Onyx EZR Dock and Play Radio comes with a number of accessories including PowerConnect Vehicle Dock, Magnetic-Mount Antenna, Auxiliary Cable, and few others. Installation is very easy. The Radio itself has a large high-resolution screen that displays useful information in any particular manner you want it to appear. It even support split screen mode that will let you browse through other programs without disrupting the current channel. You will get channels delivering quality content in entertainment and talk, news, weather, sports, and music of any genre.

With this device, you can also save as much as 10 channels you love and access them easily whenever and wherever you want. For music lover there are several other cool features like TuneMix, TuneStart, and TuneScan.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best satellite radio to buy, there are a number of factors that you need to seriously consider before making a decision. Though we considered all of the factors while picking the products featured here, it is still important to consider some of them briefly:

Number of available Channels

One of the biggest advantages of Satellite radios is the fact that they offer so many channels. While searching for a device, it is expected that you look out for those that offer so many options when it comes to channels. It is true that the number of choices you will have may become too much and cause selection headache, it is always better to have more option than to have to miss your favorite ones.


The fact that your portable satellite radio is the perfect driving companion doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t also serve you elsewhere. There are several devices that are quite versatile and they are the type you should look out for. It will be meaningful if you can use your satellite radio in your vehicle as well as in other places like home and office. There are some that allows you to do this even with a single subscription.

Ease of installation and use

This may not be the most important factor to consider, but it is still essential. It will be better to buy devices that are quite easy to install in your vehicle and can also easily fit into your home. Most are user-friendly so there is not point stressing yourself when you can get things done easily.

Connectivity with other devices

There are lots of satellite radios that can connect with iOS, Android and other smart devices. When you have a device of such quality, it will be possible to stream music even from your mobile devices. The way of connecting the radio also matters. Those that support wireless connectivity are often preferred.


There are lots of things you will have to look out for while shopping for satellite radio. All of the important factors were considered in drawing our list of the best satellite radios. Every device featured here is great and by studying them carefully, you will certainly find the one that will suit your style and need.