10 Best Online Radio Stations

There are lots of places to turn to when you are looking for great entertainment. For music, several streaming services give their subscribers top quality experience but this does not completely replace the need for radio for some individuals. To cater for the needs of those that cherish the broadcast format, there are several online radio stations with amazing programs.


Picking the best from the many station can be very difficult no matter the niche or genre you are interested in. Like we always do, we have decided to help reduce the headache for you by researching some of the best online radio stations out there. Here you will find stations that play most genres of music and have amazing programs to go with it.

Best Online Radio Stations for Music

1. BBC Radio 6

BBC Radio 6

This is an online radio station from BBC based in the United Kingdom. The station is a digital-only channel that you will definitely love listening to. The DJs focus on alternative music from all over the world so you can count on the station when you want to discover new sounds. Dance, Jazz, soul, whatever your favourite tune is, you will find some great sound from time to time on Radio 6. The station is available on Android, iOS and Web platforms.

BBC Radio 6 (Android, iOS, Web)

2. Gym Radio

Gym Radio

When working out, there are certain music that spur you on. The creators of this online radio station had that in mind and those that run it are doing a great job at that. All the songs you will hear in this station are ideal for the gym situation and will make the environment more fun as you exercise. The songs are also from top artists. The station is free but there is a paid version for personalized experience where you can even place some ads for your customers. It is available on Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Gym Radio (Android, iOS, Web)

3. Hot 108 Jamz

Hot 108 Jamz

This radio station is basically for those that love hip hop/rap music. It is a part of a network of internet radio stations generally referred to as Powerhitz but has its own program director that ensures that you get the best of rap all day long though it includes commercials. You will hear the biggest rap acts in this station. The station has a number of amazing features including the ability to chat with other listeners, ability to purchase music from amazon and iTunes, and the ability of songwriters to submit own music.

Hot 108 Jamz (Android, iOS, Web)

4. Instrumental Hits Radio

Instrumental Hits Radio

This is an ideal online radio station if you prefer to listen to instrumentals online while you work. It will play you amazing instrumentals from different music genres including big band, classical, new age, jazz, orchestral and others without any lyrics at all. You can download a playlist file to your device from this station and it can also keep a history of tracks played on a daily basis. You can access the station from Android, iOS, blackberry and web. The mobile app has more features than the website.

Instrumental Hits Radio (Android, iOS, BlackberyWeb)

5. Jazz24

Jazz24 Radio App

From the name you can know that this is the online radio station for Jazz lovers. It is a great online radio station by all standard and will play amazing jazz songs from the best artistes in the genre. Jazz24 is a commercial-free station which means you can enjoy uninterrupted jazz music all day long. You will also be able to listen to the tunes from your own media player. It also offers long-term playlist history. The radio station works with Android, iOS and web.

Jazz24 (Android, iOS, Web)

6. Kean 105.1

Kean 105.1

This is the perfect station for those that love country music. There are amazing DJs in the station that are ready and willing to dish out the best of country music from the very best artistes in the genre for your listening pleasure. The station also care too much about their listeners. They will even list their upcoming shows for the week in their website to keep you informed about what to look forward to. It is also possible to buy some of the tunes you listen to on iTunes. The station is available on Android, iOS and web.

Kean 105.1 (Android, iOS, Web)

7. KEXP 90.3 FM

KEXP 90.3 FM

This station is clearly the best public radio station in Seattle. It is the right online radio station if you want to discover new music as they highlight new alternative music from around the globe. They are likely going to be the station to showcase most up-and-coming bands so you will be ahead of most others when you follow this station. The station is also well known for its live studio sessions. KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle is available on Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Kexp 90.3 FM (Android, iOS, Web)

8. NSB Radio

NSB Radio

This is an online radio station that you can trust when you are looking for those party jams to make your day or evening. It is dubbed internet best party radio station by some. The station broadcast live every single day and there are lots of features that will interest you: past shows on the station are archived and made available as free mp3. You will also find links to listen to the tracks on iTunes and other media players of your choice. It is available on Web and TuneIn App.

NSB Radio (TuneIn, Web)

9. Relax FM

Relax FM

As the name implies, this is the perfect online radio station if you want to relax. Though it is based in Russia and locally available in Moscow, the station features cool instrumentals and music from all around the world. The emphasis here is on music that will really help you to relax. There are relaxing versions of popular tunes you will love. Relax FM works with Android, iOS and Web.

Relax FM (Android, iOS, Web)

10. SomaFm


This is the perfect online radio station to discover Indie music. You will be impressed at the quality of songs played by the DJ and the station makes it easier for you to discover new songs. They will show all the artists they have played in the past two weeks so that you can get their songs if you wish. Another thing we like about this station is the fact that it is a commercial-free station. It is available in Web, iOS and Windows.

Soma FM (iOS, Web, Windows)