10 Best Night Vision Binoculars

Our eyes are diurnal and are only meant to see clearly in the presence of light. This is why we cannot see as clearly as canines in the dark. With night vision technology, however, this is an issue of the past.

If you want to hunt or view objects at a distance during the night, it is always a great idea to get night vision binoculars. These will give you a wider field of view, precise image delivery, and superior depth perception.

However, picking the best night vision binoculars is not an easy task and requires hour of research. To save you the hustle, we have picked the top ten best night vision binoculars and included a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you with your selection. Read on.

Top 10 Best Night Vision Binoculars


SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars

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The SOLOMARK Night Vision binocular is one of the best and most affordable night vision binoculars available in the market today.

To begin with, the binocular has excellent lens quality for better clarity and an 850nm infrared illuminator that allows you to view up to a distance of 400M in total darkness.

Additionally, the binocular has a 31mm objective aperture, a 7X magnification, and a 2x digital zoom. This offers outstanding optical clarity even in the dark.

What’s more, the device has the capability to take pictures and record videos and save them on a micro SD card. It also has USB interface that you can use to connect to your PC and copy data.


  • Suitable for day and night uses
  • Built-in infrared illuminator
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Great night vision
  • Better image quality


  • Not-waterproof

2. Aurosports 10×25

Aurosports Folding High Powered Binoculars-10x25

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If you are looking for a compact yet powerful night vision binocular to meet all your outdoor adventure expectations, then the Aurosports 10×25 folding compact binocular is worth a shot.

Featuring a 10X magnification and a 25mm objective lens for better viewing experience, the Aurosports 10×25 has a field of view of 1000 yards, which is superbly incredible for any compact binoculars.

It also has an eye-relief of 14.8mm and a field angle of 6.9 degrees. What’s more, the lenses are fully multi-coated and equipped with FMC green lenses and BAK4 prism. This design ensures that there is enough light transmission for clearer and sharper images.

The device is also waterproof and shock-resistant making it an ideal choice to take with you even when the conditions are dump or humid.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Water-proof and shock resistant


  • Does not have high zooming capacity

3. Sightmark SM15070

Sightmark SM15070 Goggle Binocular Kit

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If you are looking for a wearable night vision goggle that offers incredible features at a budget friendly price, then you might want to try the Sightmark SM15070 binocular kit.

Designed using the Sightmarks’s generation 1 technology, this device has a 1x magnification power and a 30 lines/mm resolution, which allows you to have a clear vision at short-range targets as well as make your movement safe without further magnification.

Moreover, it has a 24mm objective lens that’s accompanied by a 75mW infrared illuminator for improving visibility in total darkness. There’s also a head mount to allow you to have a clear vision and still engage your hands to other activities.

To ensure that it lasts a lifetime, its housing is made of glass-filled nylon polymer that’s contoured to provide you with a comfortable grip.


  • High-quality and clear images
  • Adjustable head mount for flexibility
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Durable plastic construction
  • 1X magnification


  • It is slightly bigger and will require a separate carrier when not in use

4. Night Owl Pro NOB5X

Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular 5X

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If you are enthusiast about night operations, then you need to invest in night vision binoculars with exceptional performance. This is what you get with this Night Owl Pro NexGen binocular.

To begin with, the binocular offers a 5X magnification that combines perfectly with the 50mm objective lens and the 2 electronic intensifier tubes to provide stereoscopic imaging for a realistic three-dimensional viewing experience.

Additionally, it comes with an in-built IR illuminator that enhances your vision even in total darkness hence giving you clear and sharp images.

When it comes to ergonomics, the binoculars housing is coated with an aesthetically pleasing rubber armouring to offer a firm grip and improve shock resistance.

This binocular can be fitly used for hunting, security surveillance, hiking, wildlife viewing, and camping.


  • High magnification for clarity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to focus and adjust
  • Wide field and long-range view


  • Slightly expensive

5. Bestguarder 7×31

Digital Night Vision Binoculars for Hunting 7x31

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Bestguarder has quite a reputation for making affordable high-quality binoculars. Their Digital Night Vision Binoculars 7×31 is one of the best in the industry and offers exceptional features.

First, this night vision binocular comes with a 2-inch TFT display that gives you a full view for your eyes. The screen has a 320×240 resolution that allows you to view photos and high definition videos with utmost clarity.

Moving on, the binocular has a 7X magnification and a 2x digital zoom that allows you to fine tune the binocular for better clarity. Better still; the device has a camcorder for recording 640p videos.

Additionally, it has an in-built 850NM infrared illuminator and image-intensifier tube to magnify images in total darkness and ambient light too.


  • Large dynamic widescreen
  • IPX4 Water-resistant standard
  • Wide field and range view
  • Mountable on tripod
  • Powerful magnification


  • Resolution on LCD is too low

6. Bestguarder NV-800

Bestguarder NV-800

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The NV800 is another model from Bestguarder that is created with better functionality in mind. The model comes with an in-built 2″ TFT screen with a 320X240 resolution. The screen can be converted to a 4-inch large viewing screen for comfortable viewing.

Just like the Digital Night Vision Binoculars 7×31, the NV 800 has a 7X magnification, a 2x digital zoom, and a 31mm objective lens for a wide field of view and better image clarity.

Moreover, it has a built-in 850NM 3W infrared illuminator with a long viewing distance range of up to 1300ff/400m in pitch darkness. The binocular uses 8AA batteries that have a runtime of up to 6 hours when the IR illuminator is on.

The lenses are also fully multicoated to decrease glare and enhance light transmission. You also get the added advantage to record videos with this device and save them in SD card for future reference.


  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Long continuous runtime
  • Easy to use
  • Long viewing distance range
  • Video recording capabilities


  • 8 AA batteries is a little bulky

7. Nightfox 100V

Nightfox 100V

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Nightfox 100V is one of the most highly rated and best-selling digital night vision binoculars on this list.

Whereas some models require a complicated set up process, this night vision binocular doesn’t require constant tinkering thanks to the intuitive control functions that are well set laid at the top for quick access.

Apart from that, the device has a fixed optical magnification of up to 3X and an adjustable digital magnification of 2X. These two features combined with the IR illuminator enable you to view objects that are as far as 110 yards in total darkness with maximum clarity.

The device also comes with a large widescreen monitor that makes it possible for you to view objects with both eyes even when wearing glasses. It also uses 8AA batteries that have a runtime of 6hrs.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Great zoom
  • High image clarity
  • Compact and quality construction


  • Does not come with batteries

8. ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x

ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x 65mm HD Binocular

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The ATN BinoX is one of the most advanced night vision binoculars with unsurpassed capabilities.

Featuring a black finish with grey accents, the ATN BinoX comes with an in-built rangefinder that allows you to calculate the distance between you and the object.

Moreover, it employs Smooth Zoom Technology to bring objects up close. This technology together with the 3D gyroscope ensures that the images you are viewing are steady and blur-free.

It also has an E-Compass that aids in navigation. Apart from that, the device can take pictures and record videos in HD. Wi-Fi connectivity is also achieved via a local hotspot that allows you to connect the device to your Android or iOS smartphone.


  • Automatic range finder
  • High quality image
  • Smartphone compatibility via Wi-Fi
  • HD observation
  • Suitable for video and photo recording


  • Drains batteries very quickly

9. Night Owl NOXB-5

Night Owl NOXB-5 Explorer Pro

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The NOXB-5 Explorer Pro is another night vision binocular that offers impressive performance but at a cost.

To begin with, the binocular comes with a bright f/1.7 aperture on both its lenses and gives a powerful magnification of up to 5X. It also has an integrated IR illuminator that enables you to view objects with maximum clarity even in pitch darkness.

Surprisingly, this binocular is capable of achieving a 575 yard range with a field of view as wide as 700 feet, which is quite commendable given that it uses a generation 1 intensifier.

Furthermore, the binocular weighs approximately 3.4 pounds making it slightly heavy to carry or hold for long. In addition to this, it uses a 3V lithium battery. When the battery runs low, the binocular automatically switches to conservation mode.


  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Ergonomic design
  • High magnification


  • It has a higher price tag

10. Pulsar Accolade XP50

Pulsar Accolade XP50

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If you are a night hunter, you require a hunting gear that will help you get the most out of your viewing experience at a distant-range yardage. And that’s where the Pulsar Accolade XP50 comes in.

Weighing just about 3 pounds, the Pulsar Accolade XP50 comes with 50mm diameter objective lens and a very powerful battery that lasts for up to 8 hours under continuous use.

What’s most interesting about the 50mm objective lens is that you can change its magnification between the ranges of 2.5X and 20X. This kind of flexibility lets you zoom in and out, which is very hard to do when using a fixed magnification binocular.

In addition to magnification, the binocular is packed with high-gain intensifiers that enable you to view and detect objects as far as 2000-yards. There’s also a stadiametric rangefinder that estimates the range based on the objects size in a matter of seconds.


  • Adjustable magnification power
  • High-gain intensifiers
  • 2000 yard detection range
  • Stadiametric rangefinder
  • Long lasting battery


  • A bit heavy

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Night Vision Binoculars


The first thing you need to think about is why you need a pair of binoculars with night vision. Is it for bird watching, stargazing, fishing, hunting, or for security? How you intend to use it will determine most of the features and functions you need so that it can serve you for years.

Maximum range

Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is range. For close-range viewing, choose a binocular with a wider field of view. This will enable you to see objects that are around you.

On the other hand, if you intend to use the binocular for long-range viewing, choose one with a higher magnification power. The optimal range for long-range viewing is between 4X and 6X.


With the evolution of technology, there have been four generations. Higher generations are durable and have a better image quality and extended battery life.

  • Generation 1: This is the technology that was first invented in the 1960s. These are the simplest and have low recognition and detection range. They are also heavier and larger but are more affordable. If you are looking for a simple pair that is for general use and casual, and also for people who need to learn how this generation works.
  • Generation 2: These are much better in detection range, recognition, and life expectancy in the generation 1 range. But they are also much more expensive.
  • Generation 3 and 4: Generation 3 uses MCP amplifiers that amplify the resolution allowing them to deliver clear images in the darkest conditions. However, generation 4 is much better in all its capabilities than all other generations.

Weight and size

Of course if you are hunter you do not want to burden yourself. Choose a binocular that will not get you fatigued if you are on a long hunting trek and one that will strap comfortably around your neck.


Another crucial factor to keep in mind is the lens quality. Consider binoculars with multi-coated lenses as they help in preventing glares and maximize in light transfer and resolution.

Intensifier life

Just like batteries, intensifier tubes have a limited life. It is therefore paramount to know how long your intensifier can last before buying a night vision binoculars. That’s why it’s not recommended to buy used binoculars.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Night Vision Binoculars

How Far Will I See With My Binoculars?

There is never any standard distance that applies because the models will vary. The maximum range of detection mainly determines the distance you see so that it could be 75 or 500 yards.

How Durable Are These?

These devices are delicate and should, therefore, be protected from bumps and drops. Their durability will depend on how much you care for them.

Who Mainly Uses These Night Vision Binoculars?

Military, police officers, security guards, hunters, hikers, campers, birdwatchers, and navigation and surveillance find the binoculars useful.

Is Higher Power Best When Buying A Binocular?

No, not unless you have a tripod. The truth is, these high magnification devices need you to hold them steady so that the images are clear. The human hand is not always as steady as it is required.

Are Binoculars Shockproof?

No, this is just a marketing gimmick used by salespeople to get you to buy from them.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect binoculars for your needs is not as hard as people assume it to be. Once you know all the essential features to look for, you will find the best night vision binoculars that will give you value for your money.