10 Best Must-have Comics Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of superheroes, a manga enthusiast, or a comic book aficionado, the world of comics has something for everyone. In the age of digital media, comic books have found a new home in the form of mobile apps. These apps not only allow comic enthusiasts to access their favorite titles at their fingertips but also offer a wide range of features to enhance the reading experience. If you’re a fan of comics or interested in exploring this vibrant medium, here are ten comic apps that you should consider checking out.

1. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is a must-have app for fans of the Marvel Universe. With a vast library of over 30,000 comics, it provides access to a treasure trove of iconic superhero stories. The app offers both classic and modern titles, allowing users to explore the rich history of Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Avengers. With its offline reading feature, users can download their favorite comics and enjoy them on the go without an internet connection.

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2. ComiXology

Comixology - Comics & Manga

ComiXology is one of the most popular digital comic platforms available today. It offers a comprehensive collection of comics from major publishers, including Marvel, DC, Viz, Kodansha, Dark Horse, Image, and more. With its user-friendly interface and guided view technology, ComiXology provides an immersive reading experience optimized for mobile devices. The app also features curated collections and personalized recommendations, making it easy for users to discover new titles based on their interests.

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3. Webtoon


Webtoon has revolutionized the way we read comics with its unique vertical scrolling format. The app hosts a wide range of webcomics, spanning various genres such as romance, fantasy, action, and comedy. Webtoon’s diverse collection showcases the works of both established and up-and-coming creators from around the world. With its weekly update schedule, users can always look forward to fresh content and engaging storytelling.

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4. DC Comics


DC Comics’ official app is a haven for fans of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the entire DC Universe. From classic titles to the latest releases, the app offers a comprehensive library of DC comics. It also provides access to exclusive digital-first series, allowing users to dive deeper into the DC mythos. With its panel-by-panel reading mode and guided view technology, the app ensures an immersive and seamless reading experience.

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BILIBILI COMICS is a popular comic app that caters to both Chinese and international audiences. With its extensive collection of comics, users can explore a wide variety of genres, including fantasy, romance, and cultivation. The app showcases the works of talented artists and storytellers, providing a platform for both established and emerging comic creators. BILIBILI COMICS also features a vibrant community where users can interact with fellow comic enthusiasts.

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6. Tapas

Tapas - Comics and Novels

Tapas is a unique comic app that focuses on bite-sized, episodic storytelling. It hosts a diverse selection of webcomics and graphic novels, featuring genres like romance, fantasy, horror, and slice-of-life. Tapas encourages creators to engage with their readers through comments and feedback, fostering a strong sense of community. Users can support their favorite creators through in-app purchases and unlock exclusive content, creating a symbiotic relationship between artists and fans.

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MANGA Plus is an official app by SHUEISHA, the renowned Japanese publisher behind popular manga series like One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. The app provides free access to a wide range of manga titles, including both ongoing and completed series. MANGA Plus offers simultaneous releases with Japan, allowing international fans to stay up to date with their favorite series. With its intuitive interface and high-quality translations, it’s a must-have for manga enthusiasts.

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8. MangaToon – Manga Reader

MangaToon - Manga Reader

MangaToon is a manga app that offers a vast collection of manga titles from various genres, including romance, action, fantasy, and more. It features a user-friendly interface that allows readers to easily navigate and explore different series. One unique aspect of MangaToon is its interactive community, where users can engage in discussions, leave comments, and even interact with creators. The app also supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. With regular updates and new releases, MangaToon ensures that readers always have fresh and exciting content to enjoy.

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9. ACK Comics

ACK Comics

For fans of Indian comics, ACK Comics is a fantastic app that brings the rich heritage of Indian storytelling to the digital realm. ACK, short for Amar Chitra Katha, offers a wide range of comics inspired by Indian mythology, history, and folk tales. The app showcases beautifully illustrated stories that not only entertain but also educate readers about Indian culture and traditions. ACK Comics is a great platform to dive into the world of Indian comics and explore the vast and captivating narratives they offer.

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10. Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is a lightweight and versatile comic app that supports various file formats, including CBZ, CBR, and PDF. This app allows users to import their own digital comics and organize them into a personalized library. With its intuitive interface and customizable reading settings, Astonishing Comic Reader provides a seamless reading experience. It also offers features like double-page mode and automatic bookmarking to enhance user convenience. Whether you’re a fan of mainstream comics or indie titles, Astonishing Comic Reader is a reliable companion for enjoying your digital collection.

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With these top-notch comic apps for Android and iOS, you’ll never be far from exciting stories, stunning artwork, and epic battles. From mainstream superheroes to indie gems, there’s a comic for every taste. So, grab your smartphone or tablet, download these apps, and prepare to embark on thrilling adventures right at your fingertips.