Best MP3/MP4 Players

There has been lots of development in the ways we enjoy digital contents. MP3/MP4 files are top quality media files that can be enjoyed on a range of electronic devices. While there are different devices that can play these files, the MP3/MP4 Player is the device that is specifically built to play them. Often referred to as Digital Media players by some people, these portable devices are used to play music and videos that are saved in MP3/MP4 file format.

Like other popular devices, there is an astounding range of MP3/MP4 players available on the market. They are not all made equal. Unless you understand electronics very well and can read and understand the fine prints, choosing from the available option can be a lot of stress. Even if you know about electronics, it will still be difficult to sort through the available options and choose one.

In this article, we will look at the top 7 mp3/mp4 players and discuss other important factors that can help you choose the right one.

Top 7 MP3/MP4 Players


MYMAHDI Slim LCD MP3 MP4 Player Media

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This is a small but powerful Mp3/Mp4 player that will easily transform the way you listen to music and enjoy media contents. The portable device can easily fit into your pocket, allowing you to enjoy content while engaging in other activities like cooking, exercising and more. It is easy to use and supports playback of Mp3 and video in AVI format. It also supports song shuffle, creation of playlists to organize your favorite songs, as well as sleep shutdown.

There are several other reasons this Mp4 player is highly regarded by users. It offers a variety of functions including FM Radio function. You will get preset stations, manual tuning, auto tuning, radio frequency bands and more. Lossless Audio offers excellent sound quality, supporting Mp3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG and ACELP. The device also support large memory (64GB maximum memory capacity even though the card is not included in the package). It also offers long battery life as the battery which takes about 3 hours to charge can last up to 40 hours after full charge.

2. G.G. Martinsen MP3/MP4 Player

G.G.Martinsen Blue Versatile MP3 MP4 Player

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This is an excellent MP3/MP4 player that sells at an incredibly affordable price. It is one of the highest rated products in its category on Amazon. Considering the build quality and features offered by this device, it offers more value for money than anything else you will find on the market. It is a portable yet high capacity device that is easy to hold and operate. It can fit right into your pocket and purse, helping you enjoy your favorite music even while walking or exercising. The 1.8″ High Resolution Real Color LCD Screen is great for watching videos, browsing pictures, and reading E-books. The device also has a built-in microphone for voice recording.

The G.G. Martinsen Versatile MP3/MP4 Player has 5 operational buttons that make it super-easy to operate. In terms of audio output, it offers Lossless sound quality with seven sound equalizers including natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, and heavy bass. It supports USB2.0 High Speed Transmission up to 1000 byte/sec. It comes with a Lithium ion battery and 1 year warranty.

3. Aigital MP3/MP4 Player

Aigital MP4 Player

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This is a good looking MP4 player that can meaningfully enhance your relaxation experience. It is a multifunction device that will let you enjoy digital media the way you want it. It is a portable instrument you can carry conveniently and use anywhere and anytime. It can fit into your pocket and works excellently while you are traveling, walking, or exercising. It also has a built-in external speaker that will let you enjoy quality music without headphones.

Like other top quality MP4 players you will find on the market, this device offers a variety of functions. It features audio recording function; radio function; video function through a 1.88″ LCD screen that can also be used for browsing pictures and reading E-books. The device comes with a massive 32GB TF card and will support a maximum of 128GB memory. It comes in a valuable package that includes the MP4 player, the 32GB TF Card, an in-ear earphone, a USB charging cable, a portable carrying case and user manual.

4. Aigital HiFi MP4 Music Player

Aigital HiFi Lossless Sound MP4 Music Player

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This is another excellent Aigital device that is affordable and offers several impressive features. It has a perfect review on Amazon, which indicates that every verified buyer feel it is a wonderful device. It is a portable MP4 player that delivers high-qualified and crisp audio experience, thanks to professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip that improves the HiFi Lossless Sound Quality. The 1.8″ HD Screen makes it possible to enjoy video play.

In addition to music and video play, the Aigital MP3/MP4 player supports FM Radio function, voice recording, picture browsing, file browsing, and E-book reading. It has high-sensitive touch buttons, independent volume buttons and one lock/unlock button that make it very easy to operate. It works with a rechargeable battery that offers 19 – 20 hours of playback after full charge. Though it comes with an 8GB memory card, you can expand storage capacity with up to 128GB SD card. The package contents include the MP4 Player, USB Cable, Wired Earphones, a carrying bag and user manual.

5. RHDTShop MP3 MP4 Player

RHDTShop MP3 MP4 Player

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This is one of the most affordable MP4 players you will find on the market. It has a fashionable and delicate design. Measuring 3.5 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches, it is a compact and lightweight device that can fit into your pocket. In addition to being an excellent music player, it supports video play, photo view, E-book browsing, and more. It offer simple file management and you can easily copy and paste files from your computer.

One of the major reasons the RHDTShop MP3 MP4 Player is well-loved by users is the fact that it is a user-friendly device. The 1.7″ LCD screen and built-in high speed Mini USB 2.0 cables makes using the device a breeze. In addition to the simple navigation interface, it offers easier file management system. It comes with a 16GB memory card but can support up to 64GB TF/Micro SD card. It also comes with a Lithium ion battery that can play for several hours.

6. RUIZU DO8 MP3/MP4 Video Player

RUIZU D08 MP3 MP4 Video Player

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This is a top quality MP3/MP4 player that is most ideal for video play. Though this device can be used as an MP3 music player, it is specially designed for watching top quality videos. It features a 2.4 inches SCREEN with resolution of 320 X 240. It support 1080P Full HD video files in 8 different video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, RMVB, FLV, MOV, VOB, and WMV. For audio format, the device supports MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, and FLAC.

The RUIZU DO8 MP3/MP4 Video Player is a perfect device for personal entertainment. It is a portable MP4 player that offers different functions you will find helpful in different kinds of environment. The sound quality is superb, thanks to the professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip. There is a top-quality built-in speaker too. It comes with 8GB memory card but you can expend memory capacity up to 128GB.

7. Ultrave MP3/MP4 Player

Ultrave MP3 MP4 Player

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This is a uniquely designed lightweight and portable MP3/MP4 player that is very suitable for listening to your favorite songs during relaxation hours. It has a fashionable and exquisite appearance and also supports a variety of functions you will find very useful. It will not only offer you hours of Lossless sound quality but also supports voice recording, video play, photo viewing, and E-book reading.

The Ultrave MP3/MP4 Player has simple button functions that guarantee user-friendly experience. It also offers easy file management as files can simply be dragged and dropped into the device from a computer using a USB cable. It comes with 16GB memory card and you can expand the capacity to 64GB Micro TF card.

Buying Guide

Looking at the number of brands and variety of products reviewed above, you can easily tell that there are lots of MP3/MP4 players on the market. Picking one from the lot can be difficult when you want the best. To make things easier, this section will deal on how to pick the right MP3/MP4 player for you.

Factors to consider when choosing an MP3/MP4 player

Are you ready to buy an MP3/MP4 player, here are the most important factors to consider:


MP3/MP4 players are supposed to be compact and lightweight. You need to buy a portable device that is easy to carry and used conveniently when you need it.

Number of Supported Functions

You don’t need a device that can only play music and/or videos. Most modern MP3/MP4 players support Radio FM functions, picture browsing, and E-book reading.

Supported File Format

You need to consider the type of file formats offered by the MP3/MP4 player you need to buy. Most modern MP3/MP4 players support different file formats to improve user experience.

Memory Capacity

The memory capacity of an MP3/MP4 player matters a lot as it determines the number of files you can save in it. Most modern MP3/MP4 players come with large capacity memory cards but you need to look beyond this. The most important thing is the expandable maximum memory capacity it can support.

Ease of Operation

You need an MP3/MP4 player that is easy to operate. Easy-to-use buttons and easy file management systems are desirable features.

Included Accessories

You also need to consider the number of accessories your MP3/MP4 players comes with. If the price is on the high side, make sure it has all the accessories you will need to get started, including high capacity battery.

Frequently asked questions about MP3/MP4 players

What is the difference between MP3 and MP4 Players?

The major difference between MP3 and MP4 players is the fact that MP4 players play both MP3 files and MP4 files. They are also called MP3 Video players since they incorporates color LCD screen for viewing videos.

What does an MP4 file contain?

Primarily, MP4 files contain videos. In addition, they contain audio and subtitles, sometimes.

Do MP4 Players also play MP3 Files?

Yes, MP4 players also play MP3 files. They are music and video players that offer several important entertainment features.

Are there MP3/MP4 Players that can be used to listen to radio stations?

Yes, there are several MP3/MP4 players that support FM Radio functions. Most modern models can also be used for voice recording, photo browsing, E-book reading and more.

Are MP3/MP4 Players expensive?

Not at all. Most top quality MP3/MP4 players are super affordable.


There are so many MP3/MP4 players on the market that choosing one can be a little too difficult for most people. To make your task easier, we have reviewed the best MP3/MP4 players you can grab straightaway. We have also discussed important factors to consider when making your decision and answered some relevant questions. We sincerely hope that this detailed guide will help you buy the right MP3/MP4 player for yourself or as a gift for your loved one.