10 Best Microcassette Recorders

What do you use when you want to record seminars, lectures or different forms of presentations? Most people think that they have to look for the most advanced recorders or video cameras to do this. If you are searching for the most convenient recorder, a microcassette recorder will be the best choice.

These devices are normally used to record voice and the good thing about them is that they are very easy to use. Apart from that, they also come with advanced features that enhance the sound quality of your recordings. With this device, you will no longer need to look for an advanced recording system which might be expensive and hard to use.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best microcassette recorders available today.

Top 10 Best Microcassette Recorders

1. Sony M-570V

Sony M-570V Microcassette Voice Recorder

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If you are searching for the best device you can use for recording presentations and lectures, Sony M-570V will be a perfect choice. It comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone which provides crisp and clear recording. The device also features a Voice Operated Recording (VOR) which activates it when a sound is detected. This means that you can start recording immediately after you have switched it on.

The Sony Matic automatic recording level provides very clear audio sound. If you want to listen privately, it has a convenient earphone output. The 2-speed playback/record allows you to record on a standard microcassette 2 X faster than the normal time. It is powered by an AC adapter or two AAA batteries. It is best for students due to its compact design. The clear voice function greatly improves the quality of the sound when recording which makes it among the best in the industry.

2. Sony M-450

Sony M-450 Microcassette Recorder

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Sony M-450 Microcassette Recorder provides up to 30 hours of playback with the included 2 AA batteries. It also features a ClearVoice recording system for accurate and crisp sound quality recording. The inbuilt microphone allows you to record audios more easily without needing any external microphone system. If you are searching for a recorder that will serve you for many years, this one is among the most durable microcassettes you will find on the market.

The Sony-Matic automatic recording control improves the quality of your recordings. This feature also allows you to record at the best level. The unit also uses a slide control which provides excellent sound when you want to rewind or during fast forward. The 2-speed playback also allows you to record in the microcassette at a normal speed or half of the normal speed. It also has a LED display which shows you the status of the battery. You will also find that it has an auto-shut off features which helps to prolong the battery life.

3. GE 35375

GE 35375 Handheld Micro Cassette Voice Recorder

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Whether you have a fantastic idea you would like to record or you want to write down some audio notes for an upcoming project, you need to ensure that you are using a reliable recorder. GE 35375 Handheld Micro Cassette is among the most outstanding microcassettes you will find on the market. What most people love about it is that fact that it comes with amazing features which makes voice recording to be a breeze. To start with, it has a sleek and compact design which allow you to use it as an electronic notebook.

It also comes with a handheld push button operation which allows both playback and recording. The Automatic Voice-Activated recording enables the device to detect the sound and start recording. This means that you won’t waste a lot of time when recording. It also has a 5-button design that contains rewind, fast, play, fast forward and record functions. Additionally, it features an automatic shut off function which saves the battery when it is not in use. The inbuilt microphone allows you to record high quality audios. It uses two AA batteries.

4. Olympus Pearlcorder S713

Olympus Pearlcorder S713 Microcassette Recorder

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Whether you are searching for a device you can use to record a grocery list or class lectures, Olympus S713 will be a great choice. It may not have many fancy features like other Olympus recorders but it is still a great option since it contains all the basic features you would require. Some of these features include, multiple tape speeds, voice activation and fast playback. It also features an inbuilt tape counter which allows you to locate a specific part in the audio. The inbuilt microphone allows you to record anytime.

Furthermore, it works perfectly with standard 60-90 minutes microcassettes. The voice activation mode enables it to perform other tasks while you are recording. Once you activate it, the variable-control voice actuators will wait until it detects a sound. After this, the recording will start automatically and it shuts it off when recording stops. You can also use the fast playback which runs 25 times faster than the normal mode. This feature is very helpful when you want to speed up a person who is talking slowly. The device uses a pair of AA batteries which provides 17 hours of continuous playback when fully charged. It also comes with a 90-days warranty.

5. Olympus J500

Olympus J500 Microcassette Recorder

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Olympus J500 allows you to record important audios and track memos easily. It also has a tape counter and an indexing capability which allows you to locate audios easily. The 3-LED battery check system allows you to check the status of the battery. The dual tape speeds provides up to 3 hours of recording time when you are using a 90 minutes tape. In addition, it comes with an external earphone jack which allows you to listen privately. It also picks voices perfectly even in noisy environments.

You should also note that it uses a standard microcassette. Unlike others, you will also find that it has indexing abilities which allows you to locate important recordings. The voice activation feature allows you to make or receive calls without using your hands. It also has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use and carry. It is a bit expensive but it provides a great performance as compared to the cheap models.

6. RCA RP3538R

RCA RP3538R Micro-Cassette Voice Recorder

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RCA RP358R is among the rare microcassettes you can find today. It has a unique and beautiful design which enables it to stand out from the rest. The sleek and contoured design allows it to correspond with the shape of your hand. As a result, you can use it for many hours because it is comfortable. The one button record feature allows you to record by just pressing a button. The three digit tape counter enables you to track your recordings easily. This means that you can easily rewind when searching for specific parts of a recording.

It also has an external microphone jack which allows you to connect the microphone to the recorder. Besides that, the automatic level control gives you a consistent recording irrespective of the volume. It stops recording after 6 seconds after the sound stops. The packaging box includes the following, two AA batteries, tapes, and clip on microphone. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

7. Sony M-560V

Sony M-560V

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Sony M-560V is among the top quality microcassette recorders from Sony. It comes with advanced features which you can rarely find in other models. To start with, it features a voice-operated recording and a microphone adjustment feature. This means that you can easily adjust your preferred volume when recording. As a result, it provides very clear recordings. You will also find that it only starts to record when a sound is detected. Dictate conference switch enables it record in different situations such as for individual recording or in meetings. The fast playback function reduces the time you will require to review your recordings.

Fast forward cue enables you to listen to the tape at a high speed when you want to locate specific parts for editing. The LED battery/ record indicator shows you when it is in record mode and also the status of the battery. There is an audible end of tape alert which gives you a warning when the tape reaches the end. You can also use earphones when you want to listen privately. It also features lock controls which prevents any accidental activation.

8. Panasonic RQ-L31

Panasonic RQ-L31 Portable Cassette Recorder with Slide Microphone

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If you are searching for a handheld and a compact microcassette recorder, Panasonic RQ-L31 microcassette recorder is one of the best. With the 2 AA batteries, it gives you up to 25 hours of recording. The recorder also comes with a voice activation system which helps in saving tape space. Recording will start immediately after the sound has been detected. It also stops recording once the sound stops to save space available in the tape. The inbuilt front speaker allows you to listen and review the recordings without using the headphones.

It allows you to choose between 2 recording speeds which are, the fast recording option which provides very clear recordings and the slower speed which is suitable when you want to record memos or when taking audio notes. The slower option also triples the recording time of the device which makes it great when you want to take the recordings during long lectures or meetings. The slide microphone provides improved sensitivity for clear recordings.

9. Memorex MB2186A

Memorex MB2186A Micro Cassette Player Voice Recorder VOX Voice Activated

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Memorex MB2186A Micro Cassette record player is another great device you should consider. It is packed with amazing features which allows it to provide an excellent performance. The device is among the best for anyone in need of a micro cassette recorder that has a sleek design. You should also note that it has easy to use buttons which provides quick operations. The inbuilt microphone is very effective since it provides clear recordings.

It also comes with a user manual which allows you to navigate different features more easily. Just like many microcassette recorders, this one features a voice-activated system which enables it to start recording after it has detected a sound. It also features two recording modes which are, the fast mode and the slow mode. The fast mode provides very clear recordings while the slow option is the best when you want to record memos. Two AA batteries, one microcassette, and a micro cassette recorder are also included in the box.

10. Olympus Pearlcorder S701

Olympus Pearlcorder S701 Microcassette Recorder S701ACC

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Olympus Pearlcorder S701 is another top quality microcassette recorder you can find on the market. You can use it to do mobile recording and basic dictation. It has dual tape speeds that provides up to three hours recording time when using a 90-minutes tape. It is very reliable and the good thing about this device is that it is very portable and easy to use. You can record up to 180 minutes uninterrupted.

The other thing you will like about this recorder is that it features easy to use buttons which includes reverse, forward and stop. The quality of recording is awesome and the batteries are very reliable. This means you won’t have any problems when you are using it away from home or office. It is the best for those who need a device they can use for listening to analog tapes. It is also a great device for Bible studies.

The Bottom Line

If you have been searching for a reliable device you can use to record different presentations, you can never go wrong with a microcassette recorder. As you can see from the reviews, they have excellent features which provide clear sound recordings. You will also find that they are not very expensive and the best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert to use them. Look for any of them now that has your preferred features and one that suits your need.