10 Best Marine Stereo Receiver Systems

If you are on a boat, a yacht or any small-sized water vessel and you would wish to listen to some music, then you will need a stereo and receiver system designed for marine life. These devices allow you to enjoy the music you love while providing the features necessary when in water.

Marine stereo and receiver systems are relatively new additions to the sound products market. However, since they entered the market, the number of brands and models has increased tremendously. Now, there is a wide selection of marine stereo and receiver systems with varying features and advantages.

When going out to shop for one, it can get overwhelming knowing which one would be best for you and you may end up with something you did not want in the first place. But if you choose the right marine stereo for your boat, you will enjoy many great features. The best marine stereo and receiver systems are more durable, have better signal reception and some even offer better sound quality.

We have put up a list of the 10 best marine stereo and receiver systems for you to take a look at and make it easy to make a choice.

Top 10 Best Marine Stereo Receiver Systems

1. Fusion MS-RA70

Fusion MS-RA70 Marine Head Unit

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The Fushion MS-RA70 is one of the finest marine stereo and receiver systems. It comes fitted with everything you need to enjoy uninterrupted music when you are out to sea.

It is packed with amazing features such as Bluetooth connectivity, an aux and USB port at the back of the stereo as well as a full Apple or Android interface via Unidock. This means that you can interact with this gadget directly from your iPhone or android device. It also features an optically bonded glass LCD display for audio navigation.

If you were planning to install additional audio equipment such as a marine subwoofers or other speakers, you will be glad to know that it comes with great outputs, including four, 50Watt class A amplifiers each with 1 discrete pre-out and sub-out.

This device is easy to install and made of high quality material meant to defy the elements in a marine environment.

2. Kenwood KMRD765BT

Kenwood DIN Marine Stereo Receiver

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The Kenwood KMR-D765BT Marine Stereo Receiver is the perfect stereo for those looking for a high-quality, mid-range multi-purpose stereo system. It is fitted with an impressive range of media options that you simply cannot find among its competitors.

For instance, this stereo and receiver system is fitted with four 5-inch waterproof speakers, each packing 50-watt peak power. To protect the head unit from marine elements, it has a water-resistant radio cover. It also includes a tinted window that filters out harmful UV rays.

The Kenwood DIN spots an AM/ FM tuner, comes compatible with Pandora radio and is also SiriusXM radio-ready. You have the option to control the stereo system directly from your smartphone using Bluetooth or you can also make good use of the auxiliary cable input that comes in the package. It also features a USB port that enables you to load MP3 files onto the device and make a playlist. If you are old school, then the CD player may be more ideal for you.

Whatever you choose, you will be able to keep tabs on what you are listening to via the clear ID-3 tag display which is easy to see even under bright sunlight. The stereo is available in black, white or chrome speaker finished.


BOSS Audio MCKGB350W.6 Receiver Speaker

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The BOSS MCKGB350W.6 is an excellent piece of audio equipment that comes with both a speaker and a receiver. If you are familiar with sound gadgets from BOSS, then you already knows what you can expect in terms of the quality of their products, and the MCKGB350W.6 is not an exception.

It has a pair of MR6W speakers measuring 6.5 inches and a dipole antenna that can pick up signals from anywhere.

It also provides great reception with AM, FM and Weather Band options. If you prefer, you can pair it up with your smartphone using Bluetooth. If you want to go the more traditional route, you can also hook it up via the provided auxiliary cable and listen to music from any device of your choice.

This marine receiver and stereo comes with additional features for a better performance in the marine environment. These include high-quality weatherproofing materials as well as construction using UV-resistant materials. Most people also report that this unit is easy to install. Overall, this product will keep you entertained in any circumstances.


JVC KD-X33MBS Marine Stereo

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If you are searching for a fashionable marine and receiver stereo that provides good quality sound and resists the elements, then the JVC is ideal for you. JVC are well-known in the car audio market as a brand that provides high quality sound.

The KD-X33MBS marine stereo system upholds the same reputation. It features a built-in amplifier as well as four, 50 watt channels output and with an RMS of 22 watts that provides high quality sound.

This marine head unit is packed with other features such as the option for AUX, USB or Bluetooth inputs, FM/AM reception, built-in microphone for phone calls and a detachable display that lets you manage your music.

To ensure that this unit is completely water proof, JVC have intentionally left out the CD player slot. This is one of the best marine stereo and receivers considering the price and can make for a great sound system upgrade in your boat.

5. Pyle PLMRB29W

Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Receiver

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If you wanted an affordable marine stereo and receiver, then the Pyle PLMRB29W Bluetooth Marine Stereo Receiver could be just what you were looking for. This receiver provides high-quality sound thanks to its maximum power output of 4 x 75 watts and is very easy to install.

It is a basic in-dash DIN stereo, fitted with AM/FM radio and Bluetooth audio streaming. It is also equipped with a built-in microphone which enables you to make hands-free phone calls which is a great option when you have your hands full while out at sea.

The stereo can be used with most MP3 players, Apple devices, smartphones or tablets, thanks to the auxiliary cable input included in the package. It is also fitted with several USB ports as well as slots for micro SD cards. This way, you can load your music on an SD card and enjoy.

The Pyle Bluetooth Marine Receiver includes an LCD screen that spots an ID-3 tag readout. Needless to say, you can get all the information about the music you are listening to instantly including the artist and song title.


BOSS Audio Digital Media Marine Stereo

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The minimalistic, circular design of this BOSS MGR350B marine stereo and receiver is bound to be a hit with fashionable boat owners. But it doesn’t only look good. This unit comes with a maximum power output of 4 x 60 watts which is enough to fill your boat or yacht with high-fidelity sound.

It also features convenient control buttons that let you adjust the bass, fader, balance or treble settings. It comes with a Bluetooth function that allows you to play music from your smartphone/tablet or stream music from apps such Spotify or Pandora.

The AM/FM radio can be switched to either US/Europe tuner frequencies and in case you were thinking of connecting a subwoofer, there are ready outputs.

For durability purposes, Boss uses conformal coating which protects the front from dust, corrosion and UV rays. The back-lit LCD screen lets you see what you are playing and with an IPX6 rating, it means that this stereo unit can withstand being slightly submerged in water.

7. Sony MEX-M71BT

Sony MEX-M71BT Marine CD Receiver

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If you are looking for very high standards in a marine stereo and receiver system, then this mean machine from Sony has you covered. The MEX-M71BT comes with a four channel, 50W class A amplifier, with 1 discrete pre-out and sub-out to give you crisp sounds.

It is designed to connect to any of your devices using a wide range of options. You can opt for USB or auxiliary ports, or wirelessly via NFC or Bluetooth. This audio unit can connect two devices at the same time and stream music from several smartphone apps such as Spotify. It is also comes compatible with Pandora Internet Radio and SiriusXM satellite radio.

That being said, this is still one of the most durable and well-constructed marine audio systems in the market. It spots an outstanding waterproof build with even the circuit board coated fully to protect it against liquids, corrosion or other damaging elements.

Finally, it includes an LCD screen to show you what is playing as well as high-quality RCA connections in case you want to install additional speakers. The Sony MEX-M71BT is reliable, easy-to-use and compatible with most almost any music source you can think of.

8. Boss PGR35B

Planet Audio PGR35B Stereo

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The PGR35B stereo and receiver unit is another excellent choice that provides the quality you need in all aspect relevant to a voyager. It is fitted with many input options, including several USB ports and an Aux input not to mention easy Bluetooth for pairing with smartphones. It also comes with an AM/FM radio capability and users have reported its unmatched ease of use.

Furthermore, this is one of the most resistant stereo and receiver systems in the market. It has an IPX6 waterproof rating and a completely sealed construction. It also features UV coatings that protect the head unit from harmful effects of the sun as well as heavy duty wiring options for high-quality connections.

Standing at only 3-inches, this stereo unit is very easy to install. Enjoy excellent music wherever you are, whether on AM/FM or via Pandora, Spotify, and such other music apps. With the PGR35B, you surely get a product that will not disappoint.

9. Kenwood KMR-D375BT

Kenwood KMR-D375BT

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The KMR-D375BT bluetooth marine CD receiver from Kenwood is another good unit specifically built for putting up with harsh marine weather. It features a water resistant construction as well as coatings meant to prevent damage from UV radiation as well as other elements such as dust.

The stereo comes with an in-built bluetooth providing for hands-free talking and audio streaming as well an LCD display that lets you see what music you are listening to or the radio channel you are currently on.

The stereo has many other features such as an Aux port that is compatible to all of your devices. The KMR-D375BT stereo comes in an appealing smoke colored housing window.

10. JBL PRV-175

JBL PRV-175 Marine Stereo

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JBL is premium audio brand renowned for products with nothing but high quality sound and with the PRV-175, they bring their audio expertize to voyagers.

The JBL PRV-175 marine stereo is a solid head unit that features 8 buttons and a single LCD display. The circular design is very aesthetically appealing and it will blend right in next to other circular components in your yacht or boat such as the speedometer.

This speaker packs a power output of 45 Watts x 4 channels with an RMS rating of 20 watts x 4 channels. It also spots an aux and USB ports at the back of the unit with the option to play music via Bluetooth.

The circular design definitely looks good but it may need you to customize the mounting area for a perfect fit. Once in place, however, you will be glad you made the investment.


Choosing a marine stereo and receiver unit that has outstanding properties to cope with the harsh conditions of the sea is a hard task. There is a wide range of options that offer various styles and features. Nonetheless, as long as a product made it into our list, you can rest assured that you will get value for money.