Best Handheld CB Radios

Citizen’s Band radios, commonly referred to as CB radios, have come a long way. The original radio was invented by the creator of walkie talkies, Al Gross, in 1945. It was originally made to ease communication among blue color workers when they are on the site. From that moment till now, the device has been modernized in so many ways and it can be helpful for different individuals for different reasons.

Handheld CB radios are made to be convenient and easy to use. There are different reasons you may want to buy these devices. It will be a great addition for adventurists and individuals involved in activities that take them to remote places. Also called transceivers, handhelds, portable CB or Mobile CB radios, these devices can connect and communicate with other CBs. It is impossible, however, to connect them with other radios like walkie talkies. They are also used for short range communications.

Here, we’ve researched extensively to put together the best handheld cb radios rated according to key features that determine their performance. Check them out.

Top 10 Best Handheld CB Radios

1. Midland 75-822

Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

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This is one of the high power CB radios that can save you from lots of troubles while traveling. It can be truly invaluable during emergencies and it can also keep you informed about the condition of the road you are traveling. It comes with 40 channels, so you can be certain of quality communication when there is need for that. It also has a built-in Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) that will improve reception for weak signals and improve clarity by eliminating background noise.

The Midland 75-822 radio is a long range CB radio that operates with 4 watts of output power. It has a channel scan feature that will automatically check all channels for activities, stopping for five seconds at any active channel. The radio can store five of your favorite channels and access them as quickly as possible. There is also instant access to NOAA weather radio to keep you updated with weather conditions.

This CB radio can be powered through vehicle port or 6 AA batteries. There is a battery life extender feature to help the device battery serve longer.

2. Yaesu FT-70

Yaesu FT-70

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This is a dual Band amateur Ham radio transceiver that has several impressive features that will keep you in touch when you are traveling certain roads. The powerful radio boasts wide band receive coverage of 108 – 580MHz. Some other impressive features that make this a desirable transceiver include scan mode, alphanumeric display, and the lighted keypads.

The Yaesu FT-70Yaesu FT-70 Dual Band Handheld Radio Transciever is compatible with a number of accessories that are considered optional. In the package, you will find the radio as well as the included battery, charger, antenna and belt clip. It is powered by a singular nonstandard 1800mA battery.

3. Cobra MR HH350

Cobra MR HH350 Handheld Marine Radio

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This is a well designed compact radio made to be used in the Citizen Band Radio service and has lots of great features to make user experience excellent. It is among the most effective long range CB radios in this review. One important thing about the device is the high/low power switch that can help you reduce battery power consumption by up to 75%.

The Cobra MR HH350 is a standard 40 channel CB radio. It also has complete access to ten National Weather channels that can keep you updated with latest weather information from NOAA that will let you travel safer. For communication, there is a SoundTracker system that can cut off noise up to 90% and let you hear clearly. There is also a speaker/microphone jack that lets you use the accessories if you wish to. Depending on the geographical terrain you find yourself, you can expect to get clear signal from 0.5 to 4 miles.

4. Midland 75-785

Midland 75-785 40 Channel CB Radio

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This is a very efficient CB radio that is known best for its solid construction. It is the sort of radio you can always rely on whether you are hunting, hiking or involved in any of your favorite outdoor activity. It has 4 watts output power which is the maximum allowed for Citizen Band radios. Having the radio with you is a good way to ensure that you keep open communication line when you journey into places that are unpredictable.

The Midland 75-785 CB radio comes with 40 channels for efficient communication. While receiving signals, the automatic noise limiter (ANL) and the squelch control will help to make sure that reception is greatly improved while background noise is equally reduced to let you hear loud and clear. The device can be run with rechargeable NiCad batteries or with nine AA alkaline batteries. You can add your desired accessories and improve your experience using the device. On its own, the CB radio comes with Antenna and DC Adapter.

5. Cobra HHRT-50

Cobra HHROADTRIP 40 Channel CB Radio

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The Cobra HH Road Trip has lots of impressive features and will leave you satisfied with your investment once you start using it. It comes with a magnetic mount antenna for highway use. Another reason why this CB radio is well respected is the construction. It has a compact and rugged design and sports a fully illuminated full function display.

The HH Road Trip is a full 40 channel CB radio. Channel Scan option will automatically scan all 40 channels for activities. With the dual-watch function, you can select two CB channels to continuously monitor simultaneously. With this CB radio, you will equally have complete access to ten National weather channels for up-to-date weather information that can keep you safe. While receiving signals, SoundTracker will help make things clearer by cutting off noise up to 90%. With 4 watts power output, you can power this CB radio with 1 Lithium ion battery.

6. Cobra HH 38 WX ST

Cobra HH 38 WX ST 40 channel CB Radio

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This CB radio offers a convenient way to stay connected with friends and other adventurist using CB radios close to you. It is well-built and will serve as a reliable communication device when you are hunting or engaged in any other adventure in remote environments. It is a full 40 channels CB radio and you will also have complete access to 10 National weather channels for up-to-date weather information that will help keep you save.

The HH 38 WX ST has an impressive range of up to 4 miles. It also has SoundTracker Noise Reduction System that helps to make communication clearer by cutting off noise up to 90%. Thanks to the Channel Scan option, you can scan all 40 channels for activity. The Dual Watch Function let you monitor two pre-selected channels simultenously.

7. Yaesu Original FT-65

Yaesu Original FT-65 FT-65R 144-440 Compact Handheld Transceiver

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This is another well-constructed handheld radio that has all the qualities you will love in a CB radio. In spite of the rugged construction, this transceiver is lightweight. It also meets IP54 Rating (Dust/Water protection) to make it an all weather CB radio. Some other important features include the large white LED Flashlight, Alarm and quick Home Channel Access for emergency signaling.

There are three selectable output power settings (5W/2.5W and 0.5W) that let you use the amount of power you need for any particular purpose; this will determine how long the battery will last. It requires 1 Lithium ion battery.

8. Yaesu Original FT-25

Yaesu Original FT-25 FT-25R 144 MHz VHF Mono Band FM Hanheld Transceiver

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Yaesu is known for delivering solidly constructed CB radios and this is not an exception. By all standards, it is among the most powerful CB radios in the list. It has a big front speaker that will provide a full 1 watt of clear audio quality. Overall, it was built to commercial grade standards with IP54 rating for Dust and Water protection. The MIL-810-C,D and E standards means that the radio will be suitable for the harshest environments.

There are so many features that make this radio very user friendly. Versatile scanning capabilities like programmable VFO Scan, Memory Scan, Priority Channel Scan, and weather Alert Scan. Other features like FM Broadcast receiver, Busy Channel Lockout, Automatic Power Off feature and Transmitter Time Out Timer make the CB radio a highly valuable equipment you must consider buying.

9. Uniden PRO401HH 

Uniden PRO401HH

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This is among the high power CB radios you will love for so many reasons. It is an ideal radio for such outdoor activities as hunting, hiking and camping. It will help you keep lines of communication open even when you are in secluded environments. In terms of design, the device is solidly built, making it a highly durable radio.

The Uniden PRO401HH is a 40-channel CB radio that offers maximum communication range through 4 watts output power. To make your device last longer, there is a High Power and Low Power Switch that reduces power consumption. Other features that help to make the handheld radio more useful include Automatic Noise Control push Button, NOAA Weather Radio, and Dual Watch. The radio requires 9 AA batteries to power it and once you know how to manage the power setting, you can expect your radio to work for several straight hours.

10. Cobra 29LXBT CB Radio

Cobra 29LXBT CB Radio

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This is among the most powerful handheld CB radios in the market. It boasts of 4 LCD display that let you read in green, blue, amber, and red. It also comes fully equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. It is most ideal for long distance truck drivers and can help in several different ways. There is a built-in NOAA radio receiver with alert.

The 29 LTD LXBT CB radio is different from most CB radios you have seen in so many ways. The Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity will let you make and receive calls through most Bluetooth devices. It has Caller ID with Voice option that will display and announce incoming calls. You can even have your email read through the CB device when you download some app. It can be powered by 1 nonstandard battery.

Buyer’s Guide

What are the specific benefits of investing in CB radios?

We believe you have your reasons of considering buying handheld CB radios. If, on the other hand, you are still undecided about the usefulness of these radios, we will quickly go over some really important ones:

  • Handheld CB radios are very useful and can save you lots of troubles when you are in remote areas. There are places where cell services will fail and handheld radios will come to your rescue. Travelers and adventurists need it.
  • Heldheld CB radios can be very helpful in cases of emergency. There are disaster situations that may affect cell networks and cripple your ability to communicate with cell phones. Handheld CB radios can be helpful in such instances.
  • Handheld CB devices can give you up to date information that can save you from very serious situations. For truckers and other motorists, using long range CB radios can help you with the most reliable Intel about hazards and inclement weather conditions.

Factors to consider while buying CB Radio

Before you choose any Handheld CB radio, it is important that you consider the following important factors:


The number of cannels you can obtain with any radio matters a lot. The number of channels determine the quality of feedbacks you get from the radio. It is also important to check if the device you want to buy has emergency channel options. Some also have weather channels that broadcast information about weather that can be helpful in many instances.


Though handheld CB radios are used for short range communication, it is always better that you buy one that can cover a wide area of range. When you have such long range CB radios, you will be able to connect to channels clearly with less difficulty.


The sort of batteries your handheld CB radio uses will matter on different occasions. You need to buy radios with strong batteries that can last. Some high power CB radios are powered by rechargeable batteries and you also need the ones wherein the batteries do not run down quickly after charging. There are also some radios that use AA or AAA batteries. The target should be to buy high power CB radios that you can use for long without the power draining and disappointing you when you need it most. There are some that can be powered by normal batteries and rechargeable batteries. It will be better to invest in such.

Other features

There are some other important factors you should consider before buying a CB radio such as the display. LED display radios are always better than those with LCD screens. You must also consider the construction of the machine and whether it is waterproof or not.

Here, we’ve researched extensively to put together the best long range handheld CB radios rated according to key features that determine their performance. Check them out.