Best GPS Navigation Systems for Cars

With most Smartphones coming with preloaded Google maps or Apple maps, is there still any need to invest in GPS navigation systems for cars? Well, if you travel short distances alone and have very little chance of ever encountering any difficulty during your normal commuting, you can always trust the GPS system in your smartphone. If, on the other hand, you travel long distances and believe there are possibilities of road hazards, a dedicated GPS navigation for car is a necessity. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter how long or how often you travel, having a car GPS navigation system is very necessary.

If you’re looking to invest in a good car gps tracker, here we’ve researched extensively to bring you the top 10 best gps navigation systems for cars. Check them out.

Top 10 Best Car GPS Systems

1. Garmin nuvi 2789LMT

Garmin nuvi 2789LMT

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This is a portable Bluetooth vehicle GPS with Lifetime maps and traffic. This is a very versatile car navigation system that can be used for a variety of purposes. Since it is from Garmin, you can trust the device for best navigation software in the market. Some of the most important functions you will get include Garmin real direction, Garmin traffic, 3D maps, Foursquare, Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling, and Voice guidance.

In addition to the already mentioned features, Garmin nuvi 2789LMT features video inputs for a wireless back-up camera that display video stream on the navigation camera. With the device, you will get important traffic alerts (messages are spoken, too). You can also control the device with your voice while your hands are on the wheel. The device is also smartphone link compatible.

2. Garmin nuvi 2597LMT


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This is another versatile car GPS tracking device that is ideal for everyday trip around a town as well as long-distance trips. There are so many positive things about this device: the fact that it is from Garmin means you can trust it to be reliable.

The nuvi 2597LMT has a bright 5.0” display and you can use it horizontally or vertically. The maps are quite detailed and you will get lifetime free updates. Garmin traffic can also be very helpful while you are driving as it even responds to spoken request. Once you master the commands, voice activated navigation can be very effective and exciting. The device is also Bluetooth compatible given you options to sync any Bluetooth device. It is equally smartphone link compartable to let you share information with your Apple or Android smartphones.

3. Garmin DriveSmart 61

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S

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Garmin is unarguably the biggest name in the industry and there are good reasons for that. This navigation system is definitely one of the very reasons the company is so respected. Like most Garmin products in the list, this GPS system has some of the best features you will need in a car GPS tracking device.

With Live Services, you will be able to outsmart traffic situations. Accurate and helpful traffic alerts, up-to-date weather forecast, and the smartphone link app will all help to make your experience better. Bluetooth connectivity also is another great feature that let you sync your smart devices to Garmin DriveSmart and enjoy so many important features. No need to reach out to your cell phone again while driving once they are synced. Voice-activated navigation will also respond appropriately to your commands.

4. Garmin Nuvi 57LMTGarmin-Nuvi-57LMT-GPS-Navigator

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This is one of the best rated GPS navigation systems in the market. It has some really impressive features and user experience is second to none with this device. It is perfectly built with 5” dual-orientation display. The device also includes free lifetime map update for most places you will likely travel.

Spoken Garmin real directions will guide you reliably using important landmarks and traffic lights. With foursquare data will help you locate several points of interests that will make your trip more fulfilling. The Nuvi 57LMT GPS Navigator also features real-time traffic update. With Direct Access, navigation to complex destinations is made much simpler. You will also navigate interchanges easier with the help of lane assist with junction view. While driving, the devices will display such important information as Current Street, speed, speed limit as well as arrival time to your destination.

5. Atoto A6

Atoto A6 Double Din Android Navigation System

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Atoto offers very reliable electronic devices and this is one of the best rated devices. It is a car navigation stereo and entertainment multimedia radio. It also has dual Bluetooth options (BT1 4.2 & BT2 4.0); for improved connectivity. There is equally a built-in FM/AM radio tuner: the station name will be displayed if available.

As a navigation device, the Atoto A6 has built-in GPS module with external GPS antenna. Google maps app is pre-installed as the default map but you can download offline maps from Play Store too. The Atoto A6 also supports voice dialing. It also supports Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth Tethering internet through your phone data for streaming music online too. It is a complete car navigation and entertainment system.

6. Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX

Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX

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This is a high-end car navigation system that has lots of interesting features. If you have the money to spend on this device, it will be worth more than your regular car GPS device. It is an all-in-one GPS and entertainment device that will improve the experience you have while driving. It doesn’t matter whether you embark on a long-distance trip or a short one, the system will make every trip memorable.

In terms of the design, the Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX flagship in-Dash Navigation AV receiver is well-built with 7” display to facilitate easy navigation and also serve as your entertainment center. It comes with a built-in DVD player, Sirius XM radio, and Pandora streaming. It is also Apple compatible. When you plug in your iPhone, you experience a whole new interface with voice command from Siri enabled for hands-free navigation and controls. This product is simply awesome!

7. HighSound L07

HighSound L07 GPS Navigation for Car

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This is a budget GPS navigation system that you will enjoy using for everyday commuting as well as for long-distance trips. In the package, you will get the GPS navigator, a car charger for cigarette lighter outlet, USB cable, Suction cup mount, back bracket and user manual.

The features that make this car GPS system very valuable include free lifetime map update, built-in 8GB memory, 5” TFT LCD touch screen, and the various included accessories.

In terms of performance, this system offers reliable 3D Navigation. It also features multi-language real direction guide that makes the system your best friend when you are driving in a new town or city. It incorporates pictures, audios, and videos to make things more interesting.

8. Garmin Drive 60

Garmin Drive 60 USA LMT GPS Navigation System

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This is a very valuable car GPS system that has several features that can make your daily commuting more fun and fulfilling. It comes with Garmin’s lifetime maps and traffics, Driver alerts, direct access, and foursquare data. There is nothing fanciful about this device but it functions excellently.

This dedicated GPS Navigator is quite easy to use. It has dual-orientation display so you can conveniently use it horizontally or vertically. The driver alerts facilitates safer driving with warnings for sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossing, animal crossings and more.

This navigator is also great for long distance trips, featuring fatigue warning that suggests break time. The Up Ahead feature also keep you informed about important places ahead. Garmin drive’s search will also help you locate whatever you need easily.

9. Garmin DriveSmart 65

Garmin DriveSmart 65

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This is a complete navigation system that is affordable and incredible valuable. It is one of the most versatile devices you can get on the market. You just need to choose a model according to your type of vehicle. It is well-designed with 6.95” high resolution touch screen display. It is ideal for everyday commuting as well as for long-distance.

It comes with a free lifetime maps update. It also supports voice navigation that will keep you informed about the details of your trip; including current street name, when to make a turn, speed limit, and other important info.

The Garmin DriveSmart 65 also provides U.S. national parks directory, History Network of notable historic sites, TripAdvisor traveler ratings and millions of Foursquare points of interest. The included built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for map and software updates without a computer.

10. LTTRBX G500 GPS Navigation

LTTRBX G500 GPS Navigation

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This is another product you will love to have especially if you want a truly amazing device but are in a tight situation, financially. It is a budget option that will let you enjoy most features you can only find with products of higher price range. The package comes with the GPS navigator, car charger, mini USB cable for data transmission, car bracket, back bracket, user manual and sun shade.

Though this device costs very little, it does not compromise in terms of functionality. It is a reliable car GPS that also features FM radio, MP3, and MP4 player for your entertainment.

Buyer’s Guide

Why you need the best car navigation GPS systems

As has been stressed earlier, your smartphone may be very helpful on a daily basis for navigation, especially when you have a car mount that can keep it in place. The only risk is that the demanding nature of navigation may take its toll on your phone battery. They are also never enough if you travel long distances and may fail you in when there are road hazards. In certain places where cell services are not strong enough, phone navigation systems will fail too.

But when you have GPS tracking device for car, you can be sure of smooth navigation to any location. They do not depend on cell service and have more detailed maps that cover more areas. They are also equipped with several other features that make navigation easier even for trips that take you off the beaten path. During hazard situations, they can be very helpful in managing the situation.

Factors to consider while looking for a car navigation system

There are some really important factors you must consider when you want to buy a car navigation system. The aim is to get a reliable car GPS tracking device that will be easy to install and use. You will have to select between portable navigators and installable devices. While the portable devices can be mounted in your vehicle, they can easily be detached and carried about. The installable options are more permanent and mostly powered by vehicle electric circuit. Your navigation system should also be the right size (not too small for detailed display and not too large to be obstructive). It should also have such extra features as traffic alert. In addition to these, there are a number of other important factors to consider and we will briefly discuss some of them below:

Navigation Software

The navigation software generally depends on the manufacturers of the GPS navigation unit. There are some established names in the market and their software are always superior to those of the less known brands. You also need to ensure that any unit you are buying has detailed maps for all the locations you travel.


The different navigation GPS systems in the market have different features that they offer as extras. Knowing what these features are and how to use them will improve the experience you will get using the device. There are several GPS devices that can equally be used as music/video/photo player. Most of the top products in the market will support major media formats as JPEG, MP3, and AVI. Some also have built-in transmitter. This means you should never get bored when you are stuck in traffic jam. Good car GPS devices also come with back-up camera. There are some that also come with hands-free calling function and can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth. There are some other functionality we will have to briefly discuss separately.

Voice Control

Most modern GPS devices come with voice control functionality. By speaking a command, you can easily perform such actions as canceling a route, imputing a destination, and controlling volume and screen illumination. You will have to know the right command, however, to enjoy this. Once you become adept at using this, things can become a lot easier and interesting.

Wi-Fi Updating

There are some models of car navigation systems you will have to plug into a computer to manually download important data. Wi-Fi updating is a desirable feature that will let you download important maps and software update using Wi-Fi network instead.