10 Best GIF Maker Apps

It is easy to understand why most people prefer GIFs to static images. Let’s face it; GIFs are more expressive, funnier, and interactive. Do you find yourself searching on different websites for GIFs? How about creating them using your smartphone?

You can upload videos and images and use them to create customized GIFs. Additionally, you can add special effects like colorful backgrounds, emojis, and filters. What’s more, there are apps you can use to find GIFs just by a simple search.

Here is the list of the best GIF apps for Android and iOS.

1. PicsArt Animator (Android | iOS)

PicsArt Animator

Do you wish to create GIF animations and cartoons using your phone? PicsArt Animator allows you to do exactly that. It’s a free app that you can use to turn your images into emojis, draw cartoons, and add life to pictures. The app is feature-rich and user-friendly. So, if you are looking for people to marvel at your GIFs, PicsArt is the way to go.

Key features

  • Draw and sketch
  • Add music to GIFs
  • Save animations as GIFs
  • Social media sharing

2. Giphy (Android | iOS)

If all you want is to find animated GIFs on one click, Giphy will help you with that. The free GIF keyboard is a perfect GIF search engine that features an extensive collection of animated GIFs. Giphy allows you to find and share GIFs, short videos, and stickers online. The bonus is that you can create customized content with the app.

Key features

  • Search GIFs and short videos
  • Explore video highlights
  • GIF sticker maker
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Animated stickers
  • iMessage extension

3. Gif Me! (Android | iOS)

Gif Me!

There is nothing as hilarious as an animated GIF. Gif Me allows you to create them and share them on social media. The app also serves as a GIF editor and enables you to create GIFs using your built-in camera. Gif Me allows you to add text, stickers, and other special effects to the GIFs that you create.

Key features

  • Intuitive interface
  • GIF editing
  • GIF importing
  • Video and photo importing
  • Social media sharing

4. Imgur (Android | iOS)


Most people know Imgur as a reliable video player and editor. Well, the app can also discover funny GIFs in addition to playing viral videos. Imgur allows you to see the power of the internet. The GIF viewer is home to comics, LOL pics, TV shows, and art. If you are a fun of funny cat clips, there are so many on Imgur.

Key features

  • Unlimited awe-inspiring and funny clips
  • Funny, trending memes
  • GIF search
  • Social posting
  • Notifications for viral GIF

5. 9GAG (Android | iOS)


9GAG is your ultimate GIF search engine. The free GIF finder provides you with so many GIFs that will make you smile all day. Having been recognized by Techweck Euro in 2015 and Google the year before, the app doesn’t lack credibility. 9GAG allows you to not only discover hilarious posts but also share them with friends.

Key features

  • Prank videos
  • Engaging comment section
  • Picture downloads
  • Social media sharing
  • Daily humorous content

6. ImgPlay (Android | iOS)


ImgPlay allows you to unleash your content creation creativity. You can use it to create the most interesting GIFs from videos and photos. It provides you with options like photo-to-GIF and video-to-GIF that you’ll find resourceful. Upon creating GIFs, you can share them with friends online.

Key features

  • Instant social media sharing
  • Import from other apps
  • GIF editor
  • Speed control
  • Add captions
  • Playback flexibility

7. GIF Keyboard (Android | iOS)

GIF Keyboard

Are you looking for an interactive and user-friendly GIF online finder? Consider downloading GIF Keyboard today. It is free to do so, and you can use the app to discover thousands of inspirational, funny, and informative GIFs. The app is compatible with social media applications like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook for easy sharing.

Key features

  • GIF search function
  • GIF customization
  • Regular updates
  • Lots of stickers
  • Copy and paste function
  • Add to favorite

8. GIF Maker (Android | iOS)

GIF Maker GIF Editor

If you are looking for a mobile app that creates not only the coolest GIFs but also one that edits them, GIF Maker is a worthy consideration. The application allows you to create picture-perfect GIFs from multi images and videos. You can even import images from your social media accounts to use in the creation of GIFs.

Key features

  • Video editing
  • 200+ images
  • 100+ stickers
  • One-click social media sharing
  • Import from gallery
  • View trending GIFs

9. Giphy Cam (Android | iOS)


Giphy Cam is one of the funniest GIF makers on Play Store and App Store right now. The fantastic app allows you to record GIF using your phone, import stuff from the internet and phone, and add special effects. Moreover, it lets you post and text GIFs to specific people on social media.

Key features

  • Stickers, frames, and other special effects
  • Text, share and save
  • Selfie mode
  • Regular filter updates

10. Tumblr (Android | iOS)


Tumblr is another free GIF app that allows you to discover and express yourself in a more refreshing way. Here, you can connect with people who have similar interests. In addition to posting GIFs, you can also display live video, text, and audio. You can also use the app to see what people are saying within your network.

Key features

  • GIF customization
  • Tag, follow, and message
  • Social media posting
  • Add text and stickers to GIF
  • Discover new and trending topics